Top Suppliers of Hardwood Lumber in Austin — Your Quick Guide

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Finding suppliers for hardwood lumber in Texas isn’t difficult, but finding reliable ones is. If you’re in the Austin area, our woodworking team has saved you time by doing the hard work for you. Below are 4 of the best hardwood lumber suppliers in your area.

Top Hardwood Lumber Suppliers in Austin

1. Austin Hardwoods


Austin Hardwoods has a very intuitive website with their domestic and exotic hardwood stock clearly labeled on the front page. You can choose from the likes of domestic ash and aspen to exotic limba and palm. 

There is also plywood and sheet stock available if you need them, with woodworking tools and even milling services.

2. Fine Lumber

fine lumber

Fine Lumber is another supplier of hardwood lumber in Austin that offers superior customer service and lumber availability. You can find moldings, along with both hardwoods and softwoods such as pineand even specialty panels.

Whatever you need, Fine Lumber can accommodate with custom molding services, hardwood laminations, cut-to-specification panels, and more.

3. TimberTown Austin

timber town

TimberTown has locations in both Austin and Atlanta and has quickly become one of the most reliable suppliers in both cities. Although the company was only established in 2006 that is still younger than other suppliers, their giving-back initiative along with ensuring sustainability has quickly catapulted their fame.

Purchasing any product like a 5/4 lumber from them will give back to military families in the community and TimberTown Austin makes sure to go to the source to obtain their materials. 

4. Harvest Lumber Co

harvest lumber co

Harvest Lumber Co is a sustainable sawmill that makes use of fallen trees in the Austin area. They make a point to harvest locally felled trees and repurpose them into lumber for all types of woodworking projects for experts and beginners.

You can find live edge slabs, end grain disks, small offcuts, woodworking supplies, and plenty of free advice from warm and friendly customer service representatives. Sizes like 4/4 lumber are also available here. 


Looking for suppliers of hardwood lumber in Austin [1] isn’t difficult if you know where to look. Follow our list above for trusted and reliable sources. 

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