Tools Made in the USA — 10 Best American-Made Tool Brands

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Tools are essential in woodworking repair and construction projects in general. There are a lot of innovative tools available in the global market. And if you live in the United States, you might find it hard to look for American-made tools. 

If you want to learn the brands that produce such tools, I’ve compiled a list of manufacturers known for producing high-quality tools right here in the USA.

#1: Bully Tools

Bully Tools

Bully Tools has been manufacturing lawn and garden tools, digging tools, pry bars, roofing and flooring products, and snow and ice removal tools. 

These tools are produced in the company’s factory, which is established in Steubenville, Ohio. The factory has state-of-the-art technology, including injection molding, plasma cutting, robotic welding, and heat treating. 

The company has prided itself in maintaining that the production line is in America. Bully Tools values keeping Americans employed, supporting the local economy, and reducing environmental impacts.  

#2: Bondhus

Bondhus USA Stubby Hex Key L-Wrench

John Bondhus founded the company in the year 1964. Bondhus has established its facility in Monticello, Minnesota. This factory produces the company’s TORX tools and Hex ball, leading to its popularity worldwide. 

Tools produced by the company are accessible to more than 100 countries. Some of the tools are used by dentists for producing artificial limbs. Furthermore, these tools are used in printing presses.  

#3: Channellock

Channellock pliers

The company was founded in 1886 by George B. DeArment, a blacksmith. It was called the Champion Bolt & Clipper Company. The company released a plier that is slip-joint, multiple position, tongue and groove, which was named Channellock in 1933. It’s very useful in removing buried nails from wooden surfaces

The fifth generation from the DeArment family currently runs the business. This is another company that manufactures different tools made in the USA. Channellock has two facilities with 260,000 square feet. These facilities are based in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

The growing popularity of the tool Channellock prompted the change of the Company in the year 1963 to what it is known today. The company also manufactures other hand tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers. 

Channellock is involved in the creation of over seventy-five different types of pliers. The company is based in Pennsylvania. It currently employs over 350 American employees. So yeah, you could say they’re doing their part to keep American manufacturing alive and well.

#4: Chapman MFG

Chapman MFG Master Kit 5575

Chapman MFG is known as a woman-owned business that supplies to the military. They produce screwdrivers, woodworking tools, and Allen wrenches. Their factory is established in Durham, Connecticut. 

The company has received the distinction of three Green Circle Awards due to its environmental commitment. They are dedicated to recycling and claim to produce one to two garbage bags every week. 

#5: Eklind

Eklind USA Precision Hex Torx Screw Driver

Elkind is esteemed to have continued to produce high-quality equipment made in the USA. The company currently employs more than a hundred American workers at its Franklin Park, Illinois factory.

They’re popular for their hex keys, Allen wrenches, and precision screwdriver sets. 

#6: Estwing


Estwing produces quality products that many professionals trust. These products are of premium quality for optimal performance. They are also known for their products’ shock-reduction grip which makes them easier to use.  

The company fashions several tools in its factory, established in Illinois, manufacturing pry bars, claw hammers, and axes. Their product catalog includes specialty tools like drywall hammers, bricklayer hammers, and roofing hammers. 

#7: Klein Tools

Klein Tools

Klein Tools was established in 1857 and had since manufactured tools within the United States. They claimed that most of their products are “Made in USA.” Klein plans to fund approximately $100 million in the years to come to make more high-quality tools.

Klein Tools is highly esteemed among craftsmen. It is also the trusted brand for electricians due to their quality multi-tools, including hammers, pry bars, saws, multimeters, cable cutters, screwdrivers, and wire strippers. 

#8: Leatherman

Leatherman Tools

Tim Leatherman founded Leatherman in the year 1975. The proposal for the company came to fruition when he was staying in Europe in the same year. The company is initially known as “PST” or Pocket Survival Tool. The company has continuously produced Leatherman multi tool. 

He had to do many chores during his visit, which included fixing pipes, fixing the car, as well as even cutting bread using utility knives. As he returned home, he realized that a pair of pliers could do a better job than his knife. 

Thus, he created the company’s flagship tool, which is the pliers. Furthermore, the company has been providing firefighting tools as well.  

#9: Stihl

Stihl PR16 Handycut Camping Saw

Stihl has a big factory established in Virginia Beach, Virginia, currently employing 2000 American workers. It is known to manufacture STIHL equipment powered by gas or battery. They sell products in the USA and abroad. 

They’re best known for their chainsaws. But they also produce other tools such as pressure washers, hedge trimmers, blowers, digging tools, gardening tools, lawnmowers, and pole pruners, all of which are labeled “Made in USA.” 

Know more about Stihl chainsaws (models, sizes, and prices) here!

#10: Vaughan

Vaughan Stealth Hammer & Bear Claw Bar

Vaughan has been in operation for approximately 150 years, and premium quality materials are used to create their tools. All their products meet the standards set by the US government, making them one of the most committed names to making American-made tools. 

This family-owned company produces variations of tools, including pry bars, wrecking bars, axes, hatches, hammers, and hand saws. The company prides itself on producing more than 250 different types of hammers. 

Other Brands that Produce US-Made Tools

Here are other brands which uphold the US standard. Some businesses produce most of their tools overseas, whereas some are manufactured within the country. 


Henry Ariens and his three sons developed the first American-made rotary tiller, which helped establish AriensCo in 1933. The business has been passed from father to son for as long as four generations. 

Ariens Pro 28 RapidTrak

AriensCo’s main office is located in Brillion, Wisconsin. The initial idea for a garage has successfully become a multi-brand company. The company currently employs 1,700 people and continues to make American-made tools.

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company fabricates and markets its products and services to over 100 countries spread over six continents. 85% of their products are made in the US using US and globally-sourced materials. 

Briggs & Stratton is widely known as the largest producer of gasoline engines. Furthermore, the company is also responsible for designing, manufacturing, and marketing power generators, lawn and garden, pressure washers, and job site products.

Crescent Tool

Crescent Tools carries H.K. Porter, Jobox, Wiss, and Crescent tools. Wiss and H.K. Porter products are manufactured in Lexington, South Carolina. JOBOX products are manufactured in Jonesboro, Ark. 

Crescent Tools

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet has been known to manufacture tools on lawn and garden equipment since 1961. These items are produced in America at their Ohio, Mississippi, and Tennessee facility. 


Dewalt creates a line of power tools in their manufacturing plants established across the USA. The company makes digging tools and woodworking tools, as well as automotive tools. They use globally sourced materials towards the completion of a product. 

(Know more about Dewalt tools and who manufactures them in this article!)


Craftsman produces a selection of power tools [1] such as pry bars, reciprocating saws, and service tools. They’re committed to using global materials to make all their tools in the USA. 

Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker covers many brands. The company has 48 different manufacturing facilities. They produce a line of tools, including firefighting tools, pry bars, and reciprocating saws, made from globally sourced materials. 

Stanley SL18910P-3

The company sustains the facilities spread over two dozen states. They currently employ over 18,000 US-based workers. 

Forrest Manufacturing Company

Albert Walter Forrest founded the Forrest Manufacturing Company in 1946 and is based in Clifton, New Jersey. It has been family-owned ever since it started its operation. 

Flir Systems

Flir systems were established in 1978, based in Arlington, Oregon, and Wilsonville, Virginia. They’re known to develop high-performance yet low-priced thermal imaging systems for airborne use. FLIR stands for “Forward Looking InfraRed.”

Flir systems have facilities established in Goleta, California, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and West Lafayette, Indiana, to name a few. They currently employ 1,600 US-based workers.


Generac was established in 1959 and was one of the first to manufacture budget-friendly home standby generators. They also developed one of the first engines for the harshness of generator use. 

Generac NEW GB1000

They expanded, prompting the establishment of its third manufacturing plant in Eagle, Wisconsin. Three years later, they completed a 135,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Whitewater, Wisconsin. 

Generac repurchased and moved the production of its products, like the portable generators, to Jefferson, Wisconsin. The company continues to make American-made tools, like pry bars and service tools.   


Greenlee is a subsidiary of Emerson Electric. They create commercial bending and tools for electricians, employing US-based workers in seven facilities. 

Two of their facilities are established in the USA. In 1948 they opened up their facility in Genoa, Illinois. The company now employs 73 individuals, whereas the Kentucky facility has 80 staff members.  

Hobart Welding Products

Hobart Welding Products produces many of its welders in Appleton, Wisconsin. The company is a subsidiary of the company ITW or Illinois Tool Works. 

Hobart Welding Products

Ideal Industries

J. Walter Becker established ideal Industries in 1916. Its main headquarters is in Sycamore, Illinois. Ideal industries also represent the brands Anderson Power Products, Casella, Cree Lighting, Wavetek, and SK tools.

They have a number of tools, and these include T-stripper Wire strippers, wire-nut wire connectors, and Yellow 77 Wire Pulling Lubricant. These products are produced in their Sycamore plant. 

Their Colorado facility, on the other hand, produces pliers and wrenches. 

Johnson Level

Johnson Level is based in Mequon, Wisconsin. They have been in the business for over 70 years, making leveling, layout tools, and marking. 

Johnson Level & Tool 400EM-S

They are a part of the Hultafors Group in Sweden. The company currently has 70 SKUs made in America. The company fashions laser products, levels, carpenter pencils, and squares in its product line, all of which are labeled “Made in USA.” 

Benchmade Knives

Les de Asis founded Benchmade knives in 1987 and is based in Oregon. Its the first to utilize high-tech tools like high-power laser cutters and low-tolerance CNC machinery incorporated in knife manufacturing.

All of their knives, whether with big or small tool blades, are produced in their 144,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Oregon City, Oregon.

Buck Knives

The young blacksmith apprentice in the person of Hoyt Buck established Buck Knives. He was looking for a better way to temper steel and maintain its edge for longer. 

Buck Knives

The technique he employed produced the first-ever buck knife in 1902. The current CEO, President, and Chairman is the 4th generation family member, CJ Buck. 

Kershaw And Zero Tolerance Knives

Kershaw and Zero Tolerance Knives is a subsidiary of KAI USA Ltd, founded in 1974 by Peter Kershaw.  This American company produces knives at its factory, established in Tualatin, Oregon. 

The Zero Tolerance brand debuted in 2006 as a USA-made line of knives. These American-made tools were made for professionals in the military, first responders, and members of law enforcement. 

Kraft Tool Co

Ron Meyer and Si Kraft established Kraft Tool Co. in 1981, generally providing tools for the construction industry. 

The company continues to produce tools for the drywall craftsman, asphalt paver, brick mason, tile setter plasterer, and cement finisher. 

Kraft Tool Co

Kraft Tool Co. includes W.Rose, which manufactures trowels and knives in Pennsylvania; Sands Level and Tool, which produces levels and straight edges; and Superior Tile Cutter Inc., which makes chisels and scribes. 


In 1969, Kubota Corporation rose to fame by introducing their first-ever tractor to the US, the L200 21-Horsepower Sub-Compact Tractor, which was an instant hit. 

Kubota Manufacturing of America (KMA) was established in 1988. The company employs over 1200 US-based workers. Half of their equipment is manufactured and assembled in Gainesville and Jefferson, Georgia. 

Lenox Tools

Lenox Tools was established in 1915. It was originally called the “American Saw and Manufacturing Company.” Back then, it only had 10 employees. 

In the early days, they made hacksaw blades.  Fast forward to 100 years later, Lenox tools now manufactures industrial saw blades, power tool accessories, and quality hand tools. 

person holding LENOX Tools High-Tension Hacksaw

The company continues designing, testing, and producing tools in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. They source raw materials globally. 


Makita has been producing tools in the USA at their facility in Atlanta in Buford, Georgia. The facility was ceremoniously titled the Makita Corporation of America (MCA). The facility operates capital equipment for manufacturing and assembly. 

To accommodate the growing demand in the US, the company added over 1 million square feet. The center functions as a distribution and as well as training centers in Texas and Nevada. 

Malco Tools

Mark W. Keymer established Malco Tools in 1950. He decided to manufacture and sell pipe crimpers he had invented for installing sheet metal ductwork. Fast forward a few decades later, and they now produce other craft tools. 

Malco Folding Tool

All of their hand tools are manufactured in Annandale, Minnesota. Malco has also recently to DeWitt, Nebraska. They plan to work on a new product line of hand tools. 

Matco Tools

Matco Tools is a subsidiary of the Fortive Corporation. It began in 1946 and, since 1979, has sold automotive tools through a direct network of independent franchised tool trucks. 

Miller Electric Mfg

Miller Electric Mfg. began as a one-man operation in 1929. It became the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding products like stick welders. The company is based in Appleton, Wisconsin. The company is a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works (ITW). 

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. has been in business since 1924. The company has production plants in Greenwood & Jackson, Mississippi, as well as in the Mukwonago, West Bend, and Sun Prarie, Wisconsin. 

The company has a vast product line. They are known to produce levels, squares, Sawzall blades, LED lights, bandsaws, multi-tool blades, step bits, and corded SawZalls. 

Milwaukee tools

Milwaukee also plans to start manufacturing hand tools in its facility located in West Bend, Wisconsin. 

(Check out the best Milwaukee tools here!)

M.K. Mors

M.K. Mors is known to manufacture blades. They have different models for different applications of the tools. They provide for several professionals, which include industrial manufacturers, steel service centers, electricians, carpenters, and plumbers. 

The majority of its products are manufactured in Canton, Ohio. Several expansions have been made over the years.

Occidental Leather

Occidental Leather has produced quality leather tool belts, pouches, and bags since 1980. All products are manufactured in Sonoma County, California. 

Proto Tools

Proto Tools was established by Aphonse Plomb, Jacob Weninger, and Charles Williams in 1907. They began as a small blacksmith shop that produced chisels in Los Angeles. 

PROTO Foamed Modular Sets

In 1933, they released their first combination wrench. Furthermore, the company is a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker. Since 1986, Proto’s Dallas, Texas, manufacturing facility has produced drive tools and torque wrenches.

Ridgid Tools

The Ridgid Tools was founded in 1923 in Elyria, Ohio. It grew to fame because of its iconic Ridgid pipe wrench, used until today. In 1966, Ridgid became a part of Emerson Electric. 

Until now, Ridgid tools are still known to produce handheld power drives, pipe bevelers, press jaws, roll grooving tools, pipe cutters, pipe wrenchers, hole-cutting tools, and threading dies & threaders. 

Rolair Systems

Rolair systems have manufacturing plants in Wisconsin, Rolair. They have continued to build quality compressors since 1959, and they assemble most of their products at their facility located in Hustisford, Wisconsin. 

ROLAIR AIRSTAK Portable Air Compressor

Snapp-On Tools

Joseph Johnson and his co-worker William Seidmann designed and made the first Snap-on Tool in 1920. They spent several weekends creating two sample sets of five handles and ten sockets from crude bending jigs and pure labor. 

Snap-on Tools produces diagnostic tools, roller cabinets, ratchets, sandblasters, wrenches, and screwdrivers in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Southwire Tools

Snap-on Tools produces diagnostic tools, roller cabinets, ratchets, sandblasters, wrenches, and screwdrivers in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Southwire Tools was founded in Carrolton, Georgia in 1950. They currently employ over 7000 workers. The company has facilities spread all over the nation. The company manufactures hand tools and equipment.


Laroy Sunderland Starrett made the first combination square in Atho, Massachusetts in 1880. The L.S. Starrett continues to produce precision tools, saw blades, and gages in the USA. 

Starrett Combination Squares

Titan USA

Titas USA started approximately 50 years ago. The company is based in West Springfield, Massachusetts. 

The company manufactures solid carbide, cobalt precision cutting tools, and high-speed steel. Titan USA is proud of making American-made tools. 

Viking Drill And Tool

Viking Drill and Tool is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They’ve been known to produce high-speed cutting tools since 1951. They produce these tools in their 74,000-square-foot facility at St. Paul. 

Wilde Tool

Wilde Tool has produced hand tools since its establishment in Kansas City, Missouri, approximately 95 years ago. It was founded by brothers Paul and Otto Froeschl.

Wilde Tool

The whole process of manufacturing the hand tools is done at their facility in Hiawatha, Kansas. They’re truly committed to making American-made tools.  

Wilton Tools

Hugh W. Vogl founded the company in Chicago, Illinois, back in 1941. He named it after the cross street where the company was originally located. Moving forward a few years, the manufacturing of industrial vises moved to Carpentersville, Illinois. 

Wilton makes tools and equipment in the USA. They claim to manufacture Wilton Combo Pipe & Bench vises and Machinist Bullet Bench vises. 

Wright Tool

The Wright Tool company has been in business since 1927. Ever since the company has produced quality hand tools catered towards professionals. The company has since produced quality Wright tools such as sockets, attachments, wrenches, and ratchets.

Manufacturers of US-Made Power Tools

There are still a number of power tools that are still made in the USA. Some manufacturers include IQ Power Tools, ABC Hammers, Ajax Tools, and Council Tool hand tools. Big Gator Tools assemble drill and tap guides in the USA.  

(If you’re aiming for topnotch quality and craftsmanship, here’s a list of the best power tool brands in the market today.)

operating miter saw

Manufacturers of US-Made Tool Sets

There are still manufacturers who vow to market tools made in the USA. Some brands that manufacture tool sets in America include DeWalt, Tekton tools, Craftsman, and Stanley Black & Decker.

Manufacturers of US-Made Hand Tools

There are a handful of manufacturers who produce hand tools, like pry bars, hex keys, metal cutting snips, and carbide cutting tools that are made in the USA. 

Some of these manufacturers include Council Tool, Craftsman, DeWalt, Irwin, and Lenox, to name a few. Barr specialty tools make chair-building tools in Idaho. 

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

“Made in the USA” refers to the production of all materials of the product that has been made in America. The vast majority or all of a product’s design, parts, and assembly was done in a factory established in the USA. 

This label is often associated with qualities such as quality craftsmanship, adherence to strict manufacturing standards, and support for the domestic economy.

How Do You Find US-Made Tools?

Finding tools made in this country is easy. You can quickly check online for manufacturers who produce US-made tools.  

power testing Milwaukee 2623-20 M18



US-made tools are made from high-grade steel.


These tools are also incorporated with premium-grade wood. 


American manufacturers also utilize durable plastics that allow tools to last longer.  


Reading the label can also help you determine whether the product is made in the USA. 


Made in the USA with imported materials

This label means that the item comprises materials imported to the US and subsequently assembled to their final form. 

Designed in the USA

This label means that the company has an established office in USA or Canada where these products are designed. 

Manufactured in the USA

This label means that the product was completely and entirely made in the United States.

Made in America

Made in America means that all raw materials and labor are of US origin. 

Additional Tips

Here are additional tips to help you check whether a product is US-made: 

Makita circular saw and other tools mounted on a wall

Check Online Shopping Platforms

You can check online shopping platforms to authenticate whether the product is made in the US. 

Visit the Website

You may also check the brand’s website to verify whether the products are made in the USA. 

Contact the Manufacturer/Company

Contacting the manufacturer is also another option. A brand with great customer service can assist you and help verify whether products are US made. 


If you’re living in America, it’s good to know the different brands that produce tools made in the USA. For whatever uses it serves, whether automotive tools, woodworking tools, or specialty cutting tools, there are surely products that are entirely made in the USA.

These brands can help you complete your arsenal of American standard or USA tools for your next project and every day repairs. But make sure to purchase tool holders and safety equipment such as goggles and tool vests.

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