All You Should Know About Saws

Saws are some of the most important products, millions of people use across the planet. They have numerous applications, they are practical, and all of them can be dangerous, due to the fact they can cause severe injuries. On the other side, if you use them properly and with care, injuries won’t happen. The first thing you should know is that there are a lot of different saws and they are made according to their main application. The types are: table, chain, miter, band, scroll, reciprocating and circular.

Best Chain Saw

This type of saws is the most popular and most commonly used type due to the fact most people use it on daily basis. They are used for cutting woods, so you can usually find them in the forests. On the other side, they are used for wood-related jobs, so if you are a woodworker, you are going to need a chainsaw. In addition, thy have been among us for decades, and they are constantly improved, so it is recommended to get the latest model, simply because it is the lightest and it has the most features. The newer products are much most safer than the old ones.

Chains saws use two stroke engine in order to move chain around the chain sword. Most of them can reach 12.000 RPM, so they can cut through wood without a problem. The most popular and best-known brands are Husqvarna, Jonsered and Stihl. However, we should mention Echo, Sachs, Makita and Villager. At the moment, the bestselling chain saws are Husqvarna 440E, Echo CS-590, Husqvarna 952802154 and Jonsered CS2255.

Best Table Saw

Table saws are used by wood workers across the planet for decades. They have a round blade that is capable of cutting through the hardest woods. Keep in mind that these saws are dangerous as well and they can cause severe injuries. The latest models have been improved with better safety features and they are energy efficient. Almost all models run on the electricity, so these saws are not portable. In essence, they look like a table with a sharp round blade in the middle. More expensive models have better precision and they are used by professionals.

The best manufacturers in this field are: Dewalt, Skil, Sawestop and Bosch. The best selling models, at this moment are: SKIL 3410-02, DEWALT DWE7491RS, Sawstop CNS175 and SawStop PCS31230.

Best Miter Saw

Miter saws are used occasionally, due to the fact they have been designed for specific applications. Miter saws use round blade to cut through plastic, metal, tiles and etc. In most cases, they are used for precise cuts and they are usually used in constructions business. On the other side, they are not commonly used for wood. Almost all of them are powered by the electricity but there are some rare models that use smaller engines.

The best manufacturers of these saws are: Dewalt, Hitachi, Wen, True Power. At this moment, the best-selling products are: Hitachi C10FCE2, DEWALT DWS709, Bosch GCM12SD and WEN 70716.

Keep in mind that these saws require different blades in order to cut through different materials. If you don’t replace the blade, the cut won’t be well done and you can cause a malfunction.

Best Band Saw

Band saws are commonly used in wood-related jobs, but there are some models that have been designed for metal-related jobs. In any case, these saws are powerful tools with sharp blades that have big ‘’teeth’’. Due to the fact the blade is flexible, these saws are used for cutting curves and irregular shapes. All of them are powered by the electricity. In addition, these saws are very dangerous and they must be used with safety equipment.

The best manufacturers in this case are: Powertech, Skil, Dewalt and Jet. The best-selling products are: DEWALT DCS371B, JET 414459 and DEWALT DCS371M1.

In addition, the size, design and construction of these saws may vary and it depends on the main purpose of the saw.

Best Scroll Saw

Scroll saws have been used by wood workers for many years. The main application of them is to cut shapes where other saws don’t have access. This also means that they are not commonly used, but they are mandatory addition in most jobs. These saws are commonly powered by the electricity, but there are some models that are pedal powered.

As usually, the top manufacturers are: Dewalt, Rockwell, Shop Fox and Dremel. The most commonly chosen products of this type are:  Rockwell RK7323, DEWALT DW788 and WEN 3920.

Best Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws are very similar to jigsaws, due to the fact they have similar blades. They are commonly used in the construction business and for hard to reach areas. At the same time, these are the safest saws, due to the fact workers don’t usually get in touch with the blade. The size depends on the main application of the product, but all of them have similar dimensions and they are small.

The best manufacturers for these type of saws are: Milwaukee, Dewalt and Makita. The best selling and the most commonly chosen products are: Milwaukee 2720, DEWALT DWE304, DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS380B and Makita XRJ03Z.

Keep in mind that these saws are not a mandatory tool for most jobs, simply because the job can be done without them. On the other side, they can be more than useful and they are recommended addition, especially if you have constriction or demolition related job.

Best Circular Saw

These are small and portable saws that use a round blade to cut through different materials. In fact, they can cut almost anything but the blade should be replaced, due to the fact different materials require different blades. In any case, these are electric and portable power tools that are commonly used in hundreds professions. Some models are powered by two stroke engines, but these models are heavier and less practical than those powered by the electricity.

Rockwell, Skil and Dewalt are the best known manufacturers of these saws. The bets models are: Rockwell RK3440K, SKIL 5280-01 and Black & Decker BDCMTTS.

These saws are treated as some of the most affordable saws on the market, due to the fact they have simple design and they are small.