Makita XSH06PT Review (2023) — Is This Cordless Saw Powerful?

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Makita power tools are known for superior durability and power, but are these features also guaranteed in their cordless circular saw models? While we have these advanced cordless tools, they often fall short in battery power and life, which means poor cutting performance. 

Because of this, our pro woodworkers have conducted Makita XSH06PT reviews to determine how this tool performs in various tasks. 

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Design and Build Quality

Like any other tool under the brand, Makita 18V X2 LXT circular saw showcases the manufacturer’s signature blue color palette. If you inspect the model closely, you’ll notice that it has an ergonomic design and a compact structure with a length of 13.5 inches.

The bare tool may seem lightweight, but this cordless circular saw guarantees durability with a base made from die-cast magnesium. You’ll also spot a blade guard and cover in its construction. 

You may not know, but all these features, especially the blade cover, provide this unit a lighter weight than other circular saws. We also liked how its brushless motor has a flat housing because it keeps the tool stable during blade maintenance and replacement. 

We don’t doubt that professional loggers will find this circular saw convenient, especially when they see its built-in tether notch. However, similar to the rafter hook, you should know that the accessories for this feature are sold separately.  

Some may argue that this Makita cordless circular saw isn’t easy to control because it’s not a rear-handle model. But if you ask our experts, its rubberized soft-grip handle is more than enough to execute accurate cuts. 

Unlike other circular saws of the same price, it showcases a battery capacity indicator. These lights can inform the user if it’s time to grab the charger from the tool bag, preventing the sudden halt of cutting operations.  

Makita XSH06PT Features

Overview of Specifications

Brushless Motor Power

While the best cordless circular saws can offer more power than Makita XSH06PT, not every model operates with brushless motors. Many tool enthusiasts are after this feature because it can eliminate carbon brushes. 

Without that component, the brushless motor can run cooler. Thanks to that, this Makita cordless circular saw can enjoy longer tool life than other models.

The manufacturers use five different brushless motor engines in their LXT product line, where Makita XASH06PT belongs. Each has distinct specifications suitable for the tool, providing enhanced power and speed range.the

Battery Runtime

Like it or not, the brushless motor technology gives this cordless circular saw an edge over battery power. And with the accompaniment of Makita 18V X2 LXT technology, you can count on this tool to produce 610 crosscuts per charge when cutting 2×4 SPF lumber. 

If you ask our experts, the feature that makes its runtime and cut capacity higher than other saws is its two Makita 18V X2 LXT lithium-ion batteries [1]

In fact, having two 5.0Ah batteries allow this Makita cordless circular saw to execute around 320 crosscuts per charge on wood pieces ranging in 2×10 sizes. 

Max Efficiency Blade Quality

Given Makita’s reputation for producing high-quality blades, it comes as no surprise that this circular saw also embodies that same level of craftsmanship.

The XSH06PT model has an integrated blade under Makita’s Max Efficiency product line. So far, our first-hand experience proves that it can deliver fast and efficient cutting action with precise saw cuts. 

Cutting Performance and Quality

You can expect this model to slice through typical lumber pieces without problems since it’s a modern circular saw. It can even beat out rear-handle models considering it only took around 13.54 seconds for it to execute an 8-foot cut in a 4×4 pine material. 

Our testers also observed more refined and smoother cuts when using this unit than circular saws from other alternative brands. 

Besides running with more than one battery, its built-in fans ensure the tool won’t be interrupted during the cutting operations. 

You don’t need to worry about experiencing over-discharging or overheating when using this Makita cordless circular saw because it has star protection computer controls. 

Weight and Ease of Use

Power tools weighing 10.9 lbs belong to the lightweight category, especially if you compare them with traditional circular saws. Despite not being a rear-handle unit, its improved dust and water resistance allows it to operate in harsh conditions with minimal damage risk. 

Even if you’re a woodworking newbie, you wouldn’t be too overwhelmed using this saw because of its automatic speed change settings. Like the Makita XCU03PT1, it allows users to set the cutting pace and torque level to align with specific project needs. 

Dust Port

We all know that cutting tools produce sawdust and dirt particles during the operation, so it’s a relief that Makita XSH06PT has a built-in dust port attachment. This feature lets your saw connect to any vacuum device at your woodworking shop. 

It may seem trivial, but cleaning your cut line from debris improves accuracy during operations and prevents accidents or severe injuries. 

Keeping the workspace dust-free is also crucial because extensive exposure to airborne particles can harm your health in the long run.

Rapid Optimum Charger

You may not know, but this circular saw has a more efficient charging process than other tools. Why? Because manufacturers equipped the unit with a built-in fan system that cools the battery down faster.

Makita technology gives XSH06PT a category-leading charge time. Thanks to this, the two 18V X2 LXT lithium-ion batteries spend more time operating instead of staying in charging mode. 

Its dual port charger also opens communication with batteries built-in chip as the cordless circular saw recharges. It initiates battery optimization while actively controlling current, electric voltage, and tool temperature. 

Extra Features

Not all circular saws include extra features, so our team was delighted that Makita 18V X2 has a built-in LED light. The lights illuminate the material for more accurate circular saw cuts. 

Another feature that every power saw should have is an electric brake. Besides user safety, this function gives the unit more chances to be productive by preventing interruptions and accidents.

You’ll also find a hex wrench readily available in the circular saw. Trust us when we say you’ll soon find this feature convenient, especially during maintenance or parts replacement. 

Value for Money

While it’s true that this saw is more expensive than other alternatives from competing brands, you must remember that XSH06PT comes with a brushless motor and two high-quality batteries. 

Considering how many cuts the saw can execute per charge and the premium materials, its guaranteed durability and longevity are more than enough to justify its price range. 


If you bought the saw directly from Makita or any of their authorized sellers, you could enjoy a three-year warranty on the tool, batteries, or charger. 

We recommend reading the terms and conditions thoroughly so that you can take advantage of this perk to the fullest. 

Should I Get a Makita Cordless or Corded Saw?

At the end of the day, it depends on the tasks you intend to handle. With modern technology giving cordless power tools more leverage, it doesn’t mean it’s the better option. Unfortunately, you must recharge batteries one way or another. 

Meanwhile, the best corded circular saw models don’t have this limitation. As long as it’s connected to a power source, you don’t have to halt your cutting operation short. The only problem with these tools is the cord which can hinder your flexibility and mobility. 

Because of this, we advise cordless units over corded ones in an outdoor setting. These options also suit newbies and casual DIYers more, considering how they can prevent cord-tripping accidents.

The power supply dilemma often thrown on cordless tools is easily solvable by having extra batteries on hand. Doing this will lessen the extended downtime caused by recharging drained circular saws. However, you must know that buying these products will incur additional costs. 

On the other hand, as long as you have power outlets within your workspace, corded models are the best options for extensive cutting tasks minus the additional battery costs. 

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Review Conclusion: Makita XSH06PT

The best advice you can take away from this Makita XSH06PT review is it’s a reliable cordless tool to have in your workshop. 

It’s not the most budget-friendly option, but its durable design and powerful motor guarantee that it can serve its purpose for the longest time. We recommend regular maintenance and proper usage if you intend to use it regularly.

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