EGO LM2101 Review (2023) — Unpacking its Power, Performance, and More

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The realm of lawn care has witnessed a remarkable metamorphosis. From machines that resembled primitive robots with a predilection for noise and pollution, we’ve entered an era marked by efficiency, elegance, and environmental consciousness. 

As someone who’s trimmed and tamed countless lawns over decades, I’ve had a front-row seat to this transformation. At the helm of this revolution stands EGO, a brand that has been groundbreaking since 1993. I’m thrilled to unpack the 21-inch LM2101 EGO Power+ model.

What I Like

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Features of the EGO LM2101

Product Specifications

For those who love the details, here’s a rundown of its specs:

Battery & Performance

The EGO Power+ LM2101 has a battery with remarkable efficiency and a lifespan that promises many seasons of lawn care. 

At its heart, the battery embodies efficiency. EGO has managed to harness energy conservation that provides both power and longevity. This, in turn, ensures that you have fewer interruptions while mowing and a reliable tool season after season.

They state that it holds the torque of a gas mower, promising to cut two miles or 45 minutes on a single charge of its 5.0 Ah battery. However, they do mention that the 45-minute runtime is under light load. 

In my experience, its medium to heavy load reduces the runtime to 30 or 20 minutes. But if your mower’s juice runs out, its quick charger gets you up and running in 40 minutes—just enough time for a lunch break.

Its quick charging is a game-changer, as having a mower ready to go in record time is invaluable in today’s fast-changing times. The battery’s efficiency ensures the machine’s performance doesn’t wane, even as its charge diminishes.

Whether a small backyard patch or a sprawling estate, this beast performs with consistency, efficiently resonating even in demanding terrains. 

You just have to store the battery in a cool, dry place and ensure it’s charged fully before storage for maximum longevity.

In addition, the LM2101’s 56 V ARC-Lithium battery is versatile, fitting seamlessly into EO products, such as their 56V electric outdoor equipment range includes chainsaws, blowers, and trimmers.

Another impressive feature is its battery alert system. When you’re running low on battery, the battery and mower shine a red light. The orange light indicates overheating, though I’ve yet to encounter that.

Setting Up and Starting the Mower

The setup is pretty straightforward. On unboxing, the first task is to charge the battery. After charging the battery, the assembly of the mower is a breeze. 

The metal frame integrates effortlessly into the fabric bag. After the battery was fully charged, I was able to place it into its slot on the mower easily.

EGO’s emphasis on user-friendliness shines through with the one-button start mechanism. It simplifies the operational aspect, ensuring that professionals and homeowners alike can easily utilize the mower. 

The mower’s handle boasts five adjustable positions for convenience, and changing the cutting height requires moving a single lever. Starting the mower might take a few tries to get accustomed to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing.

Cutting Height

The cutting height adjustments cater to a spectrum of lawn care needs. Whether you prefer mulching, bagging (packaging), or a side discharge, the LM2101 covers you. Each function is tailored to provide an immaculate finish, elevating the aesthetics of your yard.

The adjustable handle height positions make the mowing experience customizable to the user, ensuring ergonomic comfort. A significant grass bag capacity reduces the frequency of emptying, thus making the mowing process smoother. 

Blade Options

The LM2101 offers two blade choices – the stock and an optional high-lift blade. While the latter promises enhanced bagging efficiency and better cut quality, it also has downsides. It’s heavier, consumes battery faster, and is noticeably noisier.


The bagging system pleasantly surprised me. Unlike other mowers that fill only the front, the EGO efficiently utilizes the back, offering more space for grass clippings. I even tested its leaf-bagging ability with impressive results.

Storage & Maintenance

Compactness is woven into the LM2101’s design DNA. A remarkable feature of the EGO LM2101 is its design optimized for space-saving. The foldable handle ensures that it snugly fits into most storage spaces. 

Unlike traditional gas mowers, this one stands upright, saving significant garage space. Additionally, an integrated handle simplifies transportation and storage. The integrated handle is ergonomically designed for effortless lifting. 

Its maintenance is delightfully minimal. Regular cleaning and occasional checks will keep the machine in top form, reducing long-term maintenance costs and efforts.

Accessories and Added Features

The mower has various lawn treatment options for the aficionados of lawn care. The machine can be augmented from fertilizing to seeding to ensure holistic lawn care.

Tailoring your lawn’s look is breezy, given the multiple lawn treatment options. This ensures clean cuts, regardless of the grass’s density.

They also prioritized user comfort, evident in the adjustable handle positions and cutting height. The handle positions, adjustable cutting height, and even the grip feel were features I appreciated in this unit.

LED Headlights

Combine these features with LED [1] headlights, and you have a mower that doesn’t confine you to daylight hours. Your mowing sessions are efficient and well-lit, with a spacious deck and headlights.

Comparison to the LM2001

Many users may confuse the LM2101 with the LM2001, but these two units have distinct differences. The LM2001 came with a 4 Ah battery, offering a 20-inch cutting width. 

EGO LM2001

On the other hand, the LM2101 boasts a wider 21-inch cutting width and a more powerful 5 Ah battery. This seemingly small increment in size and power makes a difference in the lawn care game.

Review Conclusion: EGO LM2101 Review

Using the EGO Power+ 21-inch LM2101 was a delight due to its stellar capabilities. From the silent operation, the instantaneous start-ups, and its many safety features, the mower provides a holistic and top-notch mowing experience. 

Overall, the product is a sound investment for homeowners seeking a hassle-free mowing experience. From its innovative design to its outstanding performance, it has my full endorsement.

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