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Key features to look for in a Circular Saw

What Is A Circular Saw?

The saw is usually a portable one handed saw (like the old worm-drive circular saw). In fact, circular saws are popular amongst carpenters, home builders, and gardeners. As its name suggests, the moves in circles while cutting things with its abrasive disc or blade.

Circular saws are ideal for straight cutting wood, plastic and small sheets of paper. The saw is designed to make a single cut through the material.

Electricity is the main source of power for circular saws. Alternatively, some tools are powered via battery. There are a wide variety types of circular saws such as the cold saw, abrasive saw, sally saw, and concrete saw.

Circular Saw Key Features

  • Used for cutting smaller stuff.
  • Angle stop indicator that stops the blade when needed.
  • It has electric brake that stop the motors in two seconds.
  • Simple learning tool for beginners.

You need a circular saw that can effectively cut without hazards. Because of this, it’s important that you invest in a high quality saw. Low-quality saws have low durability and tend to become safety hazards due to chipping or lack of safety guards that are great for your hands, which last through long term usage. Save yourself the hassle by getting the right circular saw the first time.

Bandsaw vs. Circular Saw

While practically the same, bandsaws and circular saws are completely different in function and design. Bandsaws are less mobile and tend to stay in one area. Circular saws are more compact and can be carried in one hand and option for left or right-handed design. Despite their differences, both of those power tools is a great asset to your workshop if utilized correctly.

If you’re a beginner who wants to make professional cuts, then there’s no other option than the saw blade. Circular saws are suitable for woodworkers, masons, and building constructors. If you fit any of these roles, a circular saw reduces the time required to finish your job.

No matter the situation, you need to look for circular saw that matches your personal preferences. There are two different forms of circular saws. Cordless circular saws, and corded circular saws. If you frequently move around your workspace and got a lot of tools like other saws and drills, then you will need cordless ones and won’t be bothered with cords.

Corded saws get power through an electric connection. Mainly, you should consider buying a circular saw if you need a power-filled handheld power tool to aid your working purposes that offers mobility.

Circular saw is a great tool if you’re a professional and own a shop where frequent cutting is mandatory. For higher output production, you ought to have a circular or bandsaw. Circular saws cut through tough stuff such as metal and tiles with accuracy and speed. It is also more comfortable, even for left handed people. Some even feature LED lights for safer work space. If you’re planning on making irregular and round cuts, a smaller circular saw is your best bet.

Key Features to Look For

Remember, each circular saw comes with a different set of qualities to accommodate for different tasks. Read this short section and deem the points as clear guides to see which key features are suitable for your situation.

When buying circular saws, have a list of what’s most important to you such as Left or Right-handedness of the Saw. Usually, the left biased saws are easier to handle with the right hand. Amps or Blade Capacity can also make a huge difference, plus other added attributes like LED lights and onboard blade wrench. After deciding, purchase one of the five products on this review that suits your needs the most. Doing this ensures that you’ll gain the right saw and finish your job with professional results.

Blade Capacity
This determines the highest cutting capacity of a cut the saw can get. As a rule of thumb, the larger the blade, the deeper the saw cuts through thick things. You’ll usually see circular saw models with a blade measurement of 7 ½ inches.

Most blades with a diameter of 6 inches or more can cut 2inches of at a 45-degree. A blade of 5 3/8 inch can cut through 2-dimensional in one pass at 90 degrees. However, it will take two passes if laid at a 45-degree.

Electric Brakes
This feature reverses the electricity flow in the saw’s motor once the trigger is pressed. They reverse the current and quickly stops the blade’s momentum. On average, electric brake can fully stop a machine within 3 seconds; this is faster than a blade without this.

Amps are measured in corded saws while power is measured on cordless saws. Having a high quantity of amps and power increases the cutting efficiency of the blade. When buying your first circular saw, make sure it has an adequate amount of amps for the job at hand.

Shaft-Locks and Spindles
Spindles and locks make it less challenging to change the type of blades. The lock stops and immobilizes the blades and shafts, allowing you to remove and install a new blade securely.

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