Stihl Chainsaw Models, Sizes and Prices

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Stihl chainsaws are popular tree-cutting options, but their current prices have been a subject of debate amongst new buyers. Given the confusion surrounding the recent prices of these powerful machines, our saw team has come up with the current Stihl chainsaw prices and the various models the company offers. 

What Types of Chainsaw Does Stihl Offer Today?

Battery Saws

Battery-powered chainsaws have evolved to become a famous chainsaw choice for tree cutters. Although less powerful than their gas counterparts, they offer a high level of performance.

Homeowner Saws

Homeowner saws are mostly simple gas-powered options designed for tree-cutting around the home. They are straightforward to use and fairly affordable. 

STIHL 025 Chainsaw

Farm and Ranch Saws

Farm and Ranch Saws are self-explanatory. They are heavy-duty saws used on farms and ranches.

Professional Saws

For pro tree-cutters, Professional Saws are the real deal. They come with adequate power and features for extensive use.

Electric Saws

Electric saws are less popular than other options from Stihl, but going electric is cool. They are lightweight and convenient-to-use options for trimming jobs. They are also affordable. 

Stihl MS440 Magnum side view

In-Tree Saws

In-Tree Saws are a unique type of saw. They possess balanced features with great maneuverability for cutting tree branches from impossible angles and heights. They are for professional use only.

Are Stihl Chainsaws Worth the Money?

Our team does not doubt Stihl’s market competitiveness and mission to top-notch chainsaws. Stihl chainsaws are worth every penny based on their durability and versatility. In fact, given how long they have been around, many people are actually curious to learn when their Stihl chainsaws were made.

Stihl MS200T

How Much Should I Pay for a Stihl Chainsaw + Factors to Consider

Stihl is known for its reliable chainsaw units, so you will surely get a great deal whatever model you get. However, it’s still important to buy something that will be suitable for your needs and budget. While weighing your options, take note of the following:

The Type of Work You Do

Average maintenance in the home wouldn’t need a chainsaw that costs a fortune. On the other hand, ranching and professional tree-cutting need the high-performance professional or in-tree saws[1].


Saws with more power and cutting features are usually more expensive. If you are on a budget but need a saw with ample power for the job, battery-powered saws are more suited. But how much does a chainsaw really cost? Find out next!

Stihl 028 AV Super EQ

Frequency of Use

Do you plan to use the chainsaw frequently? If so, you should opt for a higher quality saw, such as gas-powered options.

Top 6 Stihl Chainsaws Today and Their Prices

1. Stihl MSA 120 C-B (Battery-Powered)

Who doesn’t love battery-powered chainsaws? They produce no smoke and operate noiselessly, which is good for the environment.

Stihl MSA 120 C-B

The benefit of battery-powered saws is their low weight, and the 120 C-B is no different. It weighs only eight pounds with the battery, making it perfect for day-to-day activities.

2. Stihl MSA 220 C-B (Battery-Powered)

Unlike the 120 C-B, Stihl MSA 220 C-B has a good runtime and is powerful for the most extensive and rigorous tasks. It can run for an hour, depending on the battery pack used. 

Stihl MSA 220 C

On top of that, it is incredibly ergonomic and convenient to handle for felling trees. The features of the saw put it on par with its gas counterparts.

3. Stihl MS 170 (A Gas-Powered Chainsaw for the Average User)

Stihl MS 170 is ideal for occasional use. It isn’t the best high-performance gas-powered chainsaw from the company, but it won’t have any issue felling small trees.

Stihl MS 170

It’s light and comes with an anti-vibration system to minimize fatigue. With a price of around $200, it is the perfect model for low-budget buyers.  

Looking for another low-cost, dependable chainsaw under $200? Take a look at Remington chainsaws.

4. Stihl MS 251 (A Gas-Powered Chainsaw for Light Tasks)

This option is suited to homeowners who trim more than the average user. With a solid engine, adjustable guide bars, and low gas emissions, the Stihl MS 251 is excellent for easily felling overgrown trees.

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Stihl MS 251

It is also lightweight and generates minimal vibration for extensive use. The model is priced right for budget-conscious buyers.

5. Stihl MS 880 MAGNUM (A Heavy-Duty Gas-Powered Chainsaw)

With up to 59″ bar length, and an efficient engine, the Stihl MS 880 Magnum is here to give you an excellent cutting performance. This chainsaw is probably the most powerful gas chainsaw from the brand.

Stihl MS 880 MAGNUM

It cuts through the thickest and biggest woods with panache. Due to its features, the chainsaw is somewhat heavy to lift.  

6. Stihl MS 261 (Gas-Powered)

This is a chainsaw for professional use. It has an adjustable guide bar for more efficiency and produces low smoke emissions for the environment’s safety.

person operating Stihl MS 261

It lasts well on the job. Sitting at 10 pounds and with an excellent power-to-weight ratio, carrying for long hours is no problem. 


What is the average price of a Stihl chainsaw?

The average price of a Stihl chainsaw is $300.

How much is a 32-inch Stihl chainsaw?

A 32-inch Stihl chainsaw costs between $1500 and $1800.

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With the above Stihl chainsaw prices and models discussed in this article by our professionals, you now have many options to get in the market. Whether you want a professional or homeowner model, Stihl has an excellent chainsaw for you. Stihl chainsaws are durable and deliver great power for various cutting tasks.

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