What is the Best Table Saw Under 300?
Affordable Options to Add to Your Workshop (2024)

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Regardless if you’re a new woodworker or a seasoned professional, owning a table saw has ample benefits like accurate cuts and faster operations. However, with a vast selection in the market, it’s easy to end up with one that’s not efficient and trigger a lengthy return process.  

So, I’ve personally reviewed and curated a selection of the best table saws under $300 to make it easier for you to find the ideal cutting tool for your project.

Best Overall
Goplus 10-inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw
Best Versatility
Genesis GTS10SB Table Saw
Goplus 10-inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw
Genesis GTS10SB Table Saw
The Goplus aluminum table top is one of the best table saws under the 300 dollar price point. This 10-inch jobsite table saw has a powerful motor and blade that can make bevel cuts suitable for smooth cutting, ripping, or slotting of hard materials
This all-rounder power tool is the best job site table saw for different kinds of woodworking projects, owing to its self-aligning rip fence system and heavy-duty metal stand.
Best Overall
Goplus 10-inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw
Goplus 10-inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw
The Goplus aluminum table top is one of the best table saws under the 300 dollar price point. This 10-inch jobsite table saw has a powerful motor and blade that can make bevel cuts suitable for smooth cutting, ripping, or slotting of hard materials
Best Versatility
Genesis GTS10SB Table Saw
Genesis GTS10SB Table Saw
This all-rounder power tool is the best job site table saw for different kinds of woodworking projects, owing to its self-aligning rip fence system and heavy-duty metal stand.

Reviews of the Best Table Saws Under 300

1. Goplus 10-inch Portable Job site Table Saw

Despite being affordable, this quality table saw comes a die-cast aluminum exterior and 36 tooth blade with a transparent modular guard system and riving knife that protects you from flying chips. 

Users can expect an uninterrupted operation with its powerful 15 amp motor engine and a huge rip capacity of 26 that delivers at a speed of 5000 RPM. This is enough to cut through most different types of wood. With a rip capacity of 26-inches, this portable tool can cut through larger wood material with less friction. 

The Goplus 10-inch Portable Table Saw under 300 also features an adjustable sliding miter gauge, push stick and a self-aligning railing system for precise cuts and stable cutting action. 

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2. Tacklife Table Saw

If we’re talking about easy to use power tools suited for new woodworkers, then top rated table saw Tacklife is a great one that our experts could recommend. 

Equipped with a reliable rip fence, these budget job site table saws ensure stable and accurate 4 inch thick cuts with 16.5-inch max and 31-1/2 inches ripping capacity. Users can also enjoy a clear line of sight during the operation because the Tacklife Table Saw includes a dust port that can be connected to the vacuum cleaner. 

One of the aspects I particularly like about this cast metal table saw is its impressive 4-inch thick cutting capacity, along with the ability to make 45-degree bevel cuts. The copper engine powering it can efficiently run at 4800 RPM, which is a notable feature. Additionally, the coated work surface is a welcome addition, reducing friction, and the solid cast aluminum table exterior adds to its durability.

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3. DEWALT DWE7485 Job site Table Saw

Although a bit over the budget, Dewalt 10 table saw offers maximum accuracy with its 24.5 inch max rip that could cut through 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets. With a few bucks more on Dewalt table saw, users can enjoy fast, smooth, and accurate cuts rip fence adjustments just like the Dewalt DW745 table saw 10 inch has slightly smaller blade. 

The Dewalt DWE7485 is specifically designed for easy to use transportation and storage just like the Dewalt DW745 10 inch table saw  they are both portable. With its guaranteed metal roll cage, this Dewalt table saw is sure to be your durable companion on any jobsite. 

Dewalt DWE7485 saw 10 inch also includes Site-Pro Modular Guarding System for tool-free adjustments. Equipped with onboard storage, you can easily access helpful features like blade guard 15 amp motor assembly, , non-through riving knives, and miter gauge.

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4. Rockwell Benchtop Table Saw RK7323

Although a table saw with folding saw stand is exceptionally enticing, this portable benchtop option beats every tool on this list when it comes to convenience. 

Thanks to its lightweight and compact folding stand design, the Rockwell Benchtop Table Saw RK7323 can be carried around the worksite without any hassle just like SKIL 3410 02. Despite the sized-down exterior, its circular saw blade has a no-load speed of 3000 RPM with an extra engine power to carry/handle different material types. 

I appreciate the convenience of tool-less circular saw blade adjustments on this saw. Moreover, it offers users a cleaner working environment with its built-in dirt port and storage feature.

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5. WORX WX572L BladeRunner x2 Portable Tabletop Saw

If you’re looking for a table saw blade that’s great for cross and rip cuts, then the heavy duty steel rip fence and riving knife system of the WORX WX572L BladeRunner X2 won’t let you down. 

This anti-friction tabletop tool is designed with a sturdy frame and less than 15 pounds weight, making it easier to transport and set-up. Aside from its straighter, longer, broader cuts, WORX’s table saw blade also operates at a speed of 3000 RPM and gets the work done in no time. 

Although it has a lot of promising capabilities, WORX WX572L Table Saw is one of the cutting tools I only suggest for small projects and DIY woodworkers.

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6. RYOBI RTS08 13 Amp 8-1/4 in. Table Saw

This lightweight beauty is a good table saw favored by beginners and professionals alike. Weighing a bit over 42 pounds, the RYOBI RTS08 is a portable saw that you could move around the shop easily. 

Integrated with a powerful 13-amp engine, this saw can run at a speed of 5600 RPM. Despite its small blade of 8 inches, it can cut through even the most rigid material out there and is capable of producing angled cuts.

Coming from a giant in the power tool industry with years of experience, it’s no wonder that this product, manufactured by the reputable brand Ryobi, found its place on my list of the best table saws under $300.

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7. Genesis GTS10SB Table Saw

When it comes to power tools with utmost versatility, Genesis GTS10SB is the best table saw under 300 dollars that you could find in the market. Ideal for DIY projects such as the DIY table saw workbench, this budget table saw comes in power-packed with a powerful 15 amp motor that cuts hardwoods without any hassle.

This 10-inch table saw under 300 is also suitable for an extensive jobsite for its extremely portable characteristics. During one of our tests and saw reviews, I’m deeply impressed with its anti-kickback pawls and saw blade guard 15 amp motor and 24 tooth carbide-tipped blade which is 10 inches that adds an extra layer of safety during the operation. 

You can also expect a speedy cutting action because this best budget table saw can operate at a speed of 4,800 RPM that can swiftly pierce through any pressure-treated lumber. 

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Table Saws Under 300 Buyer’s Guide


When it comes to a table saw pros and cons, some might say that design isn’t as important as functionality and features. But in reality, the design of portable table saws determines many aspects of its functions especially when you are using it for complex table saw wood projects. From its weight, foldable legs, to its work surface, you have to consider where and how you’ll be using these tools to be able to find the design that suits your needs. 

Some top rated table saws come with onboard storage, making it easier for you to access essential accessories during the operation. With these kinds of distinctive designs, you’ll be able to tell if the saw of your choice is worth buying.


The best budget table saws under 300 dollars come in different sizes. Depending on your project requirements, you can get a bigger or smaller option. If you’re working on a limited space, our experts recommend getting a compact tables saw. However, you also have to remember that the size of these tools can correlate to their material and performance capacity. 

If portability is a priority for you, I recommend opting for a lightweight table saw such as the Goplus or Genesis 10-inch models listed here. This will enable you to move the saw easily within your working area, ensuring convenient and efficient usage throughout your project.

Motor Power

Great motor power equates to a fast operation speed. Some top rated table saws in this list, like Goplus and Tacklife, showcase an impressive cutting rate comparable to higher-grade table saw on the market and costly options in the trade. 

Although picking up a machine with a powerful engine with a 3,850 rpm capacity and above can be exhilarating, I advise you to consider to find the best output you aim to achieve before proceeding to purchase any table saw.  

Despite the promised speed, it can result in inaccurate cuts if you’re not used to handling these different types of tools. When it comes to power tools, it’s best to select a product you can control rather than relying on its overwhelming features.

Additional motor features such as soft start and quick stop functions can extend engine life and result in better cutting performance and increased durability. 


Each saw offers a different blade size, which also determines the type of material a saw can handle. Most products I included in this review generally have 10-inch blades which are also ideal table saws for beginners. The only questions are, how deep does it cut? Can it achieve certain types of cuts that your project requires? Does it feature a tungsten carbide blade?

When testing the saw’s depth of cut and capacity, one must look closely at how smooth and accurate cuts the blade can pierce through the chosen material. Aside from bevel cutting and miter cuts, you must also test if they can do well in vertical cuts. 

Rip Capacity

One of the most crucial table saw features you have to look out for is the saw’s ripping capacity. This function will determine the accuracy of your measurements during the entire construction process. 

With an adjustable rip fence, you can slice through any material with no worries of inaccurate cuts. If you’re a woodworking beginner, I would advise you to get a tool with solid fence rails to ensure that you’re accurately guided when dealing with your wood. 

A saw with 24 inches ripping capacity and above are suitable for professional carpentry. But if you’re looking into using it for smaller projects, getting a 16-inch capacity isn’t a bad idea.


One of the primary purposes of any power tool is to increase accuracy. So if you’re looking for a good table saw, it’s best to go for a product with self-aligning fences like Goplus and Genesis. An adjustable sliding miter gauge is also an added factor if you’re looking into creating angled cuts and miter cuts for your wooden masterpiece. 

Safety Features

Despite great features, no one could deny the risks of dealing with an electric-powered saw. Thus, many manufacturers added safety features like blade guards and riving knives to ensure user protection during every cutting operation. 

Many products in this list are equipped with power switches as a safety feature. This allows users to prevent overheating and overloading. After all, a power tool is still an electronic device that requires electricity to operate.

Selecting a saw with a dust port would also be a delightful idea as this feature keeps your line of sight clear and prevents you from being exposed to flying sawdusts. If your saw does not have one, you can also opt to purchase topnotch table saw dust collection system listed here.

I’d like to emphasize the importance of considering a saw with a sturdy exterior when making your purchase. This precaution can help prevent any unwanted accidents down the line. Aside from that, make sure to wear protective gears like gloves and goggles when using an electric saw to add an extra layer of safety. 


As previously mentioned, if you’re planning to move the saw around your woodworking shop, getting a compact or lightweight table saws like WORX is an excellent choice. 

Although some of these may be limited in the type of material they can handle, these table saws will work perfectly, especially for small projects. 

Price and Warranty

The price of the saw you’re going to purchase can range from a hundred dollars to thousands, but I kept it short-range up to three hundred bucks in this list. 

Many will say that it’s better to get a costly power tool if the quality lasts for a long time, and that’s an opinion I can all agree with. But it’s important to take note that there are also affordable products out there that can still meet your woodworking requirements at the best value.  

And because these tools have electrical components that may need constant repair and maintenance, it will be helpful for you to purchase a product with a guaranteed warranty period [1].


What is the best affordable table saw?

The best affordable table saw is the Goplus Portable Table Saw. Equipped with an adjustable sliding miter gauge and a self-aligning railing system, users can expect precise and stable cutting power action with 5000 RPM speed operation. This cheap table saw also has an on/off switch that prevents any case of overheating and overloading.

My Top Pick For a Table Saw Under 300: Goplus 10-Inch Portable Table Saw

After going through each table saw under 300, I hailed the Goplus 10-Inch Portable Table Saw as the best table saw under 300 dollars. Owing to its 5000 RPM speed operation, this 10-inch tool can cut through various materials quickly. 

This tool’s impressive features, which showcased increased safety functions like a transparent guard and riving knife, also played a big part in winning our verdict. I can also guarantee that this best budget table saw would stand the test of time with its die-cast aluminum exterior design. 

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