Echo vs. Husqvarna Chainsaw: Which is Better?

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The two manufacturers produce some of the best chainsaws in the world, and if you do not have enough knowledge of both brands, you might end up purchasing a model that doesn’t meet your standards. 

To spare you the extensive research, let me provide you with an in-depth comparison between Husqvarna and Echo chainsaws. Drawing from my firsthand experiences and knowledge, we aim to highlight the distinctive features and performances of these top brands, aiding you in making the most informed choice.

Which is Better Between a Husqvarna and an Echo Chainsaw?

Echo Chainsaw Features and Specs


Echo features a variety of chainsaw sizes. The smallest chainsaws from this brand are the CS-2511WES electric chainsaw (2.6kg dry weight) and the CS-2511P (a petrol chainsaw) with a 25cc engine. 

The CS-1201 is the company’s strongest chainsaw, weighing 10.6 kg and powered by a 116-cc engine.


Echo chainsaws are all designed similarly, so switching between them won’t require you to relearn anything.

Echo CS-590-20AA Gas Chainsaw

The latest versions of gasoline chainsaws come equipped with a momentary switch for quick engine starting, and their bright orange coloring makes them easily identifiable.


I’ve always admired Echo’s consistency. All their cordless chainsaws operate on a 58V battery, and trust me, that packs quite a punch. And when it comes to their gasoline chainsaws, I’ve worked with models ranging from the more compact 25cc motors up to the beastly 116cc ones. This gives you, as a user, a diverse range of cutting capabilities to choose from. It’s impressive how they cater to both light-duty and heavy-duty tasks.

Safety Mechanism

The company uses a two-button mechanism to activate the chain, with the first button on the handle. You must hold the button to get the chain spinning while pulling the trigger.

Additionally, whether these are Stihl or Husky saws, handguards are standard equipment for any high-quality chainsaw.

Price and Warranty

Echo’s larger chainsaws, designed solely for professional users, retail for roughly $2200. Others, such as the CS-3510 petrol chainsaw, which caters to professionals and homeowners, come at an affordable $300 price tag.

Echo CS-3510

There is at least a year of coverage on non-wear and tear components on every saw you buy, which means they will change worn-out parts like the starter or button at no cost, but more serious issues like a broken chain or frozen engine will not be.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Features and Specs


The T525 is the company’s lightest and most compact chainsaw at just 2.7kg and 27cc, making it ideal for pruning and felling small trees. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the 3120 XP. This beast boasts a 118cc motor and tips the scales at 10.4kg. It’s not just the heaviest in the company’s lineup but is also among the most formidable chainsaws you can find in the market. I’d recommend it for those truly heavy-duty tasks where power is paramount.


Unlike units with longer bodies, this type is characterized by a larger, more compact body. All chainsaws are orange, the handle is always in the back, and a safety guard is connected by default.

trimming tree with Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Chainsaw


Husqvarna’s battery-powered chainsaws are powered by 36V lithium batteries, which makes them a tad less powerful than competing units. With engines ranging in size from 27cc to 118cc, they are more powerful than their rivals.

Safety Mechanism

The units include a two-stage chain starting operation, like Echo units, with a button to press and a trigger to pull on the handle.

Further, you can immediately stop the machines in an emergency by pressing a button with your thumb.

Price and Warranty

Overall, it is more costly than its main rival, Echo, but only by a small margin. Their most expensive unit costs $1600, their least expensive battery-powered model is roughly $450, and their most basic 120 Mar II costs around $200.

Husqvarna 970515528 445 Chainsaw

Husqvarna’s basic guarantee lasts for a full year and protects you from faulty materials or assembly for regular use. As a result, the cost to repair or replace a broken equipment, motor, trigger system, or engine is typically not out of pocket.

(You may want to check out the full Husqvarna warranty details here.)

It is important to keep the chain lubricated to avoid spending more on replacements.

Which Brand Should You Use?


Echo’s saw lines are designed for residential usage. However, the company also manufactures larger versions that you can use for trimming and logging in wider forests.

Echo Japan factory

Homeowners and businesses in the suburbs that trim branches regularly benefit greatly from using chainsaws from this brand.

The largest chainsaws will function in the forest since they are powerful enough to fell the largest timber. However, some aspects of their chainsaws make cleaning, reoiling, and returning to work time-consuming and inconvenient.


If you are in a remote area without access to a home, a saw from this brand is what you should use because they come in various sizes. You can fit a longer chain to most industrial-strength chainsaws, making it easy for experts to hack down even the largest lumber.

And a note on Husqvarna’s batteries – from my perspective, their smaller batteries offer a great balance between performance and cost. It’s allowed me, and many I know, to keep a good stock, ensuring we’re always ready to tackle the next task without breaking the bank.

Husqvarna 445EII1845 Gas Chainsaw

The units are more convenient for individuals who find themselves in the woods without any equipment, thanks to features like automated oiling of chains and quick-release air filters.

Which Brand Has a Wider Chainsaw Selection?

Smaller Husqvarna chainsaws are ideal for removing smaller branches, while larger models are better suited for felling whole timber. The company also provides a variety of accessories for each chainsaw, letting you customize the overall length of your cuts.

Echo may not offer as many options, but they have more overall chainsaws, so you can find one that suits your size requirements better. Echo and Husqvarna have the ability to make a power tool specific to one’s needs.

Where Can I Buy These Chainsaws?


You can get one in the USA, Japan, or China. For this reason, the units are only produced in a select few countries, including Japan, New Zealand, China, Australia, and the United States, where they are sold straight to consumers.

Echo CS-590-20AA Gas Chainsaw on concrete floor

The availability of machines in most other nations is severely limited because of reliance on importers to get the machines in.

As an added complication, not all items are readily available in every country, and getting your hands on the necessary repair parts often necessitates expensive and time-consuming special imports.


They have three headquarters, one in Sweden, one in the United States, and one in Germany, which means that its distribution of components is slightly different from that of the other brand. 

For the most part, Husqvarna distributes its goods through a distributor or directly to dealers in each country.

Husqvarna 435e Gas Chainsaw

It implies that a country can’t sell Husqvarna goods unless it has a network of stores and dealers prepared to sell and maintain the products. 

Despite making it simpler to track down replacement or repair components, this development has chilled the number of good establishments.

How Much are the Chainsaw Parts for Replacement?

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Since Husqvarna is assembled where available, individual components may normally be purchased separately and constructed into a working chainsaw.

However, from my interactions and digging around, I’ve noted that Husqvarna typically doesn’t extend warranties or offer replacement parts if you opt to handle your repairs. It’s something to consider if you’re thinking of going the DIY route with their products.

starting the engine of Husqvarna 445 Chainsaw

Instead, you’ll need to bring the unit to one of their authorized service centers for inspection and any necessary repairs, as this is a condition of the guarantee.

Echo Chainsaws

The majority of gas-powered chainsaws from the brand can only have certain components replaced outside a few countries. 

The throttle, chain, guide bar, some filters, chain, and batteries are the typical consumables, with the rest of the machine requiring specialized equipment and parts.

Ordering certain components may necessitate a premium price or the use of alternative suppliers. 

Echo CS-590-20AA

The company will tell you to search elsewhere if you need to replace a damaged crankshaft or other crucial internal elements of the engine because they do not offer such parts themselves.

Where are the Chainsaws Manufactured?

Husqvarna Chainsaws

While some gas and battery chainsaws are made in Sweden, it isn’t the case for all. Some are also manufactured in the United States, which isn’t bad since both countries are reputable sources of power tools.

Echo Chainsaws

Equipment from this brand is made in Japan, the United States, and China.

cutting tree with Echo chainsaw

The origin of your saw may depend on where you bought it. Purchasing a saw from this brand in the United States means it was manufactured or assembled there.

It is probably of Japanese or Chinese origin if purchased in Australia or New Zealand.

 Echo ChainsawsHusqvarna Chainsaws
WarrantyA five-year warranty covers all their chainsaws.Husqvarna’s typical warranty period is twelve months.
Engine capacityThey make chainsaws for both electric and gas versions. The brand also produces gas and cordless chainsaws. 
The petrol chainsaws have engines ranging from 25cc to 116cc, while the electric saws all use a single 58V [1] battery.The gasoline chainsaws have engines ranging from 27cc to 118cc, while the electric ones are all equipped with 36V lithium batteries.
Safety FeaturesInclude a two-button design and a safety mechanism to prevent backlash. Each unit features a two-step chain starting process and an instant stop safety button.
Modern versions come with safety guards, which is worth noting.Most models have an inertia-activated chain brake, like the Husqvarna rancher.
VarietyIn comparison to Husqvarna, they don’t offer as many specialty chainsaws, but each model comes in a wide range of sizes.Husqvarna manufactures a wide selection of professional quality chainsaws suitable for many tasks.
DesignAll models are coated in light orange color. They are also known for their comfort.The brand uses the orange color. 
But older models don’t have a quick engine restart, unlike newer versions.They usually have handles at the back, along with a safety guard that is securely attached. 

Comparing Echo CS 400 and Husqvarna 400

Echo CS 400

Similar to the popular Echo CS 590, the Echo CS 400 is one of the great saws from the brand. The company knows what it’s doing when it comes to producing high-quality, professional-grade power tools with these two chainsaws.

A few features we like are the lighter weight and 40.2cc gas-powered engine that is more than adequate for our professional needs. Echo CS 400 chainsaw doesn’t have much difference from the CS 590 engine. It provides great strength for the 18-inch bar, allowing you to do a great deal.

The fuel tank of this equipment holds roughly 14 ounces of fluid to extend the chainsaw’s running time. Moreover, the vacuum supplies the gasoline pump, and the diaphragm carburetor makes it easy to install in any orientation. 

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Husqvarna 440

What we like about the Husqvarna 440 rear handle chainsaws is that it can run at 9000 revolutions per minute because of its 40.9 cc engine speed. You can use it with chain bars that are 13 inches up to 18 inches in length because of how flexible it is.

This saw is great since it helps keep itself clean. The company constructed it so that larger dust and debris particles are deflected away from the air filter, explaining why it works so well.

To purify the air, they use a centrifugal air injection device. It is a great asset regarding the essential post-use cleaning of your saw.

What I Like

What I Don't Like


We hope our Echo vs Husqvarna chainsaw guide has helped you understand both companies and the quality of products they produce. Overall, Echo and Husqvarna, two of the world’s most well-known and oldest chainsaw manufacturers, offer customers new and innovative choices. 

The chainsaw brand, Echo, makes the greatest saws for the average homeowner, while Husqvarna has been the industry standard for decades.

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