Where are DeWalt Tools Made and Who Makes Them?

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Ever tried flipping over your tools, hoping to find where they’re made? You’re not alone! Many assume brands like DeWalt are strictly US-made, but that’s not always the case. So, where exactly are DeWalt tools crafted? Let me tell you in this article. 

DeWalt’s Manufacturing in the USA

Something that DeWalt has tried to accomplish recently is to demonstrate its industrial devotion. As with many other firms that outsourced production throughout the 2000s, they also took a fallout. 

The corporation acknowledged the problem in 2013 and published a press statement saying they would begin producing tools using foreign components in the United States. 

Due to the success of their PR strategy, the availability of American-made tools has skyrocketed following the 2013 fallout. 

DeWalt facility in Charlotte

While many tools and components are manufactured in the USA, this is not always the case. Before you spend your money, be sure the tool you desire is in good working order.

Does DeWalt Manufacture All Their Tool Products in America?

DeWalt tools are not all manufactured in the United States. It is an American company that started and continues to operate in the United States and claims it has seven facilities in the United States with the express purpose of providing employment opportunities for citizens.

They also look abroad when it’s impossible to get necessary supplies in the United States. Reasons for this may include quality scarcity or expense.

What Tools are Manufactured in the US?

In the US alone, DeWalt now manufactures over a hundred specific items, including a wide selection of hand tools, accessories, and power tools.

DeWalt storage boxes

A few tools that DeWalt manufactured in the US include the Flexvolt cordless hammer drill, Lithium-Ion 5-Tool Combo Kit, compact drill/driver/impact driver combo, compact drill/driver kit, and the premium folding retractable utility knife, and a few accessories for hole saws and reciprocating saw blades.

How to Tell if your DeWalt Product was Manufactured in the USA

It is simple and quick to determine where your DeWalt tool is manufactured. Their website and gadget now sport a sleek badge indicating any American manufacturing involvement. The DeWalt online store also features an extensive selection of products created in the USA.

One label reads, “Made in the USA,” with the badge “With Global Materials” printed below it, making it safe to assume that it was constructed in the United States with components sourced elsewhere. 

There is a chance that in the future, DeWalt will release a different brand that exclusively features products created in the United States.

DeWalt USA Factories

DeWalt now has seven plants around the USA. Their locations are Jackson, Tennessee; New Britain, Connecticut; Hampstead, Maryland; Charlotte, North Carolina; Greenfield, Indiana; Cheraw, South Carolina.

DeWalt assembly line

Why Did They Resume Manufacturing Again in America?

After hearing from their consumers, DeWalt decided to bring some of its tool production back to the United States, where they could better control on quality. They also improved corporate management’s quality control over the organization’s best equipment.

Is it Because of Quality Upgrade?

DeWalt’s success was declining for the same reason that many other multinational firms were: outsourcing. 

Like many other manufacturers, DeWalt has seen a significant drop in the quality of its products, or at least the public’s estimation of that quality, which is why they resumed manufacturing in America again.

Does DeWalt Make Tools in China?

Yes, but it’s not the only site where DeWalt manufactures its products. In addition to the United States facilities, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Czech Republic, Thailand, Brazil, and Italy all play a role in producing DeWalt products. 

Given the company’s global reach, pinpointing the precise location of production for each component can be challenging at best.

assembling Dewalt tools

DeWalt has been tight-lipped regarding the specific factories that produce each component, perhaps because doing so would compromise the company’s proprietary information [1].

However, DeWalt still needs every factory to make quality products and perform as well as their plants in the US.

Are US-Manufactured Power Tools of Superior Quality?

For some reason, many consumers have the impression that instruments manufactured in the USA are superior. As a result of tougher production rules and production quality norms, there will be improved inspection, which is the most often mentioned justification.

Equipment produced in other countries has lower success rates than average. But, actual reports show that there is little evidence supporting the “Made in America” statement.

Are DeWalt Tools Any Good?

It depends upon your goals and expectations. To a certain extent, the company still guarantees quality products, like its Dewalt Atomic and XR series.  

While warranties aren’t as long as they used to be, most power tools still have at least a three-year warranty from DeWalt. There are, however, competing businesses that charge more.

DeWalt Packaging

The advantage of DeWalt is that they are dependable enough for most jobs without requiring an excessive investment. 

That’s why so many building sites favor them for their tasks. Although their products are high-quality, there are reports of DeWalt units posing injury hazards to users. 

Who Makes DeWalt Tools?

DeWalt tools are made by Stanley Black & Decker (SBD),  a multinational corporation worth $7.5 billion. DeWalt manufactures its tools under SBD. However,  DeWalt’s research and marketing staff operate autonomously. 

Furthermore, DeWalt’s manufacturing plants are under Stanley Black & Decker’s supervision.

Who Owns Dewalt?

At one time, DeWalt stood independently, but Stanley Black & Decker eventually acquired the company. DeWalt was acquired from Raymond E. DeWalt by American Machine & Foundry Co., Inc. in 1949. And then they sold DeWalt to Black & Decker in 1960.

DeWalt employees assembling a drill

DeWalt is a Stanley Black & Decker division responsible for selling high-end and professional-grade products to customers.

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What Other Power Tool Brands Manufacture Their Products in American Soil?

The reality is that you might have difficulty locating U.S.-made tools because of the current manufacturing shortage.

However, Vantage, Klein Tools, Sait, Flange Wizard, Kraft Tool Co., Johnson, Wright Tool, and Malco are among the most popular companies that manufacture products in America.

It’s worth noting that while these brands have manufacturing facilities in the United States, they may also have production sites in other countries to cater to global markets.


Where are DeWalt battery tools made?

DeWalt battery tools are mostly made in China, while the DeWalt Premium, XR, and XRP batteries are made in Japan and Mexico. Their battery chargers, on the other hand, are made in Thailand. However, DeWalt is yet to produce more products in the US, and these may include batteries. 

Where are DeWalt wrenches made?

Dewalt wrenches are made in the US, Mexico, and China. The Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil is made in the United States, while the 18V Li-ION Impact Wrench is made in China. All other impact wrenches are made in Mexico.


DeWalt tools are known for their quality, no matter where they’re made, and they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Even though making tools overseas can be challenging, DeWalt checks where their products are most wanted before deciding where to produce them.

Take the US, for example. The pros in woodworking are really loving the rise of cordless tools. Why? Because DeWalt makes those tools right here at home, so they can get them to users faster and meet their needs swiftly. Cool, right?!

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