Craftsman Riding Mower Manuals

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Craftsman riding mowers are one of the most reputable brands in the market. They come with various features that can be customised to suit different needs. 

If you want to know how to use the Craftsman riding mowers, this article offers vital information on product safety assembly and operation.

1. Safety Instructions

Craftsman Riding Mower

2. Assembly

Battery Cable Attachment

It’s possible that both of your equipment’s battery wires were removed for shipping purposes. If you’d want to connect your battery, follow these steps:

Attaching The Steering Wheel

The hardware is located under the steering wheel cover for steering wheels that do not come connected. Remove the steering wheel cap’s fasteners using a small screwdriver.

Craftsman riding mower steering wheel

Putting The Seat Together

For transportation reasons, the seat of your mower is either mounted on the pivot bracket or connected to the tractor seat’s pivot bracket using a plastic tie. Don’t bend any wires while removing the seat from its shipping position and installing it as described below.

3. Operation

Parking Brake Lever

Setting the parking brake

Push down hard on the brakes. The parking brake lever should be in the locked-out position while parking. Release the brake pedal to engage the parking brake.

Craftsman Riding Mower brake lever

Releasing the parking brake

Activate the parking brake by depressing the pedal while the lever is pushed out of the ON and OFF positions. Release of the parking brake is the next step, then pedal down on the brakes to stop.

Auto-drive Pedal

Next to the running board, the driving pedal is on the tractor’s right side. The tractor will move toward the engaged shift lever if the driver depresses the pedal forward.

Restarting the Craftsman tractor is as simple as shifting the gears to the forward position. The tractor will move forward as you gradually increase the throttle. This will allow you to go opposite if necessary.

The driving pedal controls the mower’s ground speed. The more the pedal is turned, the faster the tractor goes. Whenever the accelerator pedal is released, it returns to the PARK position.

Starting the Engine


Craftsman riding mowers offer enhanced cutting efficiency because they are equipped with the latest technology. For more guidelines on how to efficiently use craftsman products, it is recommended you look through the manual of your lawn mower model. 

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