Tacklife PMS03A Review

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If you’re in search of a reliable and high-quality miter saw, Tacklife’s PMS03A is an excellent choice. It is crafted with well-built components that ensure expert-level performance. To delve deeper into the features and capabilities of this exceptional miter saw, we invite you to read our comprehensive review below.

What We Like

What We Don't Like

From Tacklife, this is one of the cleanest miter saws we’ve seen on the market.

The PMS03A looks fresh, has that nice metallic look and its professional quality. The price isn’t too bad considering all the features it has and all the safety tactics it makes sure to employ when you’re doing a cut.

There’s safety locking for anything that might go wrong and prevent any form of miter saw injuries, there’s the lower position of the cutting area and this miter saw comes with a professional-grade laser.

This means, your cuts will be as smooth and as precise as they can be without sacrificing quality.


The swivel arm of this saw allows the miter saw to cut 45-degree angles from both sides. Props to the engineers who designed this product and allows the arm to have a lot of wiggle room when it’s in use.

There’s not much in the way of the arm and the blade guard is well done as well. There’s clear instructions on the machine and a lot of areas for you to grip to ensure you’re carefully guiding the saw in. The double bevels also ensure that you’re getting the most out of your cuts and the machine’s function.


  • The Tacklife PMS03A saw offers far more flexibility in terms of wide cutting and what you can do with it because of how open the saw’s base flooring is and how flexible the saw itself is with wide-angle cuts and turns
  • When you need power, say no more than 3,800 rpm for when you need efficient miter cuts on the most stubborn wood and if you need them clean, you’ll find no cleaner crosscuts than you will with this saw
  • There are two bevels included with this saw which is rare and not a feature we see included a lot so that’s pretty impressive and a reason in itself if you do a lot of complicated cuts that are hard to do with other kinds of saws
  • The cutting performance in this saw is par none to any other saw such as DWS779 or DWS780, with precision, you can angle the blade left or right and get a nice smooth 45-degree cut which leaves no scratch marks, no dust and smooths out the edges for a clean cut
  • This saw is also loaded with safety features such as the loading area and where the lock position is, so if anything were to go wrong or you need to switch this saw off in a hurry, you can easily do so and you won’t have to worry about a safety hazard in your workshop


What’s the weight of this saw?

Surprisingly to us, the weight of this saw is only 30 pounds, which makes it really easy to pick up, and move from location to location. We’re really glad this thing is portable because it looks like it’s made out of all heavy aluminum metal but it’s not that heavy at all.

What’s the voltage of the saw?

According to the manufacturer, the official voltage is only 120 volts which isn’t too much and is more than enough to get any kind of cut job done. The wattage is 1700W which is pretty moderate but could be seen on the high side when it comes to reliable miter saws.

What angles can I cut at?

You can cut from 45 degrees to -45 degrees and the blade comes stationary at 0 degrees for your convenience. You can easily change the degrees with the built-in dial and it’ll tell you exactly how many degrees you’re at.

Tacklife PMS03A Review Conclusion

While there’s not a lot of reviews readily available for the Tacklife PMS03A, we can assure you that you won’t go wrong with it and it’s pretty great to have in your arsenal.

It has a lot of well-detailed features that are missing from other modern-day miter saws,. It also has the unique capability of doing double bevel cuts which aren’t something we’re used to seeing.

Overall, we think it’s a good saw. The price might be slightly high for what’s being offered but it’s not too expensive and we would say that generally, it’s worth the purchase.

The ergonomic design is nice, it’s easy on the hands, it’s easy to clean up after and we have no real major complaints to list about this saw. If you need an efficient and powerful miter saw that’s lightweight, then this is your saw.

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