Using Natural Woods in Your Home Renovation

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Ever since I can remember, wood has been a cherished material in home design, even well before we began documenting such choices. Now, as we’re deeply immersed in an age of mindfulness and ethical living, I find myself and many others gravitating back towards this sustainable resource more than ever.

Wondering how you can incorporate natural wood into your home renovation most effectively? I’ve gathered a few standout ideas, inspired by my peers at Property Solvers in the UK. Let me share them with you.


Hardwood flooring has never gone out of fashion. It looks wonderful, is easy to clean and maintain and will add significant value to almost any property.

If you have the budget for your next home renovation, why not buy in fresh boards of maple, oak, cherry or other hardwoods and have them professionally fitted for an elegant finish?

basement with hardwood flooring

From my experience, another option you might consider is exposing, sanding, treating, and sealing the existing floorboards on your own. Not only have I found this approach to be cost-effective, but with the right techniques, you can achieve a result that’s truly remarkable.


Wood panelling is back in a big way. The application of this decorative and somewhat insulating wall and ceiling cladding can be easy to achieve yourself with proper planning and preparation.

Shiplap is one of the most popular materials to use for this purpose, though you can find other planks, boards and battens in a range of different wood species to suit your tastes.


If you’re working on a tight budget, I’d recommend going for MDF. It’s a choice I’ve seen many turn to for cost-effective solutions.

Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

If you love a touch of the traditional or rustic in your kitchen, “butcher’s block” surfaces may be the perfect feature for you.

They’re commonly made of maple, teak, walnut or birch and end-grain cuts are utilised for extra strength. Not only do surfaces of this kind look wonderful, they also promise great longevity as most damage can be rectified with sanding and re-treating. Adds a great feature when it comes to selling up your property too.

Home Makeover

Why not opt for natural wood for your kitchen cabinets, too? They can be repainted over and over again whenever you need a change, and the material is entirely sustainable.


A new staircase is another great way to upgrade your property and increase its value.

Its elements – including newels and balusters – can be designed to look as decorative or as subtle as you require, and features like risers and infill can bring the look up to date with inline glass or stainless steel, or give a traditional feel with more wood or wrought iron.


When I’m advising on wood staircase installations, I’ve observed a vast array of options available. But in my professional experience, oak consistently stands out as one of the top choices.

Beams and Pillars

Whether functional and load-bearing or purely decorative, beams and pillars are a very popular design element that will suit a surprising range of interior looks.

They can be installed to complement a traditional cottage or farmhouse aesthetic, to bring elegant, natural lines to a Scandi theme or even to offer a refreshing contrast to sharp modern or minimalist design.


Again, oak is a highly popular material for features of this kind, but there is a wide range of options available.

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Faux or Laminate Alternatives

Even on a tight budget, I’ve found ways to introduce the rustic charm of natural wood into spaces. Over the years, I’ve seen laminate flooring and furniture manufacturing techniques advance significantly, yet their prices remain relatively affordable. From my perspective, these materials are not only durable but also straightforward to install and maintain without needing expert assistance.

hardwood flooring

It’s even possible to find sustainably produced products of this kind.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to bring wood into your design, from ornaments and tableware to hardware and furniture. The material is superbly versatile and will function perfectly and look beautiful for many years to come.

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Robert Johnson is a passionate furniture maker & carpenter, sought after for his knowledge on the craft.
You’ve probably seen his down-to-earth wisdom in USA Today, Bobvila, Family Handyman, and The Spruce, where he has shared commentary and guidance on various woodworking topics.

Robert is the brain behind Sawinery, where he aims to share tips, tricks, and a passion for all things carpentry.

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