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Corded or Cordless Reciprocating Saws

As same like the all other kind of cutting saws, the reciprocating saws also have different types and models based on the size of the saw, purpose of the saw, power consumption of the saw, corded saws, cordless saws and more.

As different from the any other type of saws, which are used primarily to make a precise cuts, the reciprocating saws are often used for getting a rough cuts or demolition. This kind of saws will deliver you a lot of power to the blade and fastly cuts via the materials like metal, masonry, wood, plaster, fiberglass, stucco, composites and drywall.

Two Main Types of Reciprocating Saws

Corded reciprocating saws

The corded models of reciprocating saws are give you more power for giving you a heavy-duty and unlimited cuts on run times. Some of the points about the corded reciprocating saws are listed below,

  • This kind of reciprocating saws don’t have a battery and usually weigh less than cordless models.
  • This kind of reciprocating saws will have The power cord may hinder maneuverability and can possibly be cut during operation.
  • This kind of reciprocating saws will have A flexible rubber cord is more convenient than a plastic cord.
  • If this kind of reciprocating saws are working overhead, use a lightweight saw to reduce fatigue.

Cordless reciprocating saws

This type of reciprocating saw models are used to get a freedom of movements in your wood material in which you are going to work with. Some of the points about the cordless reciprocating saws are listed below,

  • The cordless reciprocating saws will Weight more than corded models.
  • This type of saws will Require charging between uses.
  • This kind of reciprocating saw Models with lithium-ion batteries have extended battery life and run times than standard batteries.

General tips about picking the right type of reciprocating saw

You need to select the correct reciprocating saw, from the options such as orbital option, lighted plugs or anti-vibration technology to customize your saw to meet your exact needs.

Check our recip saws comparison:

The reciprocating saws are having an adjustable shoes to enhance the stability and depth of cut to control for easy and tools with less adjustments. This option permits you for getting a clear visibility of the blade and cut line in any position.

This types of saws comes with a bag or case which protects the saw and accessories during travel and storage. Hard cases provide maximum protection. You need to select one that accommodates the maximum length blade you will use.

The orbital action in this saws will enables blade to move up and down word direction in addition to back and forth, creating a more aggressive cutting action for faster cuts. Cutting speed does not slow drastically when the saw is upside down in orbital action mode.

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