Get Paid Up To $1,000 To Test Custom DIY Woodworking Kits

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Sawinery is one of the most trusted woodworking sources on the internet. We publish content on everything woodworking – the best tools, books, classes, and project ideas. Now, we’re going to launch our very own line of custom woodworking kits for the family, and we’re looking for kids and parents who want to try and review our new products. Not only will we send you the woodworking kits for free, but we’ll also pay you for your honest, unbiased review about your experience.

Intrigued? Keep on reading to find out how to be selected!

Why Should You Apply?

Whether or not you have experience with DIY projects, carpentry and woodworking help develop your creativity, motor skills, and critical thinking skills – all of which you can apply in real life. We offer custom kits for the entire family.


By trying out our woodworking kits, here are some things you can achieve:

And of course, because of how our program works, you’ll get paid simply by sharing your thoughts on our product and how it works. Each kit is made for the entire family, so you only have to create a video review about your experience. Plus, you also get to keep your wood creations, so it’s definitely a win-win situation all around.

Here’s How It Works

We are looking for families in the Memphis area who can review the woodworking kits we’ll be launching. We will share your honest and unbiased reviews with our readers, and we’ll also use your input to further improve and develop our products.

To qualify, applicants must live in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. No prior experience with woodworking is required, but you must be able to create videos like unboxing and explainers. If you already have a Youtube channel or a blog, please specify that as well.

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Parents must also sign a consent form for the kids. We have two age groups for our kids’ woodworking kits – one for ages 4-6 and one for ages 7-12. All materials are safe and non-toxic. No power tools are needed as well, because the pieces are already pre-cut and pre-drilled already. Still, we recommend parental supervision at all times.

Our team will screen and pick the qualified applicants and contact you once you’ve been selected. 

For every family who qualifies, a custom woodworking kit will be shipped out directly to your home. The kit will have 6 projects in total — 3 for the kids and 3 for the parents. It will be an activity for the entire family! Plus, each project will have your family name engraved on it. Yup, each kit is customized especially for you, so every piece you build will be uniquely yours.

What’s In It for You?

By trying and reviewing our woodworking kits, you will receive…

This job is only for those who can stick with us to complete the fun woodworking projects in the kit, all of which you can keep at home. If you are the family we’ve been looking for, we’ll be expecting your application!

We will only be choosing 50 families for this program, so hurry and sign up before the application period closes!

children working on a project

Each kit will have all the tools and wooden pieces you need as well.

Projects for parents:

Projects for Kids:

Wanna sign up now?

If your family is up to the challenge, we will need the following from you:

  1.   A filled-out application form
  2.   If applicable, links to your blog, social media pages, or Youtube channel

Ready to sign up? Please fill out the form below.

We will choose the first batch of applicants on September 1, 2023.