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Choosing between a corded jigsaw or a battery operated tool boils down to preference. On one hand, you have a more dependable power source that does not require recharging, on the other hand, it is a jigsaw that allows more mobility. 

For those who prefer the latter or whose work would have them benefit more from a cordless option, the Dewalt DCS331B 20-Volt, MAX Li-Ion Jigsaw is one often recommended by users. It is a high powered, high-speed jigsaw from a reputable manufacturer and also has the convenience of an easy to operate design and a dependable battery set.

After thoroughly testing the Dewalt DCS331B in my own workshop, I’m convinced of its merits. Let me share some standout features that might just make you consider adding this jigsaw to your collection.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

DEWALT DCS331B Main Features


For a price that is higher than most of the available of jigsaws, you can expect the Dewalt DCS331B to be packing more power than usual. And indeed, you get that from the machine that can top up to 3000 strokes per minute (SPM). The speed can be controlled through the trigger to achieve the desired result. The power of the jigsaw also depends on the top quality of its materials, which leads us to my next point…

Powerful blade

From my experience, the efficiency of a jigsaw is significantly influenced by the blade you choose. The blade that comes with the DCS331B is top-notch. I’ve easily cut through various materials like wood, plastic, metal, and aluminum with it. Plus, the control while cutting is commendable. Just a heads up: this jigsaw is designed to work with T-shank blades.

I have a minor objection on the design that would prompt a user to pull out the blade after extensive use. Doing so is easy in principle, but not so much in the application; the blade can be uncomfortable to touch and may require an added layer of protection to the hands such as gloves.

Effortless blade replacement

Under typical circumstances, changing the blade is a simple task. In my evaluation of the Dewalt DCS331B, I discovered that it features a keyless blade change system, facilitating quick and efficient blade replacements.

Accurate and precise cuts

This jigsaw takes on different features to ensure a smooth and seamless work on a variety of materials. For one, a user can shift through the different orbital settings to do varied cuts that are still consistent in quality, regardless if they may be straight lines or curves. 

Another is the adjustable shoe bevel that can be angled at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees. The Dewalt DCS331B also comes with a dust blower. This could be adjusted as necessary and clear out debris for easier and clearer cutting of your material of choice.

Built to last a long time

Durability is often expected for the Dewalt DCS331B’s price point, and in this area, the jigsaw does not disappoint. The manufacturer has ensured that the materials that went into its creation are high-quality metals, with no part spared. 

In case it gives out sooner than expected, Dewalt has its customers covered with a limited warranty of three years.

Made for your convenience

I have already mentioned that the Dewalt DCS331B is of the cordless variety, and that has its advantages. With this jigsaw, you will not be limited by the inaccessibility of a power supply or even just an extension cord. 

This means you can take it in most places granted that its batteries have been fully recharged or at least hold enough juice. There is minimal planning required save for charging ahead of your scheduled saw work. What’s more, it can be employed in both home and professional settings.

Given the weight of the jigsaw, at 5.4 lbs, convenience might not be the first thing you consider. However, DeWalt mitigates this with a thoughtful anti-slip grip, which, in my experience, does offer a reassuring sense of security during operation.

The adjustable dust blower I mentioned earlier is another convenience-focused feature. Having used it, I found there’s barely a need to wipe off the dust to see the cut lines on your work, making the task a little more hassle-free.

A powerful and reliable battery system

Dewalt always worries over having to charge the equipment often by requiring 1.5, 3.0 and 4.0 Ah batteries for the jigsaw. The run time before the battery needs to be recharged is impressive. 

However, the necessary parts to power the DCS331B — both the batteries and the charger — are not provided by the brand. These must be bought in addition to the jigsaw itself.

Other accessories included

Besides the Dewalt DCS331B jigsaw, the package should include a T-shank jigsaw blade and a kit box.

DEWALT DCS331B Review Conclusion

The Dewalt DCS331B is a powerful and versatile jigsaw that can do both straight and curved cuts seamlessly. It boasts of a cordless design that makes it easier to bring in most places. The batteries are capable of sustaining the jigsaw for many hours, but these are sold separately.

You can think of the DCS331B as an investment. It may not be as cheap as other options in the market, but you can count on it to last you years for its durable design. Even if saw work is just a hobby, you can use the machine to perfect your craft with the versatility and accuracy it provides. The three-year warranty that comes with the product does not hurt in case the condition of the jigsaw needs to be reassessed.

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