DIY Smart Saw Review (2023) — Is This CNC Plan Worth Your Purchase?

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Today, I’m diving into the world of computer-controlled routing saws to see if they genuinely offer more detailed results than traditional handwork. Will it meet my expectations or leave me heading back to the drawing board? Join me as I share my firsthand experience in this DIY Smart Saw journey. Let’s discover together!

DIY Smart Saw

What I Like

What I Don’t Like


A DIY Smart Saw is one you build on your own instead of purchasing a ready-made CNC router. Doing so will save you from spending unnecessary money and can create beautiful pieces even if you lack the skill. The DIY Smart Saw guide you can purchase and download will include a PDF manual with all the materials you need to create the smart saw, instructions and plans.

The plan also includes detailed videos and a 3D application that allows you to clearly see the components close up. Also, with your purchase, you will get customer assistance anytime you need it and VIP access to the members only area of the website.


Guide and Plan

The plan will help you build a DIY Smart Saw from the ground up, and cost you a lot less than purchasing a complete CNC router from the store. The guide and plan feature detailed pictures and guides that make it easy for woodworking professionals and beginners alike.

The measurements and process are easily laid out. You won’t need to spend more than a few hours at most to get the final product: your own CNC machine.

Materials: DIY Smart Saw

You can find the material and tools you need from your local hardware store. Some of the items for the project might even be sitting in your garage, such as hammers and screwdrivers.

Ease of Setup: DIY Smart Saw

Woodworking professionals may have concerns about the product’s legitimacy, but I assure you that it is not a scam. The research and statistics indicate that numerous woodworkers are satisfied with both the free assembly course provided and the quality of the results achieved.

Setup is simple, all you need is to watch the videos and follow the detailed instructions. You will be able to create personalized pieces without complex software or a supercomputer.


Why would you need a CNC machine? Aside from the amazing creations it can build and customize with wood pieces, the machine is also much faster than human hands and can cut with accuracy to 0.001 of an inch. All you would need to do is input the correct measurements and shapes and rely on the DIY Smart Saw to do the rest.

What exactly can you create with a DIY smart saw? I went to work and conducted separate DIY Smart Saw reviews and worked with different wood pieces. I also went the extra mile to compare the usage results of regular non-DIY CNC router and DIY saw to determine a winner.

I managed to create wonderful wood carvings that were more complicated and beautiful than the next. Due to the accuracy and intricate capabilities of the DIY smart saw, I programmed the computer to carry out designs with the finest detail.

Ease of Use: DIY Smart Saw

Aside from saving you a lot of money, the DIY Smart Saw is easy to use, and I have the data to prove it. It’s a program tool that only requires the input of your desired designs. You can find some measurements for free that will deliver the results you want.

cutting with Smart Saw

Projects With the DIY Smart Saw

You will be able to make a different version of more elementary woodwork with the help of a DIY Smart Saw and it’s quick and easy to maintain. The Smart Saw will take your designs to the next level.

I added special designs onto table legs and tops to develop and improve upon previously basic wood pieces. Other creations include detailed spoons, plates, etc.

When it came to the CNC machine, the woodwork project came out similarly to the DIY tool [1]. The only difference is the cost of the CNC machine compared to the DIY saw.

Additional Features

You can choose to craft a more elementary table-top design with the program, or you can use the proper tools and materials to make a full-sized CNC router machine. Other than carving beautiful pictures, an additional feature of the machine is to carve words. You may even be able to craft a portrait of someone dear to your heart with the help of the computer and the right measurements. You may want to use a software for CutList optimization for advanced cutting patterns. 

Price and Warranty

As I keep mentioning, the biggest pro of creating your own smart saw is the price difference. A CNC machine could cost upwards of a few hundred, while a computer program and your own two hands can build something under 50 with the help of a video guide.

Another bonus to put your mind at ease about fraud is the guarantee of your money-back within 60 days. There doesn’t seem to be a warranty because you are not purchasing a product, just to download the video and e-book instructions.

Customer Support: DIY Smart Saw

The DIY Smart Saw is a machine, and machines are complicated especially if you are building one from scratch. What’s great about the DIY Smart Saw is the support it offers. It will give you the tools you need to craft your masterpiece but also 24/7 customer assistance whenever you need it.

DIY Smart Saw Review Conclusion

After an extensive DIY Smart Saw review, I reached one conclusion — the DIY smart saw is a reliable machine that can improve your wood pieces new and old. It costs a fraction of the amount of a CNC router and can do the job faster and with more precision than the human hand.

DIY Smart Saw
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