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So, you’re thinking of buying a used bandsaw? It’s super tempting, right? I mean, those affordable price tags can really catch your eye. But here’s the thing: not all that glitters is gold. I’ve heard stories of folks getting lured by a great deal, only to end up with a dud that barely functions in their workshop.

So, what’s the game plan? Let me share some wisdom on snagging a solid used bandsaw without breaking the bank or your heart. Stay tuned for some insider tips!

Where to Find Secondhand Bandsaws For Sale

Facebook Marketplace

Given how many users post in the FB marketplace daily, it’s not impossible to find a used bandsaw for sale out there. 

Unlike most e-commerce websites, item listings on this platform include the seller’s location. Thanks to this, you can opt to meet and pay cash upfront to see if the bandsaw they’re selling is as advertised. 

Facebook Marketplace

You just have to type in “used bandsaw” or “second-hand bandsaw” on the search bar along with your location. If you have a specific brand of power tool in mind, you better add it as a keyword for better search results. 

Facebook Groups

Another way to find a pre-owned cutting tool on Facebook is by joining groups. 

It’s not a secret how widespread social media is, so there are virtual communities where chainsaw users interact to give tips on the trade or sell stuff. From there, you’ll see members posting used tools for sale. 


Many second-hand tool users also create listings on popular e-commerce websites like eBay. Unlike the previous options, these platforms offer shipping features, so the transactions aren’t only done locally. 

ebay website

The platform also has a great algorithm. As long as you enter the right product keywords, the exact search result will load on your screens. You can also sort the items according to their brand, condition, and price. 


On Craigslist, you’ll have to set a target location to get a more specific search result. Because of this feature, I only suggest this platform for local transactions. However, ensure that you have enough details about the bandsaw and the seller before agreeing to meet them. 

Stores or Dealers

Looking for stores and authorized dealers selling refurbished power tools could also score a great second-hand bandsaw. You can opt for this option if you don’t prefer transacting online and prefer to see the product in person before you pay for it. 

How to Buy a Used Band Saw and Steer Clear of Scams

Payment Method

To avoid being scammed, paying cash is one of the best options. However, it would mean that you need to meet up with the seller. If you don’t fancy that, use online payment methods like Paypal’s Goods and Services. 

person holding a credit card and using a laptop

Through this feature, you can request a refund [1] if you don’t receive the product or if it’s not the same quality you and the seller have discussed. 

Seller History and Reputation

For platforms like eBay, checking if the seller is safe to transact with is easy. All you need to do is scan the transaction history and read feedback from previous customers.

However, it’s not the same for sellers on Facebook Marketplace and Groups. If you intend to find used bandsaws on these platforms, you’ll need to do extra research on the user’s selling reputation. After all, a little caution always helps to prevent being scammed.

Condition of the Bandsaw

If you’re not meeting the seller, it’ll be hard to see the bandsaw’s real condition. So, my advice is to request multiple pictures or videos of the used power tool before deciding to purchase it. 

person operating a bandsaw

For example, you can ask them to spin the wheels to determine if the unit’s bearings are in good condition.

Parts Replaced and Repaired

Next, don’t forget to ask the previous owner if the bandsaw has damaged or missing parts. Are those components replaceable? 

Typically, some power tools won’t work with parts from third-party brands. So, it’s only natural to ask if it requires components from its original manufacturer. 


At first glance, it’d be easy to tell if the cutting tool has been taken care of or not. You can check for cracks and breakage, which could signify hidden internal damage.

JET JWBS 15 1.75 HP BANDSAW cutting deck

It’s also wise to ask the previous owner what projects they took on using the bandsaw. Through this, you can weigh if it’s worth maintaining and repairing or not. 


If you don’t see visible cracks or scratches on its exterior, check the trunnions underneath the table. These parts support the frame of your bandsaw, and they’re costly, so buying ones in good condition is preferable. 


This feature determines the distance between the band saw’s blade and the vertical frame. It also signifies the cutting width of your tool, so it’s one of the parts you should inspect when buying a used bandsaw.  


When buying a second-hand tool, the warranty should be last on the list of your expectations. Unfortunately, power tools have restrictive policies and would require receipts for free servicing. 

bandsaw cutting deck

For sites like eBay, some sellers allow return policies on their listings as long as the conditions are met. 

Purchasing Cheap Bandsaws

Cheaper price tags don’t necessarily mean it’s a better option. Sometimes, these tools are sold cheaper for certain reasons, like their overall condition or missing parts. 

Inquire about its maintenance history, and assess the availability and cost of potential replacement parts to ensure you are making a well-informed decision and avoiding unforeseen expenses down the line.

Is Buying a Used Bandsaw Worth it?

Buying a used bandsaw is worth it if you’re just looking for a tool to do a simple task. But if you’re looking to use it regularly, purchasing a new bandsaw could help you save time and money in the long run. 


Looking for someone selling a used band saw nearby? Sure, it sounds handy. But trust me, just because it’s close doesn’t mean it’s a steal. From my experience, it’s crucial to think about what you’ll really need in the long run and how much you’re willing to spend.

Above all, getting familiar with the nitty-gritty of band saws can be your best defense against getting duped when you’re out shopping for one. Stay sharp!

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