3 Ways to Upgrade Your Woodworking Workshop or Garage

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If you love woodworking, you likely spend a ton of time in a garage or a workshop. When you’re just starting out, you may not need to invest in fancy setups. But as time goes on, you’ll find that upgrading your workspace is inevitable.

Below you’ll find three ways that you can upgrade your woodworking workspace in your garage or workshop.

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1. Choose the right lighting setup

If you don’t have the right type of lights in your workshop/garage, you won’t be able to get a clear view of what you’re working with. You want to illuminate your garage well enough so you eliminate all shadows when doing intricate work like with a lathe. Otherwise, you may find yourself making mistakes that show up in different areas with a better lighting setup.

good light in workshop

You can choose a variety of different lights for your garage or workshop. The best setup would be to have a few light sources. It’s recommended for a workshop to have 300 lumens per square feet and for a garage to have 50 square feet. Workshops require more lumens because it’s imperative that you are working in a well-lit place.

2. Treat your floor

One of the easiest ways to get that professional aesthetic in your garage or workshop is to treat your concrete. The cheapest way to protect your concrete would be with concrete sealers that are applied with a paint sprayer. You can rent your own equipment for this or use a roller if you’re confident that you can apply it fast enough.

workshop floor

Epoxy is another great option that you can consider for the flooring. Be careful though as many brands will try to pass off their inferior DIY kit to you as a viable option. You are better off getting it installed professionally even if it costs much more. You won’t be able to compare the cheap option VS it getting installed in the proper manner. Cheap DIY kits are known for peeling after a year or two and a good epoxy installation should last a decade if taken care of.

3. Invest in heating and cooling

If you spend a lot of time working on your woodworking DIY projects, then you know that during the hot and cold months working can be a bit daunting. Your best bet is to insulate your garage or workshop before you move ahead and put any money into heating or cooling. If you can afford it, your best option by far would be a mini-split system. This way, you can heat and cool your garage/workshop with no issue.

upgrade woodworking workshop

It is imperative that you do have proper ventilation as well in your garage/workshop. If you don’t, all that dust that’s building up in your workshop is going to end up in your lungs! Another tip is to be aware of portable cooling solutions as they are expensive and not worth their cost. You can utilize a window unit that won’t break the bank and will keep your garage or workshop cool during the summer.

Wrapping it Up

If you love woodworking, upgrading your workshop can be a great endeavor. Quality of life upgrades will make working easier and you’re not only investing into your hobbies but your workspace as well.

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