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Greenworks 16-inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw Review

From Greenworks, this 16-inch cordless saw rips through everything you can throw at it. It comes in a bright lime green appearance, keeping true to the name Greenworks. There are several different options available when you place an order. You can get this saw with a 16V battery, with a 14V battery or with no battery. Most customers from our experience prefer to go with the 16V battery included. The main selling point from Greenworks is the torque and the power included in this saw. It’s also one of the highest-rated chainsaws on Amazon, see why in our Greenworks 16-inch 40V Review below.


The simplistic design of this chainsaw makes it easy to handle and it’s easy to hold as well. It’s relatively lightweight and the position of the safety bar makes this saw easy to navigate around whatever you’re cutting. There’s a side grip bar and a grip bar right over the top of the motor with a safety guard right in front of the bar. If anything flies up, it will be caught and most debris is deflected as well. The logo and the specifications are printed right on the blade for an easy reference point and reminder. Handles and buttons are in an easy to reach position.

There’s more for you if you’re looking for advanced electrical chainsaws.


  • Safety is one of Greenwork’s #1 concerns and this chainsaw is loaded with safety features, such as the low kickback chain and the chain brake, for when you need to stop the chainsaw in the event of an emergency and this also prevents the chainsaw from jumping on you in the middle of a cut
  • The motor was built and designed to make sure you get far fewer kick-backs with this saw and you’ll get nearly 70% fewer vibrations than you would from other chainsaws of the same price range thanks to the brushless motor
  • The oil tank is translucent and the motor also gives you 30% more torque of pure performance and power, so even those most stubborn branches or trees will go down a lot quicker
  • It was also made for maximum compatibility with other tools, such as the G-Max 40V Li-Ion system and other tools according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Thanks to the high-quality of the construction of this chainsaw, you get far more performance and longevity with minimal wear and tear over a long period of use
  • Completely cordless, so you don’t have to mess around with an extension cord and you won’t have to worry about managing an annoying cord in your way while cutting
  • Can last up to 100 cuts if the saw has been fully charged on a 4AH battery, which is far above what some other competitors can do

Pros & Cons


  • When compared to the gas model, you’ll get 70% less vibration with Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, which greatly benefits your hands and allows for a steadier cut as you go
  • A safety chain brake allows for maximum safety, which will prevent all kick-backs from the blade and you’ll be protected in the event of an accidental kick-back for any reason
  • Allows you to easily get up to 100 cuts with a fully charged battery and it’s guaranteed to last that long according to Greenworks
  • Easy to hold, not heavy and the handlebar is rather large so you can find a position that’s most comfortable for you when you’re holding it. (Need something that’s also lightweight but electric? Check out our Remington RM1425 review)
  • The brushless motor delivers a powerful performance with the 30% torque increase and allows for easy cutting, regardless of how thick or stubborn those branches you want to get rid of are
  • The chain is ridiculously powerful and makes you look like a pro when you need to cut through even the thickest trees, no reviewer has had any trouble cutting with this saw


  • When you’re done using this saw, you need to remember to drain the oil because leftover oil can tend to leak when it’s not in use


Q: I’ve read about some people having an issue with the battery life, what’s up with that?
A: While early models of this chainsaw may have had some battery issues, the issue has since been rectified. If you have any problem with the battery life or feel that something is wrong with the hardware, you can simply return it to Greenworks as their customer support has seen nothing but praise from reviewers.

Q: How come the manual says to only charge the battery every couple of months? Why can’t I just leave the battery on the charger all the time?
A: This isn’t recommended because charging the battery all the time can damage the battery and your battery life won’t be nearly as long if you do this. This is because overcharging can damage the overall lifespan of a battery and you won’t see as much effectiveness out of the saw if you do this.

Q: I just received this saw but I can’t get the chain to cut
A: Make sure that your chain is tightened on tight, which is something that’s not done before shipping out the saw. You need to make sure that the runners on the bottom of the saw are on there snug and tight.


The Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw is great for multi-use and one of the most highly praised chainsaws on the market right now, as we’ve already mentioned in our top chainsaws list. Whether you need to cut down some limbs, you need to get rid of some trees in your yard or you just want a general use chainsaw, this is the best generic chainsaw we can recommend. It’s powerful, lightweight, lasts a long time if used correctly and is backed by a great company.

Greenworks has been nothing but pleasant and the 16” battery is included with your purchase if that’s the package you select. You can also select to buy the package that doesn’t come with a battery to save a bit of money but it’s more than worth it in our opinion to get the 16” battery because it lasts for up to 100 cuts when charged.

Greenworks 16-inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 16-inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw Review
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