DeWalt DCS571B Review — Is this Atomic Mini Circular Saw Good? (2023)

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In the world of power tools, bulky and heavyweight options can quickly become a source of regret, particularly due to their unwieldy nature. But what if there exists a saw that aims to rectify these issues without compromising on power or performance? Enter the DeWalt DCS571B, a saw that holds the promise of addressing these concerns. 

In this pursuit of thorough analysis, I’ve conducted a comprehensive review of the DeWalt DCS571B. My goal is to assess how it measures up against conventional circular saws and determine if it aligns with your specific needs and expectations.

What I Like

What I Don't Like


I appreciate the convenience of the DeWalt DCS571B since it doesn’t require a power outlet or extension cord. Its elongated inline design makes it easy to handle and operate, even in tight spaces. 

The saw is lightweight, weighing only 4.4 pounds without a battery. It measures 17.88 x 5.13 x 6.69 inches which makes it easy to transport to different job sites. The blade is positioned on the left side of the tool, improving visibility and accuracy during cutting. 

The bevel capacity can be adjusted up to 45 degrees, allowing for a wide range of cutting angles. I appreciate the integrated dust blower. However, it’s worth noting that batteries and chargers must be purchased separately. 

Despite this, the DeWalt DCS571B is a versatile and portable tool that can be used for various cutting applications.

DeWalt DCS571B Features

Overview of Specifications

Blade Size

The DeWalt DCS571B has a blade size of 4-1/2 inches which is perfect for those tight spaces and precise cuts. The compact design allows easy maneuverability, making it a great tool for various projects. 

It’s worth noting that the smaller blade size of the DeWalt DCS571B may impose certain limitations on the range of materials it can effectively cut, particularly when compared to larger circular saws equipped with larger blades.

Selecting the right blade for the specific material being cut is of paramount importance. This ensures not only optimal performance but also prevents any potential damage to the tool or the material itself.

Cutting Capacity

Based on my firsthand experience with this circular saw, I can affirm that it boasts a maximum cutting depth of 1-9/16 inches at 90 degrees and 1-1/16 inches at 45 degrees. 

This notable cutting capacity lends itself to a wide range of cutting applications, encompassing tasks like cross-cutting and ripping through various materials, including wood, metal, and plastics.

Arbor Size

The DeWalt DCS571B has an arbor size of 3/8 inches (9.525 millimeters). This is a standard size for circular saws and will accommodate most 4-1/2 inch blades with a 3/8 inch arbor hole.

It’s important to note that the DCS571B is a 4-1/2 inch circular saw that is designed to use smaller blades compared to larger circular saws. The smaller blade size makes it more compact and lightweight, making it ideal for overhead cutting and working in tight spaces.

However, some customers find it hard to find any blades for this hole in a local hardware store because most circular saws have a larger arbor size.

Since larger circular saws are more commonly used in professional woodworking and construction applications, blade manufacturers tend to produce larger blades. 

In general, it’s always a good idea to check with the saw manufacturer or consult the saw’s user manual to ensure that the blade you choose is compatible with the saw. 

Additionally, many hardware stores and online retailers carry a variety of saw blades with different arbor sizes, so it may be helpful to shop around to find the right blade for your saw.


After putting the DeWalt DCS571B to the test, I found that this 4-1/2″ cordless saw equipped with a high-strength magnesium shoe provides a stable and accurate cutting platform while also being lightweight enough to ensure easy handling. 

During the evaluation, the saw’s blade is situated on the left side of the tool, a design feature that notably enhances visibility and precision during cutting operations, particularly when following marked lines.

Furthermore, the incorporation of brushless motor technology significantly elevates the saw’s performance. 

This technology not only delivers heightened power but also extends the motor’s lifespan. It ensures consistent speed and power throughout usage, resulting in swift and efficient cutting.

Another impressive feature of this saw is its bevel capacity of up to 90 degrees, which enables precise angled cuts.

For Corners and Tight Spaces

This tool is an excellent option for users who require a saw that can be used in confined spaces. My assessment revealed that the saw’s elongated inline design renders it exceptionally easy to handle and maneuver in confined spaces. 

Moreover, its compact dimensions and lightweight construction contribute to effortless control and maneuverability. Furthermore, the utilization of a smaller 4-1/2 inch blade proves ideal for making precise cuts in tight spaces where larger blades may not be suitable or practical.

Also, the DCS571B is cordless, eliminating the need for extension cords or power outlets and allowing for greater flexibility and mobility on the job site.

Price and Warranty

The DeWalt DCS571B is commonly regarded as having a reasonable price point when compared to other similar models in its category.

While it may not be the cheapest option on the market, it’s not considered to be overly expensive either, and its performance and features make it a good value for the price, like any other best Dewalt tools available. 

It also has a limited 3-year warranty [1]. This warranty coverage is standard for DeWalt’s power tools and is designed to protect the user against defects in materials and workmanship. 

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Review Conclusion: DeWalt DCS571B

After my thorough DeWalt DCS571B reviews, this saw high-quality tool lived up to its promises, giving impressive power, performance, and accuracy. I’m genuinely impressed by its compact and lightweight design, attributes that greatly facilitate handling and maneuverability, even in confined spaces. 

While it may not be the most budget-friendly option available, the price remains reasonable, considering the excellent functions and features you’ll receive in return.

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