How to Get Your Lawn Mower Ready for Summer

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Summer heralds the arrival of the mowing season, and with it, the need to prepare your trusty lawnmower for the upcoming yard work. Failing to properly maintain this essential tool can lead to a host of problems when you’re out in the field, leaving you frustrated and with an unevenly cut lawn.

Fortunately, I’m here to provide you with expert guidance on preparing your lawnmower for the summer season to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable mowing experience. 

Tips for Using a Lawn Mower During the Summer Season

Finding the right time to mow is one of the crucial steps of lawn care during the summer season. If you ask mowing experts, it’s best to begin all the cutting work when the ground is warm enough. If you want the best results when using a mower, ensure that the excess moisture on the grass has evaporated. 

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Assuming that you’ll be pulling out your Bad Boy mower from storage, it’s smart to check if there are parts that need replacement as your Bad Boy mower can pose numerous problems during usage.

How to Prepare Your Lawn Mower for the Summer

If you want your mower to last longer, you need to follow several maintenance procedures before the mowing season begins. First, check if you drained the leftover gas since the last time you’ve used the machine. In case you don’t know, letting old fuel in the gas tank may damage your mower in the long run. 

It will also help if you keep the mower’s engaged surfaces like its wheel bearing and cables well-lubricated for smooth driving. On top of that, spraying silicone solution under the mowing deck will prevent rusting and lessen the chances of grass build-up when you use the mower. 

Important Considerations When Buying a New Mower

Comparing the Different Types of Lawn Mowers

Did you know that there are different types of lawnmowers on the market? So if you’re shopping for one, you should consider weighing specific mowing requirements and needs before deciding. 

For example, if you have a small and flat yard, gas-powered push mowers are the best option to buy. On the other hand, a self-propelled mower is great if you want a model that could make your grass-cutting tasks easier regardless of lawn size.

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Should you find yourself dealing with wider and more complex landscapes, riding mowers should solve your mowing dilemma. It also comes with zero-turn variations, which is a helpful feature when mowing in landscapes that require fast turns. 

Can You Use a Lawn Mower to Cut Wet Grass?

Mowing on wet grass fields can pose dangers as the ground can be a little slippery to mow in, as it is not best time to cut grass on your lawn. The mower wheel may also leave marks on your lawn, which is not pleasing to look at. Remember that lawn roots are thread-like [1], so they can be damaged easily once the wet clippings settle on the lawn.

When is the Right Time to Cut Before the Summer?

If the lawn has grown at least three inches tall, it’s ready for cutting. Consider only slicing one-third of the grass length and keeping it consistent at two inches because it prevents the field from being too dry. 

Must-Know Maintenance Tips During the Summer

Spark Plug

Every season, remember to check the mower’s spark plug. If it is faulty, don’t hesitate to replace it. This simple maintenance task will make it much easier for the unit to start up after storage.

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Engine Oil

Changing engine oil can save your mower from potential internal damage. Typical mowers including those made by Bad Boy brand require changing it once for every mowing season or every 50 hours of usage.

Air Filter

Dust and residues may clog your air filter and prevent mowers from starting. Your user’s manual suggests that regularly replacing them will save you from unnecessary interruptions during the mowing process.


Check if the blades are still sharp for an effective mowing session. There are times when this mower part needs sharpening and replacement as well, so it’s best to inspect it thoroughly. 

Oil and Gas

If you don’t want any gas or oil spoilage in your mower tank, the undisputable solution is to throw a fuel stabilizer there before storing the unit.

Tips for Storing Mowers Properly

Learning to prepare your mower also includes knowing how to store the cutting tool properly. One of the key tips I hope you keep in mind is cleaning the mower thoroughly after every usage. 

Check all the parts from top to bottom and drain the oil if you’re going to store the mower for a long period of time.


What height should you set the lawn mower blade during the summer?

You should set your lawn mower blade in three inches height settings during the summer. Since it’s the regular mowing season, it should be the ideal choice to use the ideal mower deck height. However, this configuration should still be based on the overall lawn condition rather than the common calculations. 


As someone with a wealth of hands-on experience and expertise in using lawn mowers, I’d like to emphasize the importance of being well-prepared for the summer mowing season. While there may be no foolproof method, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of the process.

If you find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed or unsure, revisit this guide or consult your lawn mower’s user manual. By doing so, you can ensure that your mowing experience remains smooth and enjoyable throughout the summer. 

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