Coocheer Chainsaw Review — Is it Any Good? (2023)

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Gas-powered chainsaws often come with a hefty price tag, which is why many turn to more budget-friendly options like those from Coocheer. But the real question is: does the lower price come at the expense of efficiency and durability?

To help you avoid any buyer’s remorse, I have delved deep into the performance of these chainsaws. In this article, I’ll be providing detailed Coocheer chainsaw reviews based on hands-on trials.

What I Like

What I Don't Like


Upon its arrival, the unit isn’t preassembled. Because of this, it took a few minutes before I could look at its overall design. Nevertheless, you don’t have to stare at it for long to know that it’s designed with durable materials. 

At first glance, the ABS plastic construction of the chainsaw instantly stood out to me. If you’re unfamiliar, ABS plastic is known for its resistance to impacts and abrasions—common issues when operating and storing a chainsaw.

During my hands-on testing, the bar and chain handled high temperatures without a hitch, ensuring the cutting operation went as smoothly as one could hope.

Coocheer Chainsaw Features


As previously stated, the unit didn’t come preassembled, so you’ll have to piece everything together in five to ten minutes. If you’re a homeowner who’s unfamiliar with this tool, you can always consult the user manual [1] for more guidance. 

Engine Power

Because Coocheer chainsaws are gas-powered machines, you can count on their power to deliver highly efficient cutting operations. It’s geared with a 62cc 2-stroke engine that operates at 3.5 HP, making it capable of running up to 8500 RPM. 

If you ask me, it’s quite a find to come across a chainsaw this affordable that packs such a punch in terms of power.


If you assemble the tool properly, its cutting performance will be precise and smooth. I personally tested it on 6-inch and 10-inch logs, and the power it delivered remained consistent throughout the entire process.

And if you need to do heavy-duty work like slicing down long tree branches or removing shrubs, we can attest that it won’t disappoint you. 

However, it’s important to note that this unit vibrates a lot, so proper grip should allow it to perform better and safer. 


For its class and price range, its chain speed of 48 feet per second is pretty efficient for tackling basic chainsaw tasks.

And considering its blade size, handling lumber cutting won’t be as difficult as when you’re using a battery-operated chainsaw from the same budget allocation.

When cutting thick wooden logs into lumber, the chain’s sharp and spiky teeth also help the chainsaw to deliver smooth cuts. 

Bar and Chain

The 20-inch length of its bar and chain already caught my attention, but I was genuinely taken aback by Coocheer’s decision to use imported chain material. Its wear resistance is remarkable, making its lifespan about five times longer than your average chainsaw chain

(For reliable options, check these durable chainsaw chains for cutting hardwood and others.) 

Pull Cord

If you inspect the unit closely, you’ll also notice that it features a spring-assisted pull cord and knob. Through this, you can rev up the chainsaw easier. Then start cutting without struggling to start its engine. 

Super Air Filtration System

One of the usual chainsaw problems is dust and debris building up and damaging the unit’s engine. Lucky for you, this model has a super air filtration system to prevent that from happening.

Automatic Oiling

If you want a smooth cutting session, you should always ensure that the bar and chain are lubricated, and that’s what automatic oiling is for. The friction and non-overheating of this chainsaw are also highly owed to this feature. 

(For oil substitutes, check out these bar and chain fluid alternatives that you can use!)

Guide Plate

Another feature that’s worth highlighting in this Coocheer chainsaw review is its guide plate. It acts as an additional layer of protection to the chains, keeping them away from rust and corrosion. 

Package Content and Additional Features

Upon purchase, you’ll receive an unassembled power saw with parts like the tool’s head, the chain, and the guiding bar itself. But besides that, there’s also a small wrench in the box, which you can use in chain tension adjustments. 

You can also rely on its three-tier gas filters. So when the temperature gets high, your chainsaw won’t overheat and will stop operating. It will maintain the engine temperature, making its machine life longer than others without this feature. 


Where is the Coocheer chainsaw made?

The Coocheer chainsaw is made in China. It’s manufactured by a company that produces different tools and electronics worldwide. 

Is it recommended to set the chainsaw at full throttle?

You should set the chainsaw in a full-throttle mode for safer usage. If you do that, you’ll lessen the chances of kickback that could lead to severe injuries. 

How long can you let a chainsaw run?

Most gas chainsaws can run from 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on fuel tank capacity and usage. On the other hand, cordless electric chainsaws could only operate according to their battery levels. 

Review Conclusion: Coocheer Chainsaw

After sharing insights, I hope you have a clearer picture of whether Coocheer chainsaws align with your current cutting needs.

This option might draw you in with its price and decent performance, but it’s crucial to weigh effectiveness and convenience for your specific tasks. Nonetheless, when the budget is a concern, considering this unit can be a practical choice.

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