DeWalt DWS713 Review — Is This 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Worth it? (2023)

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Hailing from a trusted brand, many buyers only expect excellence from the DeWalt DWS713. But if you’re a buyer who practices due diligence, you may know that not all saws of this size are powerful or accurate enough for tougher and repetitive cuts.

So in this DeWalt DWS713 review, our expert woodworkers will examine its features to see if it’s worth the purchase or not.

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Design and Build

DeWalt is well-known for its high-quality and durable saws, and DWS713 does not fail our high expectations. It’s extremely lightweight and compact. It weighs only 35 pounds, so it’s very handy and easy to maneuver.

You can also tell that DeWalt values your safety as DWS713 is fully equipped with safety features. It has a blade guard that gives you a clear view of what you’re working on, eliminating injuries.

Its electronic brake is a real life-saver as it can stop the blade in a matter of seconds during an emergency.

DeWalt DWS713 Features

Overview of Specifications

Cutting Capacity

This small saw can cut through any material with its 5000 RPM powerful motor. It is suitable for various cutting tasks, even for big projects, thanks to its 10 inches blade that can make accurate and precise cuts on any type of wood.

Its excellent motor provides the power it needs to turn its blade at high speeds while its sharp teeth slice through wood fibers with minimal effort. Overall, the DeWalt DWS713 is a reliable and capable saw for extreme cutting tasks.

Bevel Capacity

The bevel capacity of the DeWalt DWS713 sets it apart from other saws due to its excellent flexibility in cutting angles. We are astonished by its ability to bevel up to 48 degrees to the left and 3 degrees to the right, allowing for a wide range of angled cuts.

Its adjustable bevel design also provides an easy and accurate bevel angle. Essentially, the combination of the saw’s bevel capacity and adjustable bevel features make it a versatile saw for your various woodworking projects.

Miter and Crosscuts

The DeWalt DWS713’s adjustable fence and miter system allow you to cut through hardwoods accurately and precisely. You can adjust the miter up to 50 degrees range, helping you achieve clean and professional-looking cuts.

The crosscut capacity of the DeWalt DCS361M1 is truly remarkable, as it can effortlessly handle cutting through substantial pieces of wood. 

At 90 degrees, it can accommodate materials up to 2×8 inches in size, while at 45 degrees, it maintains an impressive capacity of 2×6 inches. This exceptional capability opens up a wide range of possibilities for tackling projects that involve thicker wood pieces.

Performance and Accuracy

The DeWalt DWS713 delivers outstanding cutting performance that helps you produce precise and clean cuts.

This is due to its exceptional design and features, with its powerful motor, bevel capacity, tall sliding fence, detent plate, miter system, and cam-lock miter handle, which set it apart from other saws.

Laser Guide

Another excellent feature of the DeWalt DWS713 is its laser [1] guide feature that helps you achieve accurate cuts.

Essentially, the laser guide projects a red beam onto your workpiece to indicate where the blade will make contact, improving your cutting accuracy. This guide system is very helpful, especially if you’re a beginner or if you need to make intricate cuts in your miter saw projects.

Also, the laser guide helps you save time and effort as it eliminates the trial and error in setting up cuts and allows you to make precise and accurate cuts on your first attempt.

Who is it For: Contractors, Pro Woodworkers, DIYers, or Beginners?

Like the Dewalt DWS715 and Dewalt DWS716XPS, the DWS713 is a versatile saw that can be used by professional woodworkers, contractors, beginners, and DIYers.

If you’re a professional woodworker or contractor, you will benefit from its powerful motor, precise cutting capabilities, and sturdy construction, helping you finish your bigger projects efficiently.

Meanwhile, if you’re a beginner or DIYer, you will appreciate its user-friendly design like the laser guide that can help you achieve accurate cuts even without advanced skills. In fact, we consider it as one of the best miter saws for beginners

DeWalt DW713 vs DWS713: Which Should I Buy?

The DeWalt DW713 is more compact and lightweight than the DWS713. But DWS713 has a more powerful and wider miter.

If you prioritize compactness and portability, we suggest you choose DeWalt DW713. But if you need a more powerful saw for a bigger project, DeWalt DWS713 can be a good option for you.

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Review Conclusion: DeWalt DWS713

Our woodworkers’ individual DeWalt DWS713 reviews show that it is a powerful and versatile saw that can make precise cuts on different materials. It’s equipped with a robust motor that can handle tough cutting jobs with ease.

Its laser guide helps achieve accurate cuts and avoids wasting your effort and time. It has a durable built and user-friendly design for professional-quality cuts, making this miter saw a good value for your money.

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