What is the Best Zero Turn Mower Under 4000? — Choose From Residential & Commercial Models

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I can address the query about acquiring an exceptional zero-turn mower for under $4000, assessing whether it would serve as an efficient lawn maintenance tool or end up being an expensive decorative piece.

My expertise allows me to evaluate the top zero-turn mowers in this price range, ensuring that you make a sound investment right from the outset.

Best Overall
Husqvarna Z254F
Editor's Choice
Craftsman 17ARFACQ091
Best Budget
Husqvarna Z142
Husqvarna Z254F  No Background
Craftsman 17ARFACQ091 No Backgound
Husqvarna Z142 No Background
There is almost nothing better than the Husqvarna Z254F. The powerful 26 HP Kohler Engine and the 54-inch deck promises an efficient deck lift system with nothing left behind but a pristine lawn. You can expect maneuverability from the zero-turn mowers.
Our editors picked the Craftsman hydrostatic mowers that are also equipped with a Kohler V-Twin engine. These lawn mowers feature a 50-inch cutting deck and a highly reliable drive system. The reason they are number 2 is the comfortable high-back chair.
The budget option is also the smallest of the zero-turn mowers on our list. Although it’s small, it’s still much more effective than a push mower. With a 42-inch deck and a 17 HP gas Kohler engine, this mower can reach ground speeds of up to 6.5 MPH.
Best Overall
Husqvarna Z254F
Husqvarna Z254F  No Background
There is almost nothing better than the Husqvarna Z254F. The powerful 26 HP Kohler Engine and the 54-inch deck promises an efficient deck lift system with nothing left behind but a pristine lawn. You can expect maneuverability from the zero-turn mowers.
Editor's Choice
Craftsman 17ARFACQ091
Craftsman 17ARFACQ091 No Backgound
Our editors picked the Craftsman hydrostatic mowers that are also equipped with a Kohler V-Twin engine. These lawn mowers feature a 50-inch cutting deck and a highly reliable drive system. The reason they are number 2 is the comfortable high-back chair.
Best Budget
Husqvarna Z142
Husqvarna Z142 No Background
The budget option is also the smallest of the zero-turn mowers on our list. Although it’s small, it’s still much more effective than a push mower. With a 42-inch deck and a 17 HP gas Kohler engine, this mower can reach ground speeds of up to 6.5 MPH.

Reviews of the Best Zero Turn Mowers Under 4000

1. Husqvarna Z254F

The Husqvarna Z254F has one of the most powerful engines a lawnmower can have. This model supports its 26HP power 7000 series V-Twin Kohler engine with a large 54-inch cutting deck. Your lawn will be crisp and clean with a fresh cut in just one go.

The mower deck is constructed of fabricated steel and the electric clutch deck engagement is easy to use for height adjustments. This zero-turn riding mower comes with armrests and a headlight to keep you comfortable and mowing well into the night. While riding this mower, wear your most comfortable and dependable mower shoes for maximum efficiency and protection.

Husqvarna also provides a lifetime warranty for the deck, further reflecting the reliability of the lawn equipment giant.

What I Liked When Testing

What I Don’t Like When Testing

2. Craftsman 17ARFACQ091

The Craftsman Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower (17ARFACQ091) earns its place due to the comfortable high-back chair and reliable starting system. This model has a 50-inch deck design and a 24 HP twin cylinder gas engine from Kohler.

For a clean cut job and maximum maneuverability, the Craftsman lawnmower allows for quick and easy direction changes with zero-turn technology.

The drive system transmission is hydrostatic, making this mower of one of the greatest choices on the list. Not to mention, the lap bars also feature comfortable grips and makes deck adjustments easier for a better mowing experience.

What I Liked When Testing

What I Don’t Like When Testing

3. Husqvarna Z142

The Husqvarna Z142 secures its place at number 3 on my ranking. Husqvarna is renowned for manufacturing reliable lawn mowers, and the Z142 certainly lives up to that reputation. Despite its smaller size, this zero-turn mower is more than capable of handling your lawn care needs.

Equipped with a 42-inch cutting deck and a robust 17 HP Kohler engine, it can reach a maximum ground speed of 6.5 MPH. The hydrostatic transmission offers a maintenance-free and worry-free operation, while the reinforced steel cutting deck ensures durability.

When it comes to managing grass clippings, you have the option to choose between discharging, bagging, or mulching, although it’s worth noting that the bag collection system is sold separately.

What I Liked When Testing

What I Don’t Like When Testing

4. Ariens Edge 52 in. 726 cc Zero-Turn-Radius Lawn Tractor

The Ariens Edge Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower is one of the toughest models out there with a fabricated deck constructed out of 11-gauge steel. The 52-inch cutting deck is powered by a Kawasaki engine.

The Ariens zero-turn engineering of the lawn tractor allows users to finish the work quickly and the blade engagement is highly intuitive. The zero-turn lawn mower has a deck lift system that is operated with the foot pedal.

The adequately padded seat on the Ariens Edge has ball bearings and seat springs to dampen the vibrations of the product.

What I Liked When Testing

What I Don’t Like When Testing

5. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

The Husqvarna Z254 also reaches a max speed of 6.5 thanks to the 26 HP Kohler engine. It also features the same no-maintenance hydrostatic transmission I see the other product options with top quality construction.

The Z254 54-inch deck is regulated by a patent-pending park brake system that automatically activates and deactivates depending on the steering levers.

Grass cutting will become simple and easy with the 0-degree turning radius that gives riders maximum control over the model. You can also choose to mulch, discharge or bag the clippings with the separate collection system.

What I Liked When Testing

What I Don’t Like When Testing

Zero Turn Mower Under 4000 Buyer’s Guide

Not all riding mowers are the same, and the best zero turn mowers under 4000 share similarities such as a powerful engine, a strong and well-built deck, and a comfortable seat. Of course, that’s not all it takes to be considered top quality by our expert testers. I created a checklist to help you narrow down your choices.

Deck Size

The deck size plays a crucial role in determining the cutting width and length of the finished lawns. Depending on the size of your property, you should select the cutting deck measurements accordingly. In the case of larger properties spanning acres or hectares of land, the demand for some of the largest mowers in the market arises.

Within the domain of professional-grade mowers priced under $4,000, options with cutting decks of 54 inches are readily available. However, if your requirements dictate a wider cutting swath, you may find models with 61-inch decks, albeit at a higher cost. Undoubtedly, a substantial mowing deck can significantly enhance efficiency and save valuable time in lawn maintenance tasks.

Yet, the question lingers: are these oversized lawn mowers truly indispensable in your specific scenario?

I would say that your best bet is to find mowers with a balance between size and maneuverability. For example, if you have many obstacles and fixtures on your lawn, then a large mower is not the way to go. A smaller mower will take longer to mower, but it could make turning and avoiding things very difficult.

On the other hand, larger fields that mainly consist of flat terrain are best suited for large zero-turn mowers.

Engine Power

A large lawn machine requires a lot of power to operate, which brings our professional technicians onto the next point — the engine. The engine strength of a mower is measured in HP, or horsepower.

Much like cars, the higher the HP, the more powerful your engine is. Who needs powerful engines for their lawn? If you have a large property or if your grass grows thick, a strong engine will make sure the zero-turn lawn mowers get the work done.

It’s not enough to have a large cutting deck without the strength to power it. Most of the models her will have engines ranging from 17 HP up to 26. I suggest looking at your property size and grass type to determine your next zero-turn mower.

The power of the engine is also tied to the fuel tank. In general, a larger tank will provide more power and vice versa.

Speed and Transmission

In evaluating the performance of a zero-turn mower, it’s essential to consider the interplay between the engine and the transmission. The engine’s power is a crucial factor, but the transmission’s role is equally significant.

Specifically, a hydrostatic drive transmission stands out as a low-maintenance, swift, and highly efficient component. It’s worth noting that many items in this list, curated by industry experts, incorporate this hydrostatic [1] drive transmission for enhanced performance.


How does the zero-turn mower operate? Let’s begin with the startup. An electrical start is very reliable and easy, and it’s the one I recommend for a gradual beginning. All it takes is the push of a button, no more cord yanking on these zero-turn mowers.

How do you control the height and make adjustments on the mower? A zero-turn lawn mower usually features one of three controls or a combination. You can find foot pedals for adjustments, a steering wheel for control or control levers. A steering wheel is a very intuitive feature but the levers are also very easy to use and the foot pedals provide accessibility.

Area Size and Terrain

As I mentioned before, the right zero-turn mower for your lawns will depend on the size of your property as well as the terrain. Do you have any fixtures or other permanent placements on your lawns? If so, then a zero-turn mower is the perfect choice thanks to its easy controls, maneuverability and tight turns.

I also recommend to find mowers that will match the slope of the land and hopefully feature ROPS, or a rollover protection system, just in case an accident occurs on uneven lawns.

Residential or Commercial Zero Turn Mower?

Should you pick a residential or a commercial zero-turn mower? Choosing the right mowers just became tougher, with manufacturers producing various product lines to cater to different demographics. There are residential-grade, commercial-grade and even industrial-grade mower machines.

Residential zero-turning mowers were created with the average homeowner in mind. This means they are small enough to be stored on an average property, like the budget Husqvarna option on our list, but still have decent-sized decks with enough power for most grass.

The one downside of residential vs commercial zero turn mowers are the inner workings. A residential mower is usually constructed with weaker materials that will require more frequent replacements. Again, for the average homeowner the durability of these models will suffice.

Since a commercial-grade mower is geared towards large-scale operations, the components need to be stronger and more robust. Commercial-grade mowers are also larger for the same reason and have more powerful engines. The fuel tank capacity will also be larger, and the decks provide more cutting width.

Since commercial-grade mowers are also larger, you will have to take the storage location into consideration. The difference in size between a 42-inch mower and one that is 61-inches can be pretty vast. Although, if you are looking at different grade mowers that are only a few inches in difference, then the size isn’t a huge factor.

You can go with a commercial-grade mower if your property is large enough to accommodate the size of the machine, but regular to slightly bigger lawns will only need residential mowers.

You must also keep in mind the maintenance costs for years to come. Even the more sturdy commercial-grade mowers will require part replacements, and at times they can be more expensive due to the higher-grade materials.

Safety Features and Comfort

For larger lawns and extensive land areas, the duration of operation can range from 2.5 to 5 hours. Spending a lot of time on your mower can become uncomfortable if you don’t have the right one. However, you can ensure a comfortable mowing experience even during longer sessions with the right choice.

Attention to the seat design is a key consideration in ensuring comfort during prolonged operation. For tasks that demand extended hours of work, it’s advisable to select a mower equipped with a high-back seat that offers generous cushioning. Ideally, this seat should also feature armrests and a cup holder to securely hold your beverage, allowing you to stay hydrated and maintain focus.

Beneath the seat, you’ll ideally find ball bearings and an effective vibration dampening suspension system. These components work in concert to minimize the jolts and vibrations you experience while working, enhancing overall comfort and reducing operator fatigue.

In terms of safety features, I recommend looking for a ROPS (rollover protection system), responsive brakes, automatic chokes, and an emergency kill switch where deemed necessary to ensure a safe and secure mowing experience.

Additional Features

A mower that comes with headlights will allow you to work at any time of the day. I also suggests looking into compatible attachments that can elevate your mower. For example, many Husqvarna models let the user mulch, bag or discharge the grass clippings. In order to take full advantage of this feature, you will need to purchase a bagging accessory.

When considering enhancements for zero-turn mowers, it’s prudent to explore the benefits of incorporating rollers, particularly if your mower is capable of attaining higher speeds.

Rollers serve as valuable attachments that help mitigate the impact of uneven terrain and bumps encountered during lawn maintenance tasks. Their effectiveness is particularly pronounced when employing the reverse mowing functionality of the mower.

Additionally, for those residing in colder regions, it’s worth exploring supplementary attachments such as rakes and snow blowers to maximize the utility of the best zero-turn mower in winter months and ensure year-round lawn care versatility.

Price and Warranty

In my evaluation of mower models priced under 4000, I focused on a selection spanning different brands. It’s noteworthy that the prices for these models consistently fall within the range of 3000 and above.

At this particular price point, one can anticipate acquiring a mower boasting a commendable power range, typically falling between 17 to 26 horsepower. Furthermore, these mowers offer a range of deck sizes, varying from 42 to 54 inches, ensuring adaptability to diverse mowing requirements.

However, should your needs dictate the necessity for a larger cutting deck and more robust engine power, our expert recommendation is to consider a budget increase to align with those specific requirements.

The warranty is also a vital consideration, especially for such expensive purchases. Most mowers will come with a warranty that covers parts, but what it extends to and for how long is a different story.

I suggests looking for 3, 5 or lifetime warranties, although the standard 1-year is provided by most. If you can find a mower with both a guarantee and a warranty, then it will provide you with dual buyer’s protection.

Advantages of a Zero Turn Mower

Why invest in a zero-turn mower when a regular one works fine? There are numerous benefits to owning a zero-turn mower, and the pros will weigh in on why.

First of all, the zero-turn technology, which sees larger back wheels and smaller front ones will deliver tight turns and save you time. They also produce a much neater cut that will complement your lawns.

Zero-turn mowers will often have comfortable seats and vibration dampening features that are easier on your bottom and back, something that is definitely missing from push mowers.

A zero-turn mower will often provide many options to dispose of your clippings, including mulching, bagging or discharging. The available options make the cleanup with this type of mower much easier and less time-consuming.

Push mowers are very difficult to operate, and they are more dangerous without as many safety features and take a ton of physical effort. Even starting the machine can be harder on you.

The more elementary push mowers have a pull cord you need to tug, and sometimes it takes a few good pulls to get it going. A zero-turn mower usually features an electric start with just a push of the button.

Would you rather be sitting comfortably on top of the mower and controlling everything with your limbs, or would you rather push and expend a lot of physical force to get the job done?

Most people would prefer the riding zero-turn mower option, as would we. You can even enjoy your beverage and rest your arms if you’re tired. Not to mention, a zero-turn riding mower will also provide more options for additional accessories and attachments.

My Top Pick For a Zero Turn Mower Under 4000: Husqvarna Z254F

The leading choice among zero-turn mowers under 4000, as I will recommend, is the Husqvarna Z254F. This selection is justified by its remarkable specifications. The mower is equipped with a robust 26 HP 7000 series Kohler engine, which delivers substantial power for efficient operation.

Its notable 54-inch cutting capacity ensures wide coverage, while the 3-blade deck, constructed from durable fabricated steel, underscores its longevity. Additionally, the inclusion of an electric clutch enhances control during operation, further solidifying its position as a top pick.

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