In the average wood shop, the table saw is often the anchor of everything else. It is such a powerful and versatile tool that professional or beginner woodworkers tend to make their go-to tool for different projects. It can also be used for various DIY woodworking project ideas that catch your fancy. Here, our experts share with you a few table saw projects that you can try.

Table Saw Projects

Tools and Materials

Before getting right into your woodworking projects, you need to gather a few supplies first. Above all else, you need a high-quality table saw and the following items:

  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Miter saw
  • Nailer/nail gun
  • Drill
  • Screw gun
  • Workbench
  • Hand saws
  • Tape measure
  • Marking pencils

What is a Table Saw?

If you’re only just getting introduced to table saws and you are using one of the best table saw for beginners, you might not entirely understand its functions. A table saw is a woodworking tool with a circular saw blade. It is often in the space under a table’s surface. With the saw’s body conveniently placed under the table, the blade protrudes just above the surface. 

Then, using an electric motor, it runs and rips wood easily. Professional woodworkers and hobbyists often use this type of tool to make straighter and smoother cuts on long and small boards.

Table Saw Project Ideas

bird feeder

1. Bird feeder

Most of the time, a rustic bird feeder is a standard and simple woodworking project that many beginners love to build. With a solid set of woodworking plans, you can build one great bird feeder. If done right, the bird feeder will last multiple years, even after getting exposed to the weather.

When you build this project, you can install one plexiglass in the bird feeder to help you check on the seed levels. That way, you'll know when you give your winged friends a refill. Keep in mind that as you learn, it's best to build this DIY project from decay-resistant wood.

bread tray with handles

2. Bread tray

While you could simply find yourself a great bread tray from any of the shelves at the supermarket, you can also build one yourself. Besides, if you put in the effort, this could make an excellent gift for a friend.

For this DIY project, you'll want to build something that's double-layered. The first panel will be slated, and the second board at the bottom wouldn't be. That way, when you cut bread, you can let the crumbs fall to the second board. You can then dispose of them later in a neat fashion.

You'll also want your tray to have handles. And, of course, the lower panel should be removable for ease of cleaning. We know it's not very simple or easy for beginners to build this wooden project. But its one project that you'll love to spend time to learn and ultimately build.

wooden fruit boxes

3. A small/big box

This is just about the easiest and most useful table saw project anyone can make. All you're required to do is measure each wall accurately with tools like your tape measure. If you make one mistake with your dimensions, you'll have a set of unequal sides that will make the box less appealing.

Once you've got your dimensions right, you can simply cut and join the six slabs of wood together. That is the four sides, the top and the bottom. Once done, you can put any number of things inside, unlike a rack. You could also gift and share it to a friend, loved one or family member. Given how easy and simple its construction is, this project is perfect for beginners to practice their craft.

4. Wooden sofa sleeve cup holder

Have you ever noticed how useful those little cup holders in your car are? Well, you can create your own from wood for your sofa. With the right rustic woodworking plans, all you'll really need is to join three pieces of wood together.

Once that's done, cut a hole at the top to make room for your cup. If you like, you could give the hole a wooden bottom. That way, your sofa won't get soaked by perspiring glass. Remember that your dimensions must be as accurate as possible. This is important for your cup hole and soft arms.

under window bookcase at home

5. An under-window bookcase

In its most basic form, a bookcase is a sturdy open-faced cabinet/piece of furniture that can have rustic style. Those who create it often design it to support the weight of heavy books. For that reason, constructing it with a weaker piece of wood might not be the best idea. Depending on your level of skill, this might be a challenge or simply a breeze. Regardless, with the right information and woodworking plans, you should be able to get through and learn this DIY project with minimal effort.

Nevertheless, beginners can take the first step with a simple two-shelf bookcase made of plywood. This two-shelf DIY project shouldn't place too much strain on your limited skill. Once you're done, you can then trim the edges and each wall for a finished and clean look. If you'd like to take another challenge, you can make a set of these just for fun.

Safety Reminders

Power tools like table saws often have their safety measures in place. However, they’re still dangerous, with the potential to cause quite a bit of harm. This is very likely if you don’t utilize them properly. So, before you start working on your table saw woodworking projects, here are a few safety reminders.

Our team strongly recommends to protect your senses before you start your project. This means you should wear goggles to protect your eyes, dust mask to protect your nose, and appropriate hearing protection. Remember to always stand comfortably.

man in safety gear

As a general rule of thumb, your feet should be a few meters apart so that you can get a good balance. Another important reminder is to wear comfortable clothing. Anything that dangles or flows while cutting to make a rack like is a no-no.

While operating, use a push stick to cut wood for your rack and other wooden DIYs if your hands are getting too close to the blade. And make sure that your tabletop is made clean at all times before starting new work.

Do not wear gloves while getting the job done. For starters, it could lead to a loss of tactile sense. Apart from that, it could cause you to lose your grip while cutting to make a rack. Finally, if your glove is too loose, your blade could grab it while cutting.

man and a power tool

Lastly, position your body out of the blade’s line. That way, when you’re cutting to make a rack, among other things, the dust[1] wouldn’t be getting in your eyes directly.


Table saw projects can be fun and exciting. For beginners out there, it’s even more fun when you see it as something to challenge yourself. In this article, our team of experts have gone through five essential creative DIYs that we think would be great to do for a beginner or professional. If you’re up for challenging woodworking projects for leisure or business, you should definitely try these out.