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Ever been duped when buying something online? I’ve been there, and I know the feeling. Maybe you’ve even asked around, trying to find the best spot to snag a used miter saw without any hitches. 

Don’t fret! Dive into the guide below. I’m sharing some golden tips to make sure you don’t get fooled again and truly get bang for your buck. Let’s make that next purchase count!

Where Can I Find Used Miter Saws?


To save time and money, you may do all your shopping on eBay and pick up your items locally at no extra cost. eBay makes it simple to locate nearby retailers of miter saws and then get in touch with them to ask questions and haggle over prices. 

Whether you’re in the market for new tools for your garage or are looking to sell some of your old equipment for cash, eBay is a site you should check out. You can find several options on their site if you want a specific tool.


Amazon is the largest online store, but fewer people know it sells used items.

miter saw on Amazon

You might not be able to find the miter saw you want to buy on Amazon, or you might not want to pay the hefty shipping fees even if you find one because of how little the used products on Amazon tend to be. The final say rests solely with you.

I suggest using Amazon as a last resort in your hunt for a secondhand miter saw.

Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking for used miter saws, you might want to check out Facebook Marketplace instead of the more well-known Craigslist. You may easily find local goods and services by visiting Facebook Marketplace.

One advantage of utilizing Facebook Marketplace is setting up alerts. For instance, you could set up alerts for “miter saw,” which would notify you whenever a new ad was placed that included the words “miter saw.”

Facebook Marketplace

This alert feature is especially helpful for those purchasing used items, where listings come and go quickly and frequently.

Facebook Groups

Many people on Facebook fail to take advantage of their groups’ considerable usefulness. Join a Facebook group for woodworkers, whether you’re in the market for new equipment or looking to get rid of your old gear.

Such forums often have classified ads for both new and used equipment. Where you live, you could find a group of woodworkers to join. There is no cost associated with making use of this Facebook feature.


I recommend looking on Craigslist for a used miter saw. Used equipment, such as a miter saw, can be purchased cheaply on Craigslist. However, this may vary depending on your location because some towns use Craigslist more than others.


You’ve probably visited Craigslist at least once, and you might have even made a purchase there before. Whatever the reason, here is the place to go if you’re in the market for a secondhand miter saw.

Simply visit the “For Sale” section of Craigslist and search using terms like “saw” or “miter saw.” After that, you can look through listings, photographs of available miter saws, and information like prices, specs, etc.

At the bottom of each ad, you can find a way to get in touch with the vendor directly. This is where you may discuss prices, ask questions, etc. Be cautious whenever you have to conduct business with a real person.

A Guide in Buying a Used Miter Saw

Seller History and Reviews

Online customers rely heavily on reviews to provide independent confirmation of a product’s quality, performance, and similarity to its images before making a purchase decision.

person using a laptop

Customer decisions can be influenced by a seller’s reputation and product reviews, especially favorable ones, which serve as social proof that the product is worthwhile. Customers who can’t examine a product before purchasing want to feel confident in its quality.

Payment Method

When you find a trustworthy vendor, everything about the transaction process improves. Instead of transporting the miter saw without first inspecting it, it is preferable to complete the transaction in person.

Every mode of payment comes with its own set of pros, cons, and expenses. But whatever payment method you prefer, you should always ask for proof of a transaction or receipt to avoid any problems in the future.

Overall Condition of the Miter Saw

Obtaining precise cuts is of utmost importance when selecting a miter saw. Excessive wear on a miter saw might result in low prices but poor performance. Checking the miter saw’s outer body is the first step in ensuring the tool is in good working order.

DEWALT DHS790T2 Sliding Miter Saw

The saw’s motor is also crucial, so be sure it works before you buy it. First, test the motor’s strength by cutting through some thick materials. A used saw may look fine at first glance, but its motor may have been worn out.

Maintenance and Repairs

There are times that you may find used miter saws for sale that are destroyed beyond repair. Others may have trouble finding replacement components because their machinery is too old.

If you’re looking to buy a used miter saw, you should think about how simple it is to find spare parts. If the components are uncommon or obsolete, or you find it hard to unlock your Dewalt miter saw specifically, go elsewhere for a better price. 

Parts Replaced

One misconception about buying miter saws with replaced parts is that it’s hard to know what quality you’re getting. If you’re buying a used miter saw with parts replaced, you should ask the seller if they got the parts from an unknown source or if they got it from legit shops.


Since a used miter saw may already have a table, stand or bench built for it, it’s wise to ask the seller if the price includes both the miter saw and its table.

Miter Saw Table with Extra Storage

If you are looking for your very first miter saw, it will be costly to build a table or stand for it; if you already have a table, you might find it hard to find a used miter saw with the same model as the one you own. 

Alternatively, consider investing in a portable miter saw stand that offers compatibility with a wide range of miter saw models, providing flexibility and convenience in setting up your miter saw workstation.

Blade Guard

A blade guard is another component you should look for in a used miter saw because a blade guard is a standard safety feature of the miter saw. 

As the blade approaches the wood, only then will the blade be revealed. The blade will be angled to move away from the operator, deflecting the sawdust.

Fence and Bevel Adjustment

An optional fence system for a miter saw includes a set of stop blocks and a measurement device that may be attached to the machine’s existing fence. You can put aside your pencil and tape measure while cutting with the measurement system.

Intricate work calls for a miter saw with a bevel, which is why this feature is often the deciding factor for consumers.

Warranty Coverage

If the saw has a warranty, that’s something to consider. Most warranties for power tools are shorter. Be careful about purchasing without a receipt, as you cannot claim any warranty protection on your new tool [1].

Craftsman sliding miter saw and tradesman non-sliding miter saw

Is Buying a Used Miter Saw Worth it?

Buying a used miter saw is worth it if you know what exactly you are getting. There is usually a good justification for investing in heavy machinery. Some of these sellers also dabble in woodworking. Give them a fair go, and find out why they want to sell the machines.

Don’t get taken for a ride; come prepared. You want an operating miter saw that isn’t as pricey as the new stuff but be skeptical of deals that appear too good to be true.

Refurbished vs. Used Miter Saw Units

If you’re looking for a used miter saw, a refurbished one is your best bet. The device will be returned to near factory condition and will cost less than buying a brand new one.

Certified refurbished miter saws sometimes go above and above by including a warranty from the original manufacturer. 


If you’re on the hunt for tools, online sellers and platforms can be your treasure trove. Ever tried looking for a used miter saw around your area? There’s a sea of options waiting for you. Of course, there might be a few that aren’t quite right, but remember, wanting a solid piece of equipment doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Dive in and happy hunting!

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