List of the Best Old Chainsaw Brands

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I’ve studied the evolution of woodworking tools, and it’s fascinating how chainsaws, developed back in the 1920s, were revolutionary, offering a quicker, more efficient alternative to the traditional ax for timber production. Today, chainsaws are integral, widely used by both professionals and homeowners for various tasks like trimming branches and felling trees.

To identify manufacturers that are synonymous with reliability and durability, I’ve cataloged a number of venerable chainsaw brands that continue to prove their worth. Keep reading to explore their superior models and the unique features they bring to the table!

Top Old and Vintage Chainsaw Brands

#1: Stihl

Stihl was first made in Waiglingen, Germany in 1926. Since it started releasing products, the brand has been known to promote quality, excellent service, and innovation. In fact, they were the first to build a two-person chainsaw.

Stihl 220 MSA -BQ

Some of the top Stihl chainsaws today are the Stihl 08S, the Stihl 028, and the Stihl 044. Nowadays, the MS 271 Farm Boss and MSA 140 C-DQ are in demand in the market. Stihl also remains a top vintage chainsaw brand with many positive reviews. 

#2: Jonsered

Jonsered is yet another vintage chainsaw brand that has maintained its reputation as one of the most dependable companies in the manufacture of chainsaws and industrial tools. Their primary objective is to craft reliable and proficient products, aimed at aiding both the everyday worker and professionals in their respective fields.

Jonsered crafts tools that are lightweight, eco-friendly, and ergonomically designed. Some of their iconic models are the Jonsered 272, Jonsered 49, and the Jonsered 621. Based on my latest interactions and reviews, their leading models in today’s market are the CS16i, CS2250, and CS2245.

Jonsered chainsaw

Their customers love the brand’s chain brakes, heated handles, and dampening systems. 

#3: Husqvarna

As one of the oldest tool brands out there, Husqvarna has been in the market since 1689. Just like the Jonsered, the first plant was also located in Sweden. 

They started making chainsaws in 1959. They are known for their 90cc chainsaws that boost productivity. 

Some of the brand’s well-loved saws are the Husqvarna 181, Husqvarna 480CD, and the Husqvarna 268XP. The 550XP Mark II, 120i, and the 525PT5S are also some of the most famous units from the brand.

Husqvarna chainsaw

Customers love how easy to use and how powerful these chainsaws are. 

#4: Poulan Pro

Established in 1946, PoulanPro has cemented itself as a leading chainsaw maker in the market today. The brand was established in Louisiana, USA by an expert lumberjack Claude Poulan. 

In the 1950s, they started creating one-man chainsaws and eventually two-man chainsaws. They made their mark as a manufacturer that produces quality, durable, and high-performing tools. 

Poulan Pro PR4218

Some of the most popular models are the PoulanPro 3700, PoulanPro 5200, and the PoulanPro 245a. The most famous ones today are the PR4218, PR4016, and PP5020AV. 

What has always impressed me about their chainsaws is the automatic chain oiler, the efficient air filter system, and the user-friendly pull start system. These features consistently earn them accolades.

#5: Echo

Established in 1978, Echo has consistently remained a popular choice for chainsaw units. The brand’s emphasis on quality, innovative technology, and robust infrastructure has solidified its reputation. 

Among its older models are the Echo 550, Echo Twin, and Echo 750, showcasing the brand’s commitment to providing reliable options over the years.

Echo CS-400 18” Gas Chainsaw

Their new models are CS-310, CS-271T, and CS-590. Customers love how easy to use these chainsaws are. They are also durable, strong, and lightweight. 

#6: McCulloch

Back in 1943, McCulloch Motors Corporation made its debut, primarily crafting engines and lawn equipment. Over time, their repertoire expanded to include chainsaws, leading to their rebranding as the “McCulloch Corporation.”

Today, they’re recognized not only for their innovative chainsaw models but also for their contributions to airplane engines. Some models that caught the eye of users over the years include the McCulloch SP-81, McCulloch PM700, and the McCulloch SP125C.

McCulloch chainsaw

Their new models include the CSE2040S, Li40CS, and CS400T. They are known for their products’ anti-vibration system. 

#7: Homelite

In 1921, Homelite started as a Home Electric Lighting Company. Homelite was recognized in the ranks of top chainsaw brands. Homelite concentrates on garden equipment, lightweight chainsaws, and lawn mowers.

Homelite chainsaw

Some old models include Homelite SXL925, the Homelite 650 Super, and Homelite XL12. The new models include UT43103A, ZR43120, and UT43122B. Some of their best features are the wrap-around handle, automatic oiler, and three-point vibration isolation.

#8: Shindaiwa

Established in 1952, Shindaiwa quickly carved out a reputation as a frontrunner in the outdoor power tools and equipment sector. With their product features, it’s clear that their commitment lies in durability, premium quality, and peak performance. Their well-known equipment includes Shindaiwa A88, Shindaiwa A33, and Shindaiwa 500.

Shindaiwa chainsaw

Their best models now are the 358TS, 305S, and DH2000. Customers have always appreciated the quality and reliability of these Shindaiwa chainsaws. 

(If you’re looking for a new and economical brand, read these Coocheer chainsaw reviews.)

#9: Solo

The Emmerich brothers invented the first small two-stroke engine, which established the brand Solo. Three years later, they also developed the first backpack mist blower that is engine-driven. This mist blower can be operated by one person, where they got their company name. 

Solo chainsaw

The old models include Solo 611 Twin, Solo 635, and Solo 650, which focused on innovation, quality, and intelligent engineering. However, Solo stopped producing chainsaws. They are focusing now on air blowers, cut-off saws, handheld and backpack sprayers, and mist blowers.


What is the oldest chainsaw brand?

The oldest chainsaw brand is Stihl. They have produced the gas-powered “The Tree-Felling Machine.” It was created by Andreas Stihl, a German engineer and founder of the Stihl company. 

What vintage chainsaws are worth money?

Vintage chainsaws that are worth the money are Stihl 075, 076, and 090 models. Homelite 2100 and 3100 are also worth a try. 

Do old chainsaws have any worth today?

Old chainsaws’ worth depends on the model. There are still old models of chainsaws that can still do the job. For ideas, here’s how much chainsaw models cost today!

Do old chainsaws perform better?

The performance of chainsaws depends on the model and brand. They are old chainsaws that still perform their best. Some old chainsaws are also durable, high-performing, and easy to use. 

How long have chainsaws existed?

In 1780, the first ever chainsaw was created to help in medical procedures, particularly in childbirth. Chainsaws help cut the pelvic bone during labor and Cesarean sections [1], and a hand crank powered it.


In wrapping up, many seasoned machinists and woodworkers, myself included, still place immense trust in the classic chainsaw brands highlighted throughout this article. 

If you have a penchant for vintage chainsaws, rest assured that the brands mentioned above consistently deliver on quality, durability, and user-friendliness. They’ve stood the test of time for a reason.

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