Shop Fox W1837 Review

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Shop Fox is a popular brand in the woodworking community. When it comes to their best-performing hybrid table saws, the Shop Fox W1837 stands out. However, is it really a worthy purchase?

In this Shop Fox W1837 Review, we’ve put this powerful tool to the test.

What We Like

What We Don't Like


Being a hybrid saw, you can use the Shop Fox W1837 in more applications than a standard contractor saw or a cabinet saw. But unlike other hybrid saws, it has a better cutting performance with additional features that ensure safety, convenience, and precision.

Built-in caster wheels and an efficient riser system were added to the design of this hybrid table saw, making movement and height adjustment easy-peasy. The fence design is also comparable to many top cabinet saws, delivering on point precision and sturdiness in our tests.

Its mobile base allows workers to easily lift off the fence with just a slight push on the foot levers. This makes it perfect for on-the-go users.You can bring the tool wherever and then lock it on both ends for precise cutting results even on a new location.

It saves on cash, too, as most hybrid units don’t have a built-in wheeled base. With a low-level compatibility of bases available in the market, it can cost you a few hundred dollars on another model.

Another attractive feature on the Shop Fox W1837 is the adequate workstation, which is a 40-1/4″ x 27” solid cast-iron worktop. With such size, it feels like you are working with a standard cabinet saw that also provides the same sturdiness. This is one of the best things we liked during our Shop Fox W1837 review.

Unlike most of the hybrid saws, Shop Fox W1837 features a cut-out bottom, which is another feature that gives the feel of a cabinet saw. A steel motor cover protects the entire unit, while easy access to the internals is allowed by rear panels, making maintenance of motors very convenient.



The Shop Fox W1837 is packed with a 2-HP motor. It can easily power cutting jobs on softwood and sufficiently sustain cutting through harder types of wood.

With such performance, it’s undeniably a powerful saw. In the multiple reviews we’ve done on different models, the W1837 is comparable to several entry-level cabinet saws.


Like best-performing hybrid table sawsthis hybrid saw can also impressively cut on many types of wood, thanks to its blade speed that can go up to 3450 RPM. Aside from that, it’s a friendly tool for cutting chamfers, miters, and bevels, as its blade can be tilted up to 45 degrees just like most of the larger models from the brand.

Woodworkers also have more freedom in adjusting the height and angle of the blade, as one can enjoy with full-cabinet saws. This adds another level of convenience for you as well, and allows you to have more precise cuts.

Dust Collection

The Shop Fox W1837 model features an impressive enclosed upper-stand made from steel, which seals in and contains dust effectively. The guard also features flexible wings that move to prevent dust from leaking out on either side of the cut.

Aside from that, the maximum dust containment feature of this hybrid table saw also includes a great functioning vacuum system. This can be paired with your usual dust collection system through its 4-inch outlet.

Overall, the entire dust collection mechanism works perfectly, and our experts enjoyed a clear view without wood pieces cluttering the workspace. This will help in cleaning your woodshop using the best available shop vac for woodworking, as well. 

Safety Features

Safety and dependability are two features any great saw must have, and the Shop Fox W1837 delivers on both aspects without trouble.

As most woodworkers know, overheating is a common problem with saws. This tool easily prevents that with its thermal overload protection. This function also keeps the machine safe from fluctuating current. 

Plus, there’s an interchangeable riving knife that protects you from guard-less blade operations such as in non-through cutting jobs. This also prevents potential kickbacks for additional safety.

While cutting, one can easily see the cutting action while staying safe through the clear blade guard installed on the unit. Not only does it prevent direct body part contact with the blade, but it also keeps in the small chunks and chips of wood from flying around.

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Shop Fox W1837 Review Conclusion

The Shop Fox W1837 delivers an impressive performance as a hybrid table saw. The runs we’ve done with this tool is comparable even to full-sized models.

Features such as dust collection, guard system, and precise fence design make every cutting experience hassle-free and safe, which is a great return for the price you pay. Varying cutting jobs that are more than just straight cuts can be easily done with this tool as well. As such, you can do different kinds of the woodwork with just a single machine.

Its weight and portability make it convenient to move around too, so we recommend it for traveling woodworkers and other operators on the go. For its price, the Shop Fox W1837 is a great option for newbies or home woodworkers. It features enough power, great quality and important features that would fit the needs of a hobbyist.

Overall, it is among our top picks for good table saws that are worth investing in, especially as it gives you the best of both worlds – the cabinet-style saw and contractor table saw – all in one compact unit.

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