Any woodwork needs a versatile wood lathe machine with a speed range capable of handling different wood pieces. Although you have lots of options, finding tools suitable for other large-diameter projects can be tricky. In this post, our resident woodworkers will evaluate if this lathe offers excellent value for money or will warrant a disappointing return process.




The first thing you’ll inevitably notice with Grizzly machines is their durable exterior design. These power metal lathes are considerably larger than other options and weigh around 584 pounds. You may not know it, but bigger lathe machines will enable users to turn large bowls and furniture pieces with minimal vibrations.

This well-balancing lathe also impressed us with its extensive cast-iron bed, approximately 42 inches long that made it easier for our team to drill press any type of wood typically used in woodworking projects.

Grizzly G0766 Features

Motor Power

Our team will begin this Grizzly G0766 review by assessing the lathe’s motor power. When selecting a wood lathe, the first feature you should take note of is its motor power. This feature is the lead indicator of how fast and efficient your lathe machine will work. Lucky for you, Grizzly G0766 operates with an impressive 3 HP motor that runs in a variable speed range of 100 to 3200 RPM. 

With its adequate horsepower, this lathe is capable of a low-speed range that’ll be quite useful when handling delicate materials with complex wood patterns.

Headstock and Tailstock

We also noticed that this lathe is integrated with a headstock capable of turning 180 degrees. This feature made it easier for us to rough out different materials during our series of tests. Its swing over tool rest base of 18 inches inevitably gives users added comfort and support during the laborious woodturning operations.

You’ll also have no problem keeping your materials firmly locked to the lathe bed because the Grizzly G0766 tailstock barrel travel is sized around 4 ¼ inches. It also ensures that the spindle remains in the central position during the rotation of the material. 

And did we mention that the headstock, tailstock, and tool rest of this lathe includes a lever-action cam? Thanks to this feature, we were able to take advantage of its quick positioning capabilities for a much faster operation.


As if all these features didn’t convince us enough, our woodturning enthusiasts also found it incredibly easy to switch and remove chucks from the lathe machine, highly owed to its indexed 1 ¼ inch x 8 TPI RH spindle.


Floor standing tools like wood lathe machines need a good foundation for stable operations. As it’ll be running with a powerful engine, manufacturers of Grizzly G0766 understood the need for cast-iron construction to minimize vibration during the operation.

Variable Speed Control

One of the attractive features our woodworking experts noticed while conducting Grizzly G0766  reviews is its good speed control. Thanks to its single-phase frequency drive, our enthusiasts could take advantage of its variable speeds and switch from low to high speeds whenever necessary.


As a lathe initially operating from low speeds ranging from 100 to 1200 RPM and a high-speed range of 100 to 3200 RPM, there’s no doubt that this lathe can handle a variety of woodturning tasks. And because it has lots of clearance and torque, there’s no question that it will deliver high performance even at a low-speed range.

Ease of Use

With its sliding headstock, users of these lathes have the freedom to position the wood anywhere along the bed. It also enables you to control the machine’s flexibility, allowing you to handle more complex projects. On top of that, it has a 22-inch swing capacity, giving you enough space for larger materials.

Safety Features

When dealing with power tools [1] like a lathe machine, you’d need an extra layer of protection more than you’d think. Lucky for you, this lathe tool has enough weight to stand its ground and resist vibrations from the running motor that often cause unprecedented accidents.

Review Conclusion: Grizzly G0766

After conducting series of tests in these Grizzly G0766 reviews, our woodturning experts concluded that this tool is highly suitable for heavier projects. From its heavy-duty construction that adds stability to its variable frequency drive, rest assured that this lathe will be a great addition to your woodworking shop. 

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