How to Cut 45-Degree Angles With a Miter Saw (Step-by-Step)

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Angle cuts are essential for many constructions and woodworking tasks. With a miter saw, you may make angled cuts, also known as miter cuts. 

However, this can be intimidating if you are only familiar with the standard chopping function. If you want to how to cut 45-degree angles with a miter saw, allow our woodworkers to walk you through each step in this guide:

Should I Use a Miter Saw to Cut 45-Degree Angles?

A miter saw is an ideal device for making 45-degree cuts. It is designed precisely for this purpose, making 45 degrees cut at various materials.

What’s more, miter saws are awesome because you can use them to cut angles other than right angles. The ability to make 45-degree cuts in horizontal and vertical planes with single, high-quality miter saw bevels and pivots.

Various instruments exist for this purpose, especially for miter cuts at an angle (horizontal). You can also use a miter box with a handsaw or circle saw (more or less a stand that enables you to pivot the saw). However, this method isn’t as precise or simple as using a real miter saw.

Genesis GMS1015LC miter saw

A table saw is another tool in your toolkit. Table saws perform admirably. But they are typically too large and unwieldy to be used anywhere other than in the comfort of one’s home. 

You could even use a hand-held jigsaw or a table-based bandsaw if you have plenty of time and aren’t planning on making too many cuts.

Unfortunately, none of the tools will help you out in any way. Thus, the miter saw is the best equipment for this job.

Using a Miter Saw for 45-Degree Cuts: 2 Methods

45-Degree Miter Cuts

Step #1: Prep the Miter Saw

Preparation is the first stage and is the most crucial.

First, you’ll want to ensure your miter saw is firmly fastened to a stable base. Then, check that the miter saw is operational, hasn’t broken down, and is in good shape.

non-sliding miter saw

Before beginning, ensure you have all the necessary protective gear, including clothing.

Step #2: Measure and Mark the Cutting Line

Take the piece of wood that you will use for the 45-degree angle cut.

Measure a line cut on the wood with the necessary measurement instruments, like a compass or T-square, and then draw the line with chalk, pen, pencil, or whatever you want.

Step #3: Secure the Board

Now, position the board on the miter saw’s cutting surface.

To use a miter saw safely, you must brace the long end of the board against the saw’s fence. Maintaining control of the cutting motion will help you make a clean cut and reduce the risk of injury from kickback.

preparing and securing board to cut with a miter saw

Step #4: Set the Angle

You must put the wood on the saw’s table and up against the fence before unblocking the pivot joint. The blade can be pivoted to a 45-degree left or right angle.

Without starting the saw, slide the blade down to the wood at a 45-degree angle to check for squareness. Check if the wood still requires some rearranging.

Step #5: Cut Away

All left to do now is turn on the miter saw, rev up the blade, and slowly work your way down through the wood.

cutting the angle

Try not to use too much force. You shouldn’t have to do much of anything aside from directing the saw.

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45-Degree Bevel Cuts

Step #1: Prep the Miter Saw and Board

Repeatedly check that your miter saw is securely fastened to a work area, that the correct blade is installed, and that the saw is in good working order. Remember to dress appropriately and use protective equipment.

After you’ve finished all that, you may begin marking your wood with measurements. You must use proper measuring tools and that thorough checking of all measurements is routinely performed. 

You can move on to the next stage once you have established your working environment and completed any necessary measurements.

cutting with miter saw

Step #2: Measure and Mark the Line

A 45-degree bevel cut begins with the same preparation as a 45-degree miter cut: setting the board on the miter saw’s table and bracing it against the fence.

Step #3: Set the Angle

Once the bevel lock is released, the saw blade can be beveled to the left or right to achieve the appropriate angle in the vertical plane, 45 degrees in this case. To double-check that everything is square, move the blade down to the wood without turning it on and shift the wood as necessary.

Remember that a compound miter saw allows you to do both bevel and miter cuts, so if you want to create a 45-degree horizontal and vertical angle cut, you may do so by adjusting the blade to that setting.

Step #4: Cut Away

Making the final cut is the ultimate goal here. It’s as easy as turning on the miter saw, waiting for the blade to reach full speed, and then guiding it down through the wood. 

(For more tips on cutting angles, check this guide on how to measure and cut 45-degree angles in wood.) 

45 degree angle cutting

Cutting and Safety Tips + What to Avoid

Let’s go over a few brief safety measures to keep you from harm while using a miter saw to cut 45-degree angles:


Now that we’ve shown you how to cut 45-degree angles with a miter saw, you can work on a variety of projects that require this technique. The coolest feature is that you can also use it to make bevel and miter cuts at 45 degrees.

It’s one of the most adaptable wood saws available; therefore, you should consider buying one.

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