How Much is a 1/4 Cord of Wood? Average Cost, Volume & More

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Considering the rising costs of products globally, you might wonder how much is ¼ cord of wood. The average prices differ from state to state, and you may likely pay higher in your location.

In any case, you have come to the right spot. Our wood experts will explain everything you need to know about the average cost of a quarter cord of wood.  

What is a Quarter Cord of Wood?

A cord is the standard metric of volume measurement for firewood. However, a cord may be too much for what you want to do. 

Quarter Cord of Wood

A quarter cord of wood is four feet tall, six feet wide, and 16″ deep. This is becoming a popular wood measurement because the wood is easier to stock. 

Another measurement that you should consider is a rick of firewood, which is a fractional portion of a full cord. It is 4 feet tall and 8 feet long

Can You Buy a ¼ Cord of Wood?

Although a cord of wood is the traditional measurement, you can still buy a ¼ cord of wood and ½ cord of wood. Many local suppliers agree to sell this wood measurement. However, the price may slightly differ from location to location.

What is the Size of a ¼ Cord of Wood?

The size of a ¼ cord of wood is 4ft. (height) x 6ft. (wide) x 16” (depth). 

What is the Volume of a ¼ Cord of Wood?

The volume of a ¼ cord of wood is 32 cubic feet. That is equivalent to 12 bundles of wood pieces.

Quarter Cord of Wood properly stacked

How Should a ¼ Cord of Wood Cost?

A ¼ cord of wood should cost from $40 – $80. The cost depends on the location of the wood and time. 

Other Price Considerations to Know

Wood Type

The wood type is a significant factor that affects the average cost of wood cords. Woods have various burning capabilities. 

For example, hardwood is costlier than softwood because it produces higher heat levels over a long period with less smoke. Hardwoods like oak and maple costs an average of $300. 

Cut Type

Larger pre-stacked cords of wood will attract higher charges since the logs would be cut into the length you need. It will save you time from hauling the woods to length and make storage easier. 


However, if you don’t think the convenience is worth the extra bucks, you can leave the wood uncut. If you have access to a log splitter and can operate one, you can cut the wood yourself.


Where you reside can affect the price of wood cords. Colder places will have a high demand for wood. Hence, the costs will be higher than in warmer areas with low demand for wood. 

You can find inexpensive cords in states like Michigan, with a starting price of $120. But, it costs up to $400 in places like California and New York.   


The supplier’s location will affect the price of transportation. Not all suppliers offer free delivery. So, bear in mind that you might pay extra for delivery. 

wood on a red cart

Some drivers charge as high as $100 to deliver your goods. Fuel costs and time are usually factored in when charging for delivery.


If you’re purchasing a quarter cord of wood in winter, you’ll most likely pay double the price[1]. Summer and spring are usually the best periods to buy wood cords because they cost significantly less.


Fresh cut wood costs less than dry seasoned wood because the former contains about 50% more moisture. Hence, it doesn’t make good quality firewood. Seasoned wood has about 15% moisture and burns well.

Where to Find 1/4 Cords of Wood for Sale Near Me

You can find ¼ cords of wood for sale in several local stores. Wood is a commonly used material. So, it shouldn’t be hard to find a supplier. However, our team advises that you reach out to different stores to find the best prices.


How long does a 1/4 cord of wood last?

A ¼ cord of wood lasts for about two weeks, depending on the usage, type of wood, and season. Softwood burns faster than hardwood. Hence, it won’t last long.

What does a 1/4 cord of wood look like?

A ¼ cord of wood is 4 ft. tall, 6″ wide, and 16″ deep. It is the typical measurement, although it could vary by location.


The average cost of a wood cord has been widely debatable over the past few months. But, thanks to our wood team’s hard work and research, you know how much is ¼ cord of wood, the volume, and the standard measurement.  

By taking the time to compare the prices according to various suppliers, you’ll save lots of money. 

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