Used Table Saw For Sale Near Me + Buying Guide

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 I get it – not everyone has the cash for brand new tools. Looking for a reliable used table saw nearby? You’re not alone! I’m here to help. 

Stick with me; I’ll show you how to snag a great deal without getting ripped off. Dive into my guide below. Let’s find you that table saw that suits your budget!

Where to Buy Used Table Saws

#1: eBay

EBay is ideal for both online shopping and in-store pickup in your area. You may easily find local sellers of table saws on eBay and communicate with them to ask inquiries and negotiate rates. 

ebay website

EBay’s online auction site is also worth checking whether you need new equipment for your workshop or want to offload some old gear for cash. You may find multiple possibilities on eBay if you’re in the market for a specific tool.

#2: Craigslist

Craigslist is the greatest place to shop for a secondhand table saw. Used equipment, such as a table saw, can be found at fantastic prices on Craigslist, though this varies by location as some cities, states, and countries use it more than others. 


There will be a way to get in touch with the seller listed in every ad, so you may discuss pricing, ask any questions, etc.

#3: Amazon

Although Amazon is widely recognized as the most popular online retailer, few know that it also offers a selection of previously owned goods.

Now, the used things on Amazon are often significantly smaller in size than a table saw, so you may not be able to purchase the table saw you seek (if you prefer a larger one), or you may not want to pay the high shipping fees even if you do locate one. 

Amazon website

I recommend saving Amazon for when everything else fails when searching for a used table saw.

#4: Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a resource that many users overlook. If you’re in the market for or want to unload some old woodworking tools, you might want to consider joining a Facebook community dedicated to woodworkers.

Equipment wanted and sold postings are common in such groups. A local woodworking community might even exist where you live. Using this Facebook feature is free of charge as well.

Facebook Marketplace

#5: Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking for used woodworking equipment, you might want to check out Facebook Marketplace instead of the more well-known Craigslist

One perk of utilizing Facebook Marketplace is setting up alerts. For instance, you can set up alerts for “table saw,” and Facebook will notify you when a new item that includes those phrases is placed.

#6: Local Shops

Look around for any woodworking shops in the neighborhood. When looking to buy or sell, they can be a great resource. There is a good chance that at least one group member has access to, or knows someone looking to acquire, a certain tool. 

Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw

So if you know of any local shops that sell woodworking tools or use saws in their daily operations, call them and see if they have any secondhand table saws for sale.

How to Choose a Used Table Saw: A Buying Guide

Seller History and Reputation

Deals that seem too good to be true probably are. Sellers of stolen tools on Craigslist sometimes under-price their items because they are desperate to make a fast buck. If something seems odd, you should leave.

It’s common for the former owner to be thrilled that their item is going to a good place with someone who will put it to good use, and they’ll often relish the opportunity to tell the story of how much it meant to them.

Transaction Method

Once you have found a reliable seller, the transaction method can go smoother. It is better to transact in person, so you can inspect the table saw rather than having it shipped without taking a good look at it.

credit card and laptop

Whatever transaction method you prefer, you should always ask for a receipt or proof of transaction to avoid any problems in the future.

Condition of the Table Saw

The saw’s condition is the first item you should think about.  A secondhand table saw in good operating condition will often sell for more than one that is broken or needs repair. 

Whether or not it has been well maintained can impact its worth, so keep an eye out for any damage or evidence of use.

Additionally, checking the accuracy of the table saw’s cutting measurements and ensuring all safety features are intact and functional are important factors to consider when assessing the value and suitability of a used table saw.


You should also consider whether the saw comes with a guarantee. If that’s the case, the saw just got more valuable. Power tools have more limited warranties. If you don’t have a receipt from the merchant, the tool doesn’t qualify for warranty coverage, so buy wisely.

miter gauge Craftsman 10 Portable Table Saw

Parts Replacement

You should also consider how easily you can get a replacement for a used table saw’s parts. You should find a better deal if the parts are rare or obsolete.

Pulleys and Belts

Don’t forget to assess the state of the pulleys and belts on the table saw, as the presence or absence of these pieces may affect the price you pay for the tool.

table saw pulley and belt replacement


Can I purchase the saw without the fence? Consider this part if you need that used table saw or if it’s worth the price. Think about how well the fence locks or how precise the adjustments are.


It’s crucial to inspect used table saws for any dents, scratches, or other problems before purchasing. This will determine what maintenance you need to perform and how often.

Because of the woodworking industry’s high machine failure rate, you should use table saws with extreme caution.

6 Tips to Get Your Money’s Worth on a Used Table Saw

Tip #1: Research More About the Unit and its Retail Price

You will not have an advantage when haggling for a reasonable price on that table saw without knowing a ballpark figure.

person using a laptop

If you’ve done your homework and the seller’s asking price is higher than the market rate for the table saw, then you have some room to negotiate. You should consider the table saw’s age and how “used” it is before deciding how low you go in your negotiations.

Tip #2: Avoid Purchasing From Stores

To save money, consider purchasing a used table saw from a neighbor, relative, or friend rather than a store.

Many stores no longer need table saws, so they sell them at steep discounts. However, you’re far more able to save money by purchasing a secondhand table saw from an individual rather than a store.

Tip #3: Bring Cash

Having the cash on hand and dangling the possibility of receiving it at that very time is a very effective tactic for increasing the seller’s sense of urgency.

person holding wallet

Many people find it difficult to turn down immediate cash. So, if you can afford to pay for your used table saw in cash, rather than sending a check, buying it online, or waiting for it to be deposited, you can negotiate a lower price.

Tip #4: Haggle

Allow the seller to name their price, and then counter your arguments on why the item is too expensive [1].

You can assume that any used table saw you test out will have some flaws (or else why sell it?). You should therefore utilize the table saw’s flaws as bargaining chips. In other words, use the secondhand table saw’s flaws to negotiate a lower price.

Tip #5: Quality Over Brand

Understandably, many woodworkers would like to stick with the same brand and model of tools they’ve used in the past. It gives us confidence that the investment will be well worth it.

However, there may not be much to choose from if you’re in the market for a used table saw. So, if you’re only going to buy from a single manufacturer, you’re limiting yourself.

Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw

Furthermore, you are setting yourself up to receive a bad bargain because you will have less leverage and will be more inclined to agree to an expensive rate and negotiate badly due to your lesser options.

Tip #6: Make Sure You Have Checked All Your Options

Look around for the best deal you can find because doing this has various benefits. You may use it to determine the price you should offer for a secondhand table saw. 

To get the best price on a table saw, it helps to compare the prices of different models. No one likes to lose a transaction, so if you’ve been shopping around for a better deal on a table saw, make sure the seller knows about it.


How much is my old table saw worth?

A used table saw can be worth $100 to $200. If the used table saw is in good condition and it’s from a popular manufacturer, it can be worth $350 up to $1000. Prices of used table saw may vary depending on its size, condition, brand, value, and warranty.


Looking to pocket some extra change? Consider grabbing a secondhand table saw. A quick online hunt and you’ll stumble upon a bunch of options right around your corner. 

But hey, don’t forget to check its condition and see if it comes with any bonus parts. It’s like I always say: it’s in the details!

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