Makita XRJ07ZB Review (2023) — Is This Reciprocating Saw Good?

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In my years of woodworking, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out numerous tools. These experiences have sharpened my sense of what works and what doesn’t, particularly in the realm of professional woodworking. 

The Makita XRJ07ZB is a product that recently caught my attention, and after putting it to the test, here’s what I have to say.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Features of the Makita XRJ07ZB

Brushless Motor

The inclusion of a brushless motor in the Makita XRJ07ZB stands as one of its prime attributes. Unlike traditional motors, which employ brushes to transfer power to the moving parts, brushless motors utilize electronic means. 

The immediate advantage is its optimized efficiency. This means they are cooler in operation due to the reduction in friction compared to other saw types, which translates to a prolonged lifespan of the motor. 

Furthermore, they consistently deliver power, ensuring that the tool performs at its peak, even under challenging conditions.

2-Speed Selection

The dual-speed setting, offering 0-3,000 & 0-2,300 strokes per minute, presents users with options tailored to their task. This speed variability ensures optimal cutting, whether you’re sawing through robust materials like metal or softer substances like wood. 

This feature does more than just expedite the cutting process; it empowers users to achieve precision, ensuring the final result is up to professional standards.

Refined Crank Mechanism

At the heart of this power tool is its refined crank mechanism, designed with meticulous care to minimize blade deflection. What this ensures is a straighter, more accurate cut. Additionally, by reducing vibration, it offers a dual advantage. 

Firstly, this feature is an invaluable ally for craftsmen involved in intricate woodworking or those who demand precision. Secondly, curbing undue vibration ensures user comfort and reduces fatigue, allowing for extended work periods without discomfort.

Electric Brake

The electric brake feature underscores the tool’s commitment to safety. Once the trigger is let go, the tool stops almost instantaneously. This immediate halt minimizes the risk of accidental cuts or mishaps and helps conserve blade life. 

Over time, this can lead to significant savings in terms of blade replacement costs and ensuring safe working conditions.

Tool-less Blade Change

In the dynamic environment of a workshop, efficiency is everything. The tool-less blade change feature embedded in the Makita XRJ07ZB is a testimony to this ethos. Gone are the days when one had to rummage for a specific tool to replace a worn-out blade. 

With this feature, blade swaps become straightforward, swift, and hassle-free. This is more than just a convenience; it’s a feature that can significantly boost productivity by cutting down on unnecessary pauses in work.

Combined, each feature makes the Makita XRJ07ZB a formidable tool, marrying efficiency, precision, and safety in one compact package.

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Customer Experience

From woodworking and carpentry forums to buyer feedback, the consensus is largely positive. Many appreciate its power-to-size ratio [1] and the overall durability of the product.  

Some hobbyists found the price a bit daunting but acknowledged the noticeable difference in quality when comparing it to cheaper alternatives. 

Another point of contention was the proprietary battery system, but those already invested in the Makita ecosystem saw this as a non-issue.

Review Conclusion: Makita XRJ07ZB

In woodworking, precision, durability, and efficiency are paramount. The Makita XRJ07ZB delivers on all these fronts. While it comes with a slightly higher price tag and proprietary battery use, the trade-offs in power, accuracy, and user-friendly features make it a worthy addition to any woodworker’s toolkit. 

I highly recommend it to professionals and serious hobbyists looking for an upgrade.

Robert Johnson is a passionate furniture maker & carpenter, sought after for his knowledge on the craft.
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Robert is the brain behind Sawinery, where he aims to share tips, tricks, and a passion for all things carpentry.
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