Husqvarna Z254 Review (2023) — Is this Zero Turn Mower Worth It?

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The Z254 zero turn mower is a “legendary” model famed for its maneuverability and faster drive, but is it worth it? I understand the hesitation given its premium price. 

That’s why I’ve personally taken a deep dive into the Husqvarna Z254, ensuring that you get the value you’re looking for without any regrets.

What I Like

What I Don't Like


The eye-catching body of the Husqvarna Z254 is a bright orange with a high-back seat for comfort. Although the seat doesn’t have a premium suspension system, it’s still quite comfortable when you head over those gopher mounds. This riding lawn mower is a sturdy thing, with one of the largest decks I have seen.

If you’re tentative about the comfort, don’t be. Due to the zero turn radius, your mowing job will be finished much faster before you feel any discomfort. The cushioning is decent enough on the Husqvarna Z254 for most people.

Husqvarna Z254 Features


The Z254 riding mower gives customers a lot of power, with options of a 26 HP Kohler engine, a 24 HP Briggs and Stratton, or a 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine. Most people may choose the 26 HP Kohler for the horsepower, but any of the three will be sufficient for the average mower.

As for the speed, you can get up to 6.5 mph, which is also average for a riding mower of this price range. The 6.5 mph could get the average yard done in less than 30 min. Another feature that pertains to the power is the automatic choke system, which allows users to start up the motor engine in no time at all.

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Deck of Husqvarna Z254

Having worked with numerous lawn mowers over the years, I was genuinely impressed by the Husqvarna Z254’s deck size. At a substantial 54 inches, it’s larger than many others I’ve encountered. 

And it’s not just about size; the deck boasts high-quality flat-stock steel and stamped steel reinforcements, ensuring longevity. Plus, I appreciate the flexibility of its 6 adjustable positions, made even more user-friendly with the spring-assisted lift system.


The Z254 features a few controls that increases the safety and usability of the model. Let’s start with the automatic braking system, a highly effective feature of this mower. The auto parking brake system will either activate or deactivate when you move the steering levers.
Meanwhile, the integrated control panel places everything in one location, making the zero turn lawn mower incredibly easy to use. The pedals located below have slip-proof pads so you can increase or decrease speed with little difficulty. This system makes the Z254 zero turn riding mower much safer than other lawn mowers.

Cutting Performance: Husqvarna Z254

The larger cutting deck is partially responsible for the efficacy of the Z254 zero turn lawn mower, which also features air induction mowing technology. What the technology does is the air is drawn from both the top and the bottom of the deck, instead of just from one direction, to enhance the cut quality and grass lift.

The cutting performance will also depend on which of the engines you choose. The Kawasaki engine, for example, is quiet and lightweight. Even though it can seem less substantial, it still handled uneven terrain and thick grass successfully, much better than a regular push mower.

The 26 horsepower [1] Kohler engine can handle anything other riding mowers can, but it excelled with wet and tall grass. The Briggs and Stratton engine completed regular lawn mowing with zero issues and handled rough terrain amazingly.


Husqvarna zero turn lawn mowers including other models like the Husqvarna z246i are famous for their maneuverability, and I couldn’t agree more. They can cut corners easily and are the “drifters” in the mower world. 

But what exactly is the zero turn feature and how does it make your life easier? That brings us to the next item on the list.

Zero Turn Capacity of Husqvarna Z254

As the name suggests, the zero turn capacity of the Z254 mower allows mowers to make turns with the steering control at zero radius. Zipping around with no turning radius cuts the working time in half and allows you to control the mower with more comfort. If you are looking for speed and smooth riding, then your search ends here.

As for aesthetics, the results will provide less weed eating and the cut job will be much cleaner compared to models that do not have zero turns. If you want to be the residence on the block with the impeccable lawn, then I strongly suggest opting for a zero turn mower.


While it doesn’t feel exactly like sinking into a cozy armchair, its high-back seat with the adequate cushioning does the job. It’s designed in such a way that it comfortably contours to my legs and gives that much-needed support to my lower back, making long jobs more bearable.

And trust me, even when you push that Kohler engine to its limits, this seat does an impressive job at dampening most ground vibrations, even on less-than-smooth terrains.

LED Lights

Although it’s not a car, having LED lights on the bumper is still a nifty feature to have. It’s not a full-on headlight, which could effectively illuminate the way, but the presence of these small lights will make it easier for mowers to work into the night.

Having LED lights also means you won’t be restricted to mowing your lawn during the day, but unless you have special reasons, I suggest not doing so after hours as it may disturb your neighbors.

Accessories: Husqvarna Z254

If you feel the Husqvarna Z254 reviews you have read so far depict a machine that doesn’t offer much in terms of extra accessories, rest assured that there are additional add-ons you can invest in.

For starters, you can add an LED headlight if the bumper lights just don’t cut it. You can also find an engine guard that will protect the motor to guarantee peak performance for years to come.

You can also choose to add a sweeper, a dump cart, a front scoop blade and even a battery pack to your Z254. The front scoop blade is an addition I enjoyed using. The blade acts as a shovel and can haul heavy obstacles such as rocks and other debris out of the way. 

A front scoop blade can also be used to dig or cover up uneven ground to make it easier for your mower to pass.

I also want to place more focus on the mulching kit. The kit makes cleanup easy and you can use the waste to replenish your lawn.

There is also an arm rest kit if you would like a place to rest your elbows. However, the Z254 already includes onboard storage and a cup holder for your favorite drink. If you need to hitch anything to the back of your mower, the company also offers a rear hitch kit complete with mounting hardware.

Then there is the deck belt, which needs replacement every so often and isn’t really considered an additional accessory. The periodic replacement of the deck belt will ensure things keep running as smoothly as possible every use and to engine issues on the Husqvarna mower

Another thing that increases the usability and performance of the mower is the triple bagger. It consists of three bags that collect your grass clippings and other debris for easy dumping after the job is done. Also, the Husqvarna Z254F zero-turn mower comes with a plow attachment for an all-in-one usage. 

Additional Features

This particular model stands out with its exceptional engine ventilation. It guarantees consistent airflow while in use. The sizable cooling fans play a vital role in keeping the engine at its ideal temperature, which in my experience, can significantly prolong the machine’s life. 

Plus, I truly value the choice it offers between discharging, mulching, or bagging the clippings, making disposal a breeze.

Price and Warranty of Husqvarna Z254

I’ve always been honest when it comes to pricing, and I can say the Husqvarna Z254 is an expensive product but worth the amount. You will find that most zero turning mowers out there come in at around 2-3K and some over, making the Z254 an average one.

For what you get with the mower, such as a large cutting deck design, your choice of Kohler, Kawasaki or Briggs & Stratton engines, zero turning, a high quality build, multiple attachments and many other features, the price is a decent one.

Some customer reviews mention warranty repair problems, but my Husqvarna Z254 review was very pleasant. I didn’t run into any issues during testing, but we did contact customer service in case this Husqvarna riding mower fails to start in the future.

We also asked about certain concerns, and were met with helpful individuals that outlined the details of the 3-year warranty.

Many mower products come with a short warranty of a year, which is pretty standard. The fact that the Z254 mower comes with a 3-year warranty is definitely a bonus.

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Husqvarna Z254 Review Conclusion

As far as a riding mower goes, the Z254 from Husqvarna is of a superior quality. I was surprised by how efficient the zero turn feature is and how much time it decreased from the job. 

Most other zero turn ones don’t have a deck as large and the grass can’t be discharged, mulched and bagged by choice. For simple maneuverability, there is nothing better than a zero turning mower such as the Husqvarna HZ254.

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