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Various types of small chainsaw with a pole

The chainsaw which are designed with a pole are normally light weighted and small in size. So that these kind of saw are more comfortable for the users who are choosing the chainsaw for your daily work. If you want to choose a chainsaw right away, check our reviews: https://www.sawinery.net/best-chainsaw/
Mostly the chainsaws which are chosen for doing the home works are, only small in size. So that the pole saws are perfectly suitable for these kind of works. There are many types of pole chainsaws are available in the market.

Pole Chainsaw Types

  • Cordless pole saws.
  • Electric pole saws
  • Gas-powered pole saws

Cordless Pole saws:

The cordless pole saws are powered by a rechargeable batteries which will not last about even an hour. It is better to select a small chainsaw model with a lithium-ion battery instead of Ni-cad battery.

Because the lithium-ion batteries offers you a better performance than other batteries and it will give you a longer life. In addition to this, the performance of this batteries will not suffer as the battery loses its charging power.

Electric pole saws:

The electric pole saws are famous because of the user just not plug it into an extension cord and they are trimming trees. This kind of pole saws are mainly designed for doing a small trimming works and comes with a blade of 6” to 10”.
The electric motor does not requires a maintenance process to keep the pole saw running good level.

Gas powered pole saws:

The gas powered pole saws model provide the pinnacle of the performance and the power in the pole saw category. The gas powered pole saws are comes with a shaft up to 9”.These kind of pole saws are designed with more heavy duty bars and chains than their electric counterparts to cut the bigger stuff.

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