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What is Bandsaw and what it’s used for

A band saw is a powerful tool with a long, sharp blade that features a series of metal teeth that are distributed between at least two wheels. The two wheels rotate in the same plane, but sometimes there are more, depending on the model. Most of these saws have an electric motor that powers them. There are line shaft bandsaws that were once popular, but they are no longer manufactured.

Bandsaw Types

Portable Bandsaws

There are also portable cordless bandsaws that can be very useful because they offer a high level of maneuverability. They use rechargeable batteries, so you can only use them for a certain amount of time before charging is required. One of the drawbacks of these models is that they tend to be less powerful than traditional corded bandsaws. They are usually used for cutting wood and plastic, though some can also cut through metal.

Automated Bandsaws

Automated bandsaws always have a preset feed rate, fall, return, and other settings. They are typically used in the production industry because of their incredibly efficient design. The person operating the saw doesn’t have to constantly adjust these settings for each user, which saves a lot of time.

Metal Bandsaws

Metal bandsaws are ideal if you need to cut through metal. These saws can have a vertical or horizontal style. If you need to do any contour fitting, polishing or filing, a vertical bandsaw is the best option you have. While it’s true that these bandsaws tend to be higher-maintenance machines, they do offer several great features.

These bandsaws use a coolant to ensure that the blades do not get too hot. The brush wheels prevent metal chips from getting into the blade, which can affect overall performance. One of the best things about these top bandsaws is that they can cut through many different materials. They are great for cutting pipes, filing, polishing, cutting metal stock, and even creating new blades.

Wood Bandsaws

There are plenty of bandsaws that are specifically designed to cut wood. The blades are set on a continuous loop of metal teeth, which is ideal for cutting through the timber. As discussed above, there are different kinds. Some of these bandsaws are smaller while others are much bigger.

Meat Bandsaws

Meat bandsaws tend to be made of stainless steel and used for professional purposes. A lot of farmers and businesses involved in manufacturing food use these power saws. They can be very dangerous and cause several injuries each year. Many of them have additional features like mincers and spouts that can make sausage.

Horizontal Bandsaws

Horizontal bandsaws are good for cutting basic shapes and straight lines. They hold the material completely stationary while the blade goes down through the cut. One of the best things about these models is that they tend to operate very quietly. They are also great for precision cutting. You can easily cut through wood, metal, and plastic with them.

Vertical Bandsaws

A vertical bandsaw is a good option for when you need to cut intricate shapes as opposed to just straight lines. They have a great cutting capacity with the ability to work extremely fast. Some of these saws have built-in welders, which are used for creating new places. You can also use this feature for repairing older blades that have become damaged over years of regular use. This is one of the most versatile bandsaw options available because of everything they can do.

Head saw

These types of saws are larger than any other band saws which are responsible for making the first cut in a long.


The main duty of the resaws is to cut the stock into smaller sections which are generally going against the timber grain.

Double cut saws

The double-cut saws are having the blades on both sides to cut the wood materials.

What are Bandsaws Used for?


Bandsaws are typically used in woodworking, both in private residences and commercial businesses. A lot of schools with woodworking shops feature these machines because they are a standard tool used in doing this type of work.

Cutting Meat

These saws are also sometimes using for cutting meat. Models that are designed to cut meat have a completely stainless steel construction. These saws are very easy to clean and maintain, typically lasting a long time. They also tend to have ultra-fine teeth with heat-treated tips.

Light Industry

A lot of workshops in the light industry have bandsaws for cutting a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood. A majority of bandsaws that are used for residential purposes have vertically mounted designs with either a cabinet stand or bench.

Metal Fabrication

It is also fairly common for businesses that are involved in metal fabrication to have bandsaws because of how well they work for this purpose. These models typically have a horizontal design and are very powerful. They can be used to cut through pipe and other materials.

Timber Cutting

Bandsaws have been frequently used in the timber industry as well for quite some time now. They are used to rip apart lumber and are generally superior to circular saws because they can handle wider materials much easier. Some portable sawmills are made up of a bandsaw mounted on a guiding table. The main benefit of these saws is that they can be used rather easily by just one or two people wherever they are needed.

Full-size sawmills have blades that are mounted on wheels with a large diameter, but they have to be serviced on a regular or semi-regular basis by professionals.

Bandsaw Blades

It is important that you know how to choose the right blades for your bandsaw. The more you know about how to do this, the easier it will be to work efficiently.

If you are going to be cutting tight curves, a 1/8 or 3/16 inch 10 to 14 TPI standard tooth place is acceptable. If you are ripping or crosscutting, you should use a ½ 3 TPI hook-tooth or standard blade. Resawing typically requires a wide 3 TPI variable tooth blade.

While it is possible to make a majority of cuts using just one blade, you want to explore the other options you have. This can help you get your work done with minimal effort and the best possible results.

Maintenance of various parts

The preventive or preliminary band saw maintenance can increases the band saw blade life. A well-maintained band saw machine helps in making the quality, efficient cuts and it will increase the safety of the workers. So that the maintenance process of the band saw is most important.

  • Maintaining the blade
  • Maintain the tooth of the blade
  • Maintain the chip brushes
  • Maintaining the parts with a proper lubricants
  • Maintaining the tables which the band saw is placed

Maintaining the band saw blade

The band saws blade life can be reduced because of the worn-out blade guides, which maybe lead to the breakage of the band saw. Whereas this may cost you a lot while buying more blades, not doing so can cause potential danger.
The space within the guides also needs to be maintained, as a back reason of the friction, space may widen running you the risk of the blades moving out of the place. And also there are higher options of the blade being broken in the cutting process.

Maintaining the tooth of the blade

One main thing which shows the performance of the band saw is the sharpness of the saw blade and the number of teeth available in the blade. When you have the number of blade tooth then it will give you a very fast and clear-cutting on your wood material.
When you cut the very hardwood material by using your band saw, then the tooth may bend or broken or lost its sharpness. To avoid this problem, you need to maintain it properly.

Maintain the band saw chip brushes

Even though the chip brushes are small in size they play a very vital role in maintaining the blade life as well as other components. And also even though the chip brush is many times overlooked due to its small size, you can save a lot of money by maintaining this part properly.

Maintain the parts with proper lubricants

The lubricant which you use for your band saws parts takes an important role in maintaining it. So that Never use water as a lubricant on band saw blades or any other blades, for that matter, water is not a lubricant. It can rust and damage the body and gullets of the bandsaw blade as well as the material being cut.
There are many branded lubricants available in the market which are specially made up for lubricate the blades, bits and cutting tools in the band saws. You need to use a proper lubricant to maintain your band saw properly.

Maintaining the tables which the band saw is placed

Generally, the band saws are fixed on the top of the bench or table to make the work of carpenter easy. Even though you fix the band saw on the tabletop perfectly, after a frequent uses of the band saw, then it will lose its fitness level on the tabletop by loosing its screws and once the fitness level decreases than when you operate the band saw it will get vibrate, so that proper maintenance is needed for the band saws table also.


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