Ridgid vs Milwaukee — An In-Depth Comparison

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Two of the best power tool brands are Ridgid and Milwaukee. While both are popular in woodworking, they’re best suited for certain projects and users. Thus, knowing the differences between the two will help you decide the better choice for your needs. 

To help you out, I made this detailed Ridgid vs Milwaukee comparison and review.  

Ridgid and Milwaukee Power Tool: Comparison Overview

Year of Establishment19231924
HeadquartersElyria, OhioBrookfield, Wisconsin
Product LinesPlumbing, HVAC, constructionHand tools, power tools, Instruments
Major Subsidiaries/ Parent CompanySubsidiary of Emerson ElectricSubsidiary of Techtronic Industries Limited (TTI Group)

History and Reputation

Ridgid and Milwaukee are two brands are at the top of their game in the power tool industry. They have established roots as early as 1923 and 1924, respectively. So, let’s explore more about the brief history of these two businesses. 


In its early years, the Ridge Tool Company began its operation as a manufacturer of a pipe wrench in the year 1923 at North Ridgeville, Ohio. 

They moved in 1943 to Elyria, Ohio up until its present headquarters, where they’ve been introducing tools under the Ridgid name. 

In the year 1996, the enterprise Emerson Electric (EE) purchased the brand and proceeded to expand its portfolio. The organization mentioned above owns a total of six brands, including Ridgid. The holding company currently amasses an annual revenue of 16.8 Billion USD. 

Ridgid HQ

The Ridgid brand manufactures more than 300 products across 4000 different models—all available in over 140 countries globally. In addition, the brand has eight plants established in the United States and four plants abroad. Also, they launched the RidgidConnect program.

They’ve launched several new products, including the Ridgid Seesnake and boat trailer, which is used for site inspections. The company’s focus has also expanded its product line to include organization products, software solutions, and mobile apps.  


The Milwaukee brand first started operations in the year 1923. Back then, the company was known under a different name: A.H. Petersen Tool Company, in honor of one of the founding partners. Later on, Albert F. Siebert renamed the business to its current name. 

The company supplied the US Navy with the necessary products and established itself as an integral innovator with the Sawzall as introduced in 1951. 

Milwaukee USA

Milwaukee underwent many changes in terms of ownership before finally getting purchased by TTI in 2005. The China-based company TTI is a private organization with an annual revenue of 729.89 Million USD. 

The company is popular for its cutting-edge technology, notably its latest product, the M12 FUEL high-speed ratchets, launched in January 2021. 



Ridgid’s parent company is currently based in St. Louis, Missouri, but they have an additional corporate site in New Zealand. Their eight plants globally currently have approximately 1500 employed workers.

Ridgid R4512

The brand is consistent with its origins. They have continued manufacturing pipe wrenches at the Elyria, Ohio, facility. The same site is also home to the brand’s Schoolhouse Global Training Center. 

The company ventured into robotic technology, and its software development processes are done in Elyria, Ohio. They were able to supply the demand of its approximately 4000 distribution partners.   


The Milwaukee headquarters is assigned at Brookfield, Wisconsin. It also has three facilities established in Indiana, Mississippi, and Coahuila, Mexico. Aside from that, they have established manufacturing plants in Europe and China. 

Milwaukee M12TM Portable and Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

The company has a strong presence in Wisconsin. As of writing, they’ve expanded the establishment of their facilities in Mississippi– with over 2000 workers across all sites. 

TTI was established in 1985 in Hong Kong until they established a new plant in West Bend, Wisconsin, in January 2025. It was projected to bring in 100 career opportunities.   

Parent Companies/Subsidiaries

TTI and Emerson electrics are among the corporate families which handle powerful and popular tool brands. Here is a list of brands managed by TTI and Emerson Electric Co, respectively.  

Ridgid tools used in construction project

Techtronic Industries (TTI)

TTI is a host to several power tool companies. In addition, TTI is listed on the Hong Kong Stock exchange. It handles and manages the following power and tool brands that are available in the market. 

Emerson Electric Co

Emerson manages brands that manufacture products in the commercial, industrial, and residential markets. It handles and manages the following brands that are available in the market.

Emerson Electric Co

Product Selection

Here are a few of the products manufactured by each brand: 


Milwaukee products are considered of premium quality and a part of the upper echelon. The company is known to manufacture durable and highly functional products, which include: 

Milwaukee tools

Power Tools

When it comes to power tools, Milwaukee is one of the brands I stand behind. They offer a diverse range of tools— from construction to metalworking and woodworking, all available in the market. Several tools and devices are of premium quality with state-of-the-art sensor technology. 

Hand Tools

Milwaukee manufactures an impressive number of types and models. The company offers a total of 467 hand tools to choose from. Their product line includes a wide range of tools integral to many industries.  


Specialty items like instruments and attachments are also being offered by the brand. Some of these items include lighting testers, thermal imaging, and multimeters. So this has increased the popularity and brand reputation as a one-stop shop for most tools. 

Let’s take a look at the best Milwaukee tools in this review!


Ridgid tools are considered above average in terms of quality. Furthermore, this brand’s tools are known for light-duty use for home projects, personal projects, and DIYs. Some of the product types available in the market include:

Ridgid tools

Plumbing Tools

Ridgid tools are known in the plumbing industry through their pipe wrenches, their first available tool. Then, Ridgid decided to develop other tools made to support different projects and jobs. 

Power Tools

They feature an impressive line of power tools for professionals and early-career woodworkers. Ridgid power tools include drills, sanders, batteries, and nailers. Also, they offer a free lifetime service agreement, which is a plus in my book.

Hand Tools

Ridgid also produces a variety of hand tools featuring an ergonomic design for ease and comfort. 

In-Depth Comparison of Milwaukee and Ridgid

Based on what I’ve dug into, Milwaukee tools are really tailored for professionals, while Ridgid aims more at the basic merchant crowd.

Ridgid power drill

But let me tell you, there’s more to these two brands than initially meets the eye. That’s why I’ve put together this detailed Ridgid vs Milwaukee comparison: 

Overall Quality

When it comes to overall quality, Milwaukee really takes the cake. I’ve found their tools to be a cut above Ridgid in terms of durability and craftsmanship. Furthermore, Milwaukee provides a more diverse range of best quality products. 

Winner: Milwaukee


Comparing Ridgid and Milwaukee tools in terms of performance, Milwaukee wins this category. Milwaukee almost always outperforms Ridgid tools in any standard test. All the tools under this brand are effective and functional that any worker can rely on. 

Winner: Milwaukee 

Design and Ergonomics

Both companies manufacture decent tools. Milwaukee has a superior design and is versatile and easy to use. On the other Ridgid considers the user’s ease and comfort. So, both brands are impressive in their own way in this regard.

using on wall Milwaukee M12TM

Material Durability

When it comes to longevity, Milwaukee pulls ahead yet again. The premium materials and craftsmanship in their tools can really take a beating, making them more durable than Ridgid, even for heavy-duty jobs.

Winner: Milwaukee


These two brands manufacture various quality products, including batteries. Ridgid batteries have a decent battery life relevant to product quality. However, Milwaukee batteries not only last longer but often come with warranties, giving you that extra peace of mind.

These two companies are worth considering in this factor as they serve their purpose well.  


When it comes to your budget, I’ve noticed that Ridgid tools usually come with a smaller price tag compared to Milwaukee, which is known for its premium, and yes, more expensive products.

Winner: Ridgid

Ridgid warehouse


Warranties are a big deal for me when choosing tools, and Ridgid impresses in this department.

Ridgid offers lifetime service agreements on several power tools that cover defects  repair or tool replacement by usual wear and tear. 

Tools considered for lifetime cover includes their excellent cordless power tools, pneumatic and stationary units, benches, and tile saws. 

Milwaukee cordless tools

Milwaukee, while quality, falls a bit short here, offering mostly five-year warranties for their power tools and three-year limited ones for their outdoor equipment. So if a strong warranty is high on your list, Ridgid might be the better option.

Winner: Ridgid 

Customer Support

Now, if customer support is a make-or-break for you, Milwaukee takes the lead. In my experience, their customer service has been nothing short of excellent. If you run into any issues, finding a service center is generally easy since they’re spread out across the country.

Winner: Milwaukee 

Advantages of Ridgid Tools

Here are several advantages when using Ridgid tools.

operating angle grinder

Ease of Use

I really appreciate how Ridgid products are designed with ergonomics in mind. So, these items are comfortable to use and measure up to their quality. 

Torque and Power

The same company offers decent power and torque. Rigid’s brushless motor technology affords maximum performance. It also delivers high-torque impact for heavy duty operations. 

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Advantages of Milwaukee Tools

Here are several advantages when using Milwaukee tools.

Milwaukee 49-224025 Hole Saw Kit


One of the things I really appreciate about these products is the premium materials used in their construction, which guarantees high durability.

Torque and Power

The Milwaukee compact brushless tools are manufactured with more power and torque, with the drive of fuel products.

Variety of Tools

The business manufactures various tools to cater to different uses and projects. This makes them a versatile choice for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Milwaukee and Ridgid Product Comparison

Both tool makers are known for their different tools and equipment. To help you choose the best, I compared their offers in this Milwaukee vs Ridgid product comparison:

Corded Drills

Milwaukee offers nearly 250 products of cordless tools in the market compared to Ridgid, which offers only a fraction of the amount. 


Both Milwaukee and Ridgid make hacksaws that feel good in the hand and get the job done. But Ridgid pulls ahead with its full lifetime warranty, and that’s a big win in my book.

Thermal Imagers

Thermal imagers are specialty tools, and both brands deliver solid performance. But having used both, I find Ridgid’s thermal imagers to be more user-friendly.

Ridgid thermal imager

Impact Wrenches

In terms of impact wrenches, Milwaukee offers more than 50 product choices. On the other hand, Ridgid has fewer options offering less than five products. 

Tool Boxes

Similarly for tool boxes, Milwaukee sells more than a dozen of toolboxes in all shapes and sizes. Ridgid, on the other hand, has limited selections. So if you’re like me and you like having choices, Milwaukee is the way to go in this category too.

Ridgid Gen5X vs. Milwaukee M18 Comparison

Premium Option
Ridgid Gen5X
Best Design
Milwaukee M18
Ridgid Gen5X
Milwaukee M18
• Torque specs: 3,600 in.lbs.
• More affordable
• Battery flexibility
• Lifetime warranty agreement
• Comfort and ease of use
• 3600 IPM
• Fully charged in less than an hour
• Lightweight and portable
• Highly durable
• Suitable for heavy operations
Premium Option
Ridgid Gen5X
Ridgid Gen5X
• Torque specs: 3,600 in.lbs.
• More affordable
• Battery flexibility
• Lifetime warranty agreement
• Comfort and ease of use
Best Design
Milwaukee M18
Milwaukee M18
• 3600 IPM
• Fully charged in less than an hour
• Lightweight and portable
• Highly durable
• Suitable for heavy operations

When it comes to torque specifications, Ridgid Gen5X are known to be the best in the industry, surpassing the Milwaukee M18. Ridgid Gen5X’s impact driver has 750 in.lbs more torque compared to the M18.

However, in terms of speed: IPM (impacts per minute) and RPM (revolutions per minute) – the M18 overshadows Ridgid Gen5X. It delivers 3,600 IPM compared to the 3,200 IPM of Ridgid’s.

Battery-wise, Milwaukee has a bit of an edge too. I mean, who wouldn’t want their batteries to be fully charged in under an hour? With Ridgid, you’re looking at a bit more of a wait—around an hour and a half. But what’s good about Ridgid’s battery is that you can use it on tools of the same brand.  

Budget-wise, the Gen5X is lighter on your wallet. But you know, you get what you pay for. The M18 may be pricier, but its top-notch performance kinda justifies the extra bucks, if you ask me.

Winner: Milwaukee M18

My Top Picks from Ridgid and Milwaukee Power Tools

1. Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel ½” High torque impact wrench with friction ring

The Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 is lightweight and provides maximum productivity. It is well worth the price, and you get value for your money. 

It works well in removing lag bolts and suspension bolts [1]. It is very portable, but it does not come with a storage box. 

2. Milwaukee 2447-20 M12 ⅜” Crown Stapler

The Milwaukee 2447-20 M12 features an integrated sequential and contacts actuation trigger design which results in high productivity in between firing modes. 

The stapler comes in a compact design which allows access to hard-to-reach spaces. Plus, the ergonomic design made using it very comfortable.

3. Ridgid Jobmax Multi-tool

The Ridgid Jobmax is a versatile product. It is one of those heavy duty tools that is a 2-in-1 product for the price of one. I was able to cut through plywood and smooth surfaces using just this one tool, powered by an 18V battery.

4. Ridgid Cordless Combo Kits

Ridgid Cordless Combo Kits

The Ridgid cordless combo kit is an economical way of getting different tools that will be operated with the same battery. You also get more tools for the value of the kit. The kit even includes a storage bag, making it super easy to lug around to different project sites.


Can I use Milwaukee batteries on Ridgid tools?

You cannot use the Milwaukee batteries on Ridgid tools. They are two separate brands that have their own unique battery systems. While both brands offer high-quality power tools, their battery platforms are not interchangeable. 


Looking for the best tools in the market starts with searching for a quality brand. Whether you are a professional or fond of home DIYs, knowing the difference between the two will help you choose the products that suit your needs and budget. 

Hopefully, this Milwaukee vs Ridgid comparison has answered some of your questions regarding these two power tool makers.

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