Generally, the scroll saw is one of the equipments which is used to cut or shape the wood materials. It needs better support to work fast and accurate so we can use the scroll stand. With the help of the scroll stand, you can able to fix your scroll saw perfectly. Surely, the stand provides strong support while you cutting the wood with your saw.

Do you want to know about the popular scroll stands in the market? If yes, then this is the exact place for you. Here, we discuss the 11 best scroll saw stands.


  • 1. Jet 727200K Scroll Saw with Stand
  • 2. Dremel MS20-01
  • 3. WEN 3920
  • 4. DEWALT DW788
  • 5. Shop Fox W1713
  • 6. Craftsman 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw
  • 7. King Industrial 16-inch Scroll Saw
  • 8. ShopSeries RK7315
  • 9. Delta Power Tools 40-694
  • 10. SKIL 3335-07
  • 11. DEWALT DW7880 scroll saw stand
  • 12. Shop Fox D2056 saw table
  • 13. Vintage Delta jigsaw scroll saw stand
  • 14. Universal stand Grinder Lathe Mitre Scroll Saw Stand

Are you looking for the quality scroll saw table? If yes, then grab this Shop Fox D2055 saw table. It can able to carry more than 500 pounds of weight easily. The legs are made using the strong metal so it provides high stability.

The ideal design of this stands support mobility with the help of the roller wheels. It is light in weight so you can transport it easily wherever you would like. Moreover, you can easily adjust the feet of the stands. When it comes to the price of the stands is absolutely low so it is suitable for your budget.

Some of the various tools that you can use this table as a resting place for includes:

  • Drill Presses
  • Chop Saws
  • Planers
  • Bandsaws
  • Scroll Saws

There is arch support going across the braces of this table, which allows it to be able to hold up items that weigh up to 700lbs.

Stable Work Surface

A work surface that is stable is what describes the Shop Fox D2056 saw table. Yet although this table is very stable and is able to hold the 700 lbs. in weight, it is also light to carry, which makes it easy to transport or move around from one place to the next.


This DEWALT DW7880 scroll saw stand is suitable for the people those who want to get the adjustable legs of the scroll stands in the open market. You all know that there are large varieties of the scroll stands are out there but no one can replace the features of this stand. The stand is also quite affordable considering the quality that it offers. It is a perfect stand for your scroll saws especially when you are working with interesting scroll saw projects. You are looking at paying around $70.00 for this scroll saw stand, depending on where you decide to purchase it. It’s a good idea to shop around to see what hardware stores or online websites will offer you the best deal.

It is perfect scroll stand for the people those who want to place the heavy load in it. The advanced construction of this stand that is made of a robust all-metal material allows you to be able to clean it easily. When comparing this stand to other stands, you will also realize that this particular stand is one of a kind. There are so many bolts that are fixed on the edges of the tool so surely, it provides the heavy grip. However, on a good note, you will realize that this stand is quite easy to assemble.


For those of you who don’t have a lot of workspace in your work area, you will be happy to know that this stand is compact in size, which means that it won’t take you a whole lot of space.

Base Holes

A very useful feature of the DW7880 scroll saw stand, is that fact that there are holes at the base. These holes will allow you to bolt this stand to the floor so that you don’t have to worry about it falling over while it is in use. Of course, this is a feature that you should only use if you prefer this stand to be stationary. Otherwise, you can leave the stand unbolted so that you can move it where you want it.


If you want a jigsaw or a scroll saw stand that is very unique and of value, then you might consider purchasing a Vintage Delta jigsaw/scroll saw stand. For collectors and even people who find joy out of purchasing and using vintage items, this is one of the highly demanded scrolls saw stand in the open market. It’s got a rectangular shape to it, so you can easily fit your saw in a perfect position. Moreover, it provides the better stability to the users. Some of the older models are actually some of the best built models because they will last you many years to come.


Now keep in mind, with this stand being a vintage stand it will most likely be hard to find; as vintage stuff usually is. You can also expect to pay a pretty penny for it unless you get lucky and someone is selling one at an amazing deal, but these Delta vintage saw stands are worth a lot!

When comparing to the price of this product is inexpensive so it is more suitable for you. If you want to save your money, then purchase this stand in the market or online. Surely, you will get the same price on both of the shops.


This is considered to be one of the most attractive scroll stands. One of the main reasons for this is because of the fact that it is universal. Universal means that you are able to adjust the rectangular shaped top base to fit pretty much any saw. The metal construction of this stand looks too good so most of the people prefer to buy this saw stand. It comes with the rubber feet so it helps to protect your stand from the scratching.

The legs are placed slightly in a cross position so it gives the stability while you working with it. You can also get 2 years of warranty support if you buy it through the online shop. It’s always good to make sure that the stands that you purchase are covered by a warranty just in case it malfunctions.


One of the most important things you should keep in your mind is before purchasing the perfect stand for your saw make sure whether the scroll stand fits perfectly on the top of your stand or it doesn’t.
In the final analysis, picking the right stand for your scroll saw is quite hard. I’m sure without considering the factors you can’t be able to find the best scroll saw stand for you. Better to analyze the pros and cons of the scroll stand and pick the right one for your model.