Who Makes Ryobi Chainsaws and Where are They Made?

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Chainsaw shopping can get super frustrating if you do not know who and where they are making them. And if you purchase based on intuition, you may end up with a lousy product. 

So, if you still don’t know who makes Ryobi chainsaws, you’ve come to the right place! 

Who are the Manufacturers of Ryobi Chainsaws?

Ryobi chainsaws are made by Hongkong-based Techtronic Industries Company Limited, also known as TTI. This company owns a number of industrial brands which include Milwaukee and Homelite.

Ryobi’s origin dates back to 1943 in Hiroshima, Japan, when it was called Ryobi Seisakusho Company Limited. The first offers of the company back then were die-cast products

Ryobi manufacturing facility

Before, it manufactures products in the United States (from the early 1980s and early 1990s), but the components are now mainly manufactured in China.

The lineup of Ryobi chainsaws today offers a variety of features and options to accommodate jobs of all forms and sizes. Today, they are known for their high-capacity electric and gas machinery and equipment production that cater to the demands of home and professional projects.

Where are Ryobi Chainsaws Made?

Shelbyville, Indiana, is home to the Ryobi manufacturing plant.

They are currently headquartered in Hong Kong. As of writing, Ryobi products are sold in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

person operating a Ryobi chainsaw

Ryobi is particularly known for their lightweight and user-friendly equipment with high power compared to its industry averages. Their gas chainsaws are also their top offers. In either case, Ryobi offers a wide range of high-powered, heat-resistant chainsaw machines.

Types of Ryobi Chainsaw Models in the Market

Ryobi currently sells 10+ models of chainsaws, ranging from gas, electric, and battery-powered chainsaws. 

A popular choice for “DIYers” and homeowners are their battery-powered chainsaws. They are a top choice due to their ‘one battery fits all’ marketing, which means that Ryobi’s power tool batteries can be interchanged. Users can easily identify their products because of their unique green and black combination that is a signature from the brand.

Best-Selling Ryobi Chainsaws

1. Ryobi P546 10-Inch Chainsaw

Ryobi P546 10-Inch Chainsaw



2. Ryobi 18-Inch 38cc Gas Chainsaw

Ryobi 18-Inch 38cc Gas Chainsaw



3. Ryobi P547 14 in. Cordless Chainsaw Kit

Ryobi P547 14 in. Cordless Chainsaw Kit



Is Ryobi a Good Brand of Chainsaw?

Now that you know who makes Ryobi chainsaws let’s dive in deeper if Ryobi is indeed a good brand of chainsaw.

Ryobi has always been known for producing high-quality chainsaws within the affordable side of the price spectrum. Ryobi can offer you a chainsaw for as little as $190 with a three-year warranty. 

Ryobi chainsaw

That said, Ryobi is ideal for those on a tighter budget. While they may be on the same level with other companies in terms of heavy-duty chainsaws, they still product relatively reliably and chainsaws worth considering for light to moderate cutting tasks.

For our pro woodworkers, the only downside to Ryobi chainsaws is the difficulty to find parts.


Are Ryobi chainsaws covered by warranty?

All Ryobi products have a standard warranty period [1]; however, consumers must register online to receive the free extended warranty. The extended warranty comes at no cost to the consumer. Consumers are not required to register any products to receive the standard warranty period.

How long do Ryobi chainsaws last?

Ryobi chainsaws can last up to 3 years with light use and good maintenance.

Are Ryobi chainsaws safe?

Despite the high vibration, Ryobi chainsaws are self-contained. Furthermore, they have all the safety features that a chainsaw should have to make you feel safe. 


Ryobi has done an excellent job with their current chainsaw lineup. They also sell a variety of gardening-related home items in addition to chainsaws.

Our team hopes that the information we’ve gathered can help you find the Ryobi chainsaw that is suitable to your requirements and makes your job easier.

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