Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw Review
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Having extensively tested the Porter-Cable PCB375SS, I can attest that this isn’t just any ordinary scroll saw. Equipped with a stand and an intricately detailed bevel scale, it promises precision in every cut. The build gives an immediate impression of robustness and durability. But does it truly live up to the expectations, or is it merely a letdown?

Dive into this hands-on review of the Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw, where I provide an in-depth analysis based on my personal experience.

What I Like

What I Don't Like


The Porter-Cable PCB375SS is a decently-sized scroll saw that has ample table space to allow for most tasks but the overall construction is still compact enough to fit in smaller workshops.

During the Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw reviews and tests, I appreciated how the front-facing control knob is conveniently placed. You can adjust the speed, turn the machine on and off, work the LED light and mini dust blower without having to reach around. 

The work table is large, giving you enough space to work with and the tabletop bevel scale is precise with its measurements and is displayed conveniently.

Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw Features

Size and Material

As said, the PCB375SS is not an overly large scroll saw, but the table is large enough to accommodate 45-degree cuts from the right and 15-degrees from the left. The scroll saw is made from heavy-duty steel, which gives the stand and overall body of the saw more stability.

Motor Power

How efficient a saw can be depends on the motor power, which the PCB3755SS has in abundance. The scroll saw features a 1.6 amp ball-bearing induction motor [1] that is reliable and powerful enough to cut through most materials.

Speed: Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw

In addition to its impressive motor power, the PB375SS offers lightning-fast speeds to match. It can produce 500-1500 strokes per minute (SPM), the PCB3755SS proved to be highly efficient. Moreover, the saw’s speed can be easily adjusted using the convenient variable speed control knob at the front of the tool.

Blade Type

The blades can be switched out as needed, and the Porter-Cable scroll saw is compatible with any 5-inch pin or plain end scroll saw blades. Depending on the material and the type of cut you want to do, the PCB375SS can assist you.

Blade Change

Our experts always prefer a saw that features changeable blade options, but not if the process is difficult. Luckily, the PCB375SS offers a tool-less blade change thanks to the cam locking blade tension lever.

Throat: Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw

The throat size dictates how large your workpiece can be. The Porter-Cable PCB375SS scroll saw has an 18-inch throat, providing you with a larger margin to work with compared to other saws of the same size. 

A larger throat size equals more flexibility and a wider variety of projects you can create.

Performance: Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw

I tested the Porter-Cable PCB375SS by adjusting the speed, using different blades, and trying different materials to see if it meets my stringent expectations. The verdict is – yes! The Porter-Cable scroll saw’s powerful motor and variable speeds allowed me to cut through wood very quickly and smoothly.

Table Size

Our experts mentioned the patented worktable, but just how large is it? The table size measures 20” x 12-⅝”. This will give woodworkers sufficient space to work with larger wood pieces. The table also tilts to accommodate bevel cuts and allows for more directional movement as you maneuver your material.

Dust Collection and Blower

The cleanup for certain scroll saws can be a hassle, so I really appreciated the internal dust collection system and dust blower. The dust blower is miniature in size and is built right into the control center. You can adjust the duct direction to get all the dust and debris.

The dust collection port is located beneath the table and can be connected to a standard vacuum hose.

LED Work Light of Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw

Our team also loved the LED work light, which was a very thoughtful feature the manufacturer included. Like the dust blower duct, the LED light is also adjustable and miniature in size. It can illuminate the work area when you need more visibility in low-lighting conditions.

Price and Warranty

For a scroll saw with a stand, the Porter-Cable PCB375SS is a good deal at only a few hundred dollars. It comes in cheaper than other scroll saws that are higher priced even without the sturdy steel stand. 

If you are still unsure about the quality and performance of the product, I believes that the buyer’s protection will persuade you. The PCB375SS comes with a 3-year limited warranty, and 1-year of free service should anything go wrong.

Once you receive the product, you have 90 days to test out the product to make sure it is everything you want or you can return it for a full money-back guarantee no questions asked.

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Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw Review Conclusion

Our team’s Porter-Cable PCB3755SS Scroll Saw review is a highly positive one. The scroll saw comes with a sturdy stand with durable steel construction. The work table is large enough to accommodate most wood pieces and the motor and speed allow the blades to cut through materials swiftly. On top of that, the buyer is protected with a 3-year warranty, 1-year free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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