Greenworks 80V Chainsaw Review (2023)

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The Greenworks 80V Chainsaw is promoted as a robust and versatile workhorse for heavy tasks, but is it a gas saw without issues?

Some gas-powered saw units have issues when handling tough jobs and this unit is not an exception. I was curious to see if this electric model would be any different. So, I put it to the test in this Greenworks 80V chainsaw review.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Design and Size

The Greenworks 80V saw is constructed from metal and hard plastic. Like other Greenworks saws, it features the brand’s signature lime green and black contrast. 

The Greenworks Pro 80V is more compact with only 11 lbs in weight without its battery. It weighs around 14.2 lbs. with the battery, which is still significantly lighter than other models of a standard gas chainsaw or battery-operated chainsaw. 

Overall, its portable, lightweight design and sturdy construction make it easier to bring whenever you need to chop down trees, logs, firewood, etc.

Greenworks 80V Chainsaw Features

Overview of Specifications

Bar Length

45.7 cm or 18”


2.0 Ah, 144 Wh

Chain Gauge

1.1 mm (0.05”)

Chain Pitch

9.5 mm (⅜”)

Chain Tensioning

Adjustment Screw

Charging Time

30 minutes


80V Single Port Rapid Charger




Brushless 80V

Oil Capacity

1.9 oz. (around 60 ml)

Warranty Coverage

4 years


Without battery: 11 pounds (4.98 kg)

With 2Ah battery: 14.2 pounds (6.44 kg)

Brushless Motor

The Greenworks utilizes a unique DigiPro brushless motor, giving it an edge in power and torque. True to its reputation, I found its cutting performance impeccable, especially when tackling thick wood logs during use and tests.

Not to mention that the electric motor in Greenworks Pro is the same as a 45cc gas motor, which is outstanding. This is one of the grounds why this chainsaw can compete with the likes of a Stihl gas-powered saw.

Battery Power and Charging Time

Its battery life and power are good and average. 

The Greenworks Pro 80V chainsaw is compatible with different batteries, but it is typically sold with a 2Ah battery. On a full battery charge, you can expect 10 to 15 minutes of continuous cutting. And since you won’t be cutting nonstop, the total work time will be much longer.

The charging intervals aren’t, too, as it recharges quickly from 0% to 100% in about 30 minutes on average.

What I found convenient about the Greenworks’ batteries is that it can tell you how much charge you have left, so you never have to guess when your chainsaw will run out of juice.

Speed Trigger

The chainsaw’s variable speed trigger allows you to be in control of whatever you’re working on. Simply insert the battery, fill the oil box, and begin using the chainsaw right away. That’s how simple and quick it is to get the Greenworks 80v tool up and running.

Bar and Chain

The long bar of the chainsaw is 18 inches, and it’s incredibly durable. The manufacturer used a special type of stainless steel alloy to be robust and long-lasting. This choice gave me full confidence in relying on the saw for all my cutting needs.

You’ve also got the Steel Bucking Spikes to ensure your chain will get deeper and smoother. Also, the chain is very sharp and lubricated, thanks to an auto oiler. 

Besides, an increase in the rate of cutting would allow it to perform the work faster.

Oiling System

Greenworks has an automatic stable flow oiling system to ensure the chain is always well-oiled. Comparatively, the adjustable flow oilers, which let you modify the flow rate in response to changing conditions, are more practical.

The oil tank has a see-through window to easily monitor the oil level; it can hold up to 1.9 ounces (roughly 60 milliliters) of fuel. 

It’s possible that the Greenworks 80V, like many other power tools or chainsaws, will leak while you add chain oil or when you’re ready to store it. To avoid this, I recommend a simple step: opening the cap after use to prevent the oil from being forced out by the vacuum.

In addition, you need to empty and clean the saw’s reservoir before putting it away for an extended period.

The manufacturer claims that any standard bar and chain oil will work properly. To avoid harming the trees, only use vegetable-based pruning products.

Chain Brake

The brake chain of chainsaws from Greenworks did a great job, particularly when the gas chainsaw appeared to be getting out of control.

You can use the electronic chain brake option, located just beside the handle, to immediately stop the chain.

It will keep you in control of the chainsaw and provide you with peace of mind.


The Greenworks Pro 80V GCS80420 is a very capable and powerful tool that can handle most tasks. I had the chance to use it on a variety of trees and logs with ease and efficiency. It cuts well and is capable of handling over 20-inch tall oak trees.

However, it might be better to use a smaller and lighter model for more delicate tasks. Also, compared to a 45cc gas chainsaw, the power may be slightly lower than that of a Husqvarna or Stihl chainsaw

Compared to the Greenworks 40V chainsaws, the GCS80420 Pro 80V is a better performer. It’s also lighter years ahead of its competitors. While they’re good for some light-duty jobs, the GCS80420 Pro 80V is more powerful and capable of cutting through thick and thin materials.

One important thing to remember about the Greenworks GCS80420 is that it has overload protection, which means it will stop working if you push it too hard. This is usually not a big deal, but it can sometimes be annoying. You need to press the power button, then release the trigger, and it will start cutting again.

Ease of Use

The chainsaw’s metal wrap handle is both sturdy and comfortable to hold. The padding is just right for a comfortable hold.

I experienced no signs of tiredness or fatigue while making three or four simultaneous cuts through the thick wood trunk with the chainsaw.

You can also locate the oil box conveniently. To put that in perspective, you need not worry about spilling any motor oil as you attempt to fill it.

Noise Level

One of the most significant edges of using a battery-powered chainsaw is its ability to reduce noise levels. This is especially beneficial if you have neighbors who live nearby.

Unfortunately, the Greenworks Pro 80V did not perform well when it came to reducing the noise levels. Greenworks claims it produces 86.8 decibels [1], which is significantly higher than most other chainsaws. If you’re worried about the volume levels, you might want to consider getting a different model.

Safety Features

There are various safety features have been incorporated into this new model. Some of these include:

Rear and Front Hand Guards

With these features in place, you’re less likely to be injured by flying debris or entangled chains. However, I’d still recommend wearing protective gloves; these safeguards, after all, offer only so much protection.

Overload Protection

If you put too much pressure on the saw, this feature will protect the saw from any damage.

Low Kickback Chain and Reduced Guide Bar ​

It will diminish (but not eliminate) the likelihood and severity of kickback, in which the bar is thrown back violently towards you.

Bumper Spikes

It provides stability when you’re cutting.

Chain Brake

As said earlier, the chain brake is integrated into the front-hand guard. Kickback of sufficient magnitude causes your left hand to be pressed up against the brake, which in turn propels the brake forward and stops the chain.

Accessories + Charger

The Greenworks Pro 80V ships with the usual assortment of accessories. This includes a wrench/screwdriver, a protective scabbard bar, and some chain oil.
Unluckily, the package does not include the charges and the battery. So you must purchase them separately

Price and Warranty

Greenworks offers a 4-year warranty on their products, which is a good enough customer guarantee. However, you’ll find the price of this model or brand slightly higher than its most counterparts. 

But given the excellent features, it is still worth its value, especially when you need a tool for cutting thick wood trunks. 

Customer Experience

Most users and woodworkers who shared their Greenworks 80V chainsaw reviews had positive experiences with the model:

Greenworks 80V vs. Ego 56 Chainsaw

It’s a different story comparing the Greenworks 80V chainsaw and the EGO 56V chainsaw. Both saws were great, but the Greenworks had slightly more power than the EGO 56V. 

The EGO chainsaw can last a bit longer, allowing you to make more cuts and complete more tasks. Unfortunately, the EGO chainsaw seems like a child’s plaything. You’ll enjoy working with it, but it cannot surpass the capacity of Greenworks’. 

Greenworks has taken a more conventional route, and the result is a saw that feels right at home in the hands of pros while still delivering the same level of performance, just like standard compact gas saws.

Greenworks 80V vs. 40V Chainsaw

With an 18-inch bar and chain, the 80V model is the obvious winner when it comes to power than the Greenworks 40V (12-inch) cordless chainsaw model. The latter chainsaw, which is an electric unit, also has the familiar feel of a gas-powered model, as marketed by the brand. 

You may not feel the need to make the switch to the Greenworks 80V chainsaw because of how similar it is to a gas saw. You get a more lightweight model, but you also don’t necessarily get improved performance. Plus, working with cordless chainsaws will be less noisy than with gas-powered chainsaws.

Greenworks 80V vs. Black & Decker 40V Chainsaw

The Black & Decker Max to be pretty useful for cutting smaller trees. But, if you’re dealing with anything larger than 12 inches in diameter, it might not be your best bet. Compared to the Greenworks model, it doesn’t pack as much power and efficiency, and the startup delay can catch you off guard.

That said, the Greenworks model’s instant-on power has an edge over the Black & Decker 40V Chainsaw.

Review Conclusion: Greenworks 80V Chainsaw

From my Greenworks 80V chainsaw review, the unit has proven to be a great choice for a professional-grade battery-powered saw. Its runtime is exceptional, and it has an incredibly quick recharge time.

This allows me to focus more on the task at hand and worry less about constantly checking the battery meter. With its extended bar, metal bucking spike, and vertical oil tank, it’s quickly become one of my go-to choices from the brand.

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