Oregon CS1500 Review — The Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw (2023)

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Trying to re-sharpen gas chainsaws isn’t the easiest task, so electric saws with a self-sharpening feature like Oregon CS1500 naturally became the new crowd favorite. Although its popularity may tempt you to buy it, it may not be compatible with your day-to-day tasks. 

If you don’t want to waste money on the wrong tool, read along as we conduct a brief but thorough Oregon CS1500 review.  

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Design and Build

This corded chainsaw may have a hard plastic exterior, but we can ensure it has a durable and well-constructed design. Even at first glance, you can’t doubt its durability because all its internal parts are metal. 

Like any other electric saw, its handle is at the unit’s back and wrapped in a molded grip. You may not know, but it prevents the chainsaw operator from experiencing muscle fatigue during extensive operations.

Initially, our testers worried because it appeared a bit bulky to wield. However, this model’s hand guard guarantees its safety. 

You’ll see the lock-out switch and throttle trigger next to each other, but we liked that the prior-mentioned is not in an overly visible spot where you may accidentally push it. 

You can also use its PowerSharp lever at the top part of the chainsaw whenever you need a newly sharpened chain to finish a task.  

If you peek into the internal construction, you’ll spot the crucial components like the sharpening stone, tension gears, and drive sprocket. These parts are what make Oregon CS1500 chainsaw a reliable power tool.

Oregon CS1500 Features

Overview of Specifications

Motor Power

Although Oregon CS1500 self-sharpening chainsaw doesn’t include a brushless motor [1], it can deliver efficient cutting power of 15 HP. If you scan today’s market as we did, you’ll know that many gas models offer similar ranges. 

This powerful chainsaw can produce 1800 watts. With this capacity, we can say that it can handle medium–scale cutting tasks that other electric power tools will struggle to accomplish.

PowerSharp Chain or the Self-Sharpening System

Among its many valuable features, Oregon CS1500’s integrated sharpening system sets it apart from other electric chainsaw and gas saw options.

It’s a time-saving feature that eliminates the long sharpening process if you accidentally dull the chain during usage.

This reliable chainsaw only needs at least three seconds to activate its chain sharpener feature. You just need to pull the red-colored lever on top of the unit’s tension knob and press the trigger switch to start the sharpening process.

You don’t need round-head files because the manufacturers included a gritstone inside the chainsaw. If you ask us, this feature is the highlight of our Oregon chainsaw review.

Bar and Chain Oiling

This chainsaw features a Lubri-Tec interface, giving it the advantage of automatic chain lubrication. Thanks to this function, the system starts to oil the chain and guide bar as soon as you fill it up.

Besides the cost-effective use of lubrication oil, this feature prevents friction that often causes the chainsaw parts to wear and tear.

Cutting Equipment

You must use this chainsaw model with specific chain and bar components if you want them to work correctly and safely. For the guide bar, the unit often comes with a Double Guard 91 model with a nose sprocket that lowers the chances of tool kickback.

Meanwhile, we recommend using the PowerSharp 91PS low-profile chain specifically for this model. It showcases 62 driver links, a ⅜-inch pitch, and a 0.05-inch gauge.

Although trying various chains from other tools can be tempting, we’d like to stress that this is the only model part compatible with this chainsaw.

Safety Features

Another perk Oregon CS1500 chainsaw has over other electric saw alternatives is its safety features. Besides the self-sharpening system that lessens the chances of maintenance accidents, this unit features a reduced kickback guide bar.

It’s also an excellent corded chainsaw for newbies, mainly because of its chain brake functions. Once the user releases the throttle trigger, this feature immediately halts the tool from operating to prevent undesirable accidents.


Upon product purchase, you’ll receive a protective sheath with the chainsaw. The tool package includes a user manual and some oil to maintain the bar and chain parts. We recommend buying more if you’re working on a large-scale cutting operation.

Pricing and Warranty

Fortunately, Oregon CS1500 has a similar price range to most electric and gas-powered saw options with the same caliber. As for the warranty, it often comes with a three-year policy.

However, to fully maximize this benefit, we strongly advise to make your purchase directly from the official store or authorized resellers.

Customer Reviews

As a popular model coming from one of the best chainsaw brands, it’s common to have mixed customer feedback. However, Oregon CS1500 has overwhelmingly positive reviews about its cutting power and convenience.

About 80% of these ratings include happy users. Meanwhile, the remaining percentage is either neutral or critical.

Which is Better, the Oregon CS1500, CS300, or CS1400?

While CS300 can deliver more power than CS1500, the latter has a more extensive bar and chain of 18 inches, suitable for medium-sized cutting jobs.

CS1500 is also lighter than CS300 because it doesn’t carry batteries, making it a more beginner-friendly choice.

Oregon CS1500 18-Inch 15-Amp Corded Electric Saw

On the other hand, the CS1400 has a smaller bar and chain combo of 14 inches. Because of this, we only recommend it for light tasks like trimming and pruning.

Safety Equipment to Use: Gloves, Helmet, Extension Cords

Cutting tree parts and materials involves falling and flying debris, so you shouldn’t skip wearing a chainsaw helmet with a view visor to protect your head and eyes.

You’ll never know what chainsaw-related accidents may happen, which is why working hand gloves are also essential for these tasks.

Even if your chainsaw gloves are made of durable materials that can resist accidental cuts during usage, we urge you to check if the cloth is comfortable enough to move in.

Advantages of Using a Corded Electric Chainsaw

Unlike gas and cordless models, corded chainsaws don’t have a power limit. It doesn’t need gasoline or batteries to operate for extended cutting hours. The absence of these components in its system makes it lighter to handle than other alternatives.


What is the importance of using a sharp chain?

The importance of using a sharp chain heavily leans on user safety. If you continue cutting with a dull tool, the chances of experiencing unpredictable kickbacks are higher. This feature also enhances chainsaw performance, leading to extended machine life.

Review Conclusion: Oregon CS1500

Besides its affordable price range, many Oregon CS1500 reviews solidify this product’s place as a beginner-friendly tool, while proving the unit’s speed and power range.

It’s enough to handle different tasks you’ll encounter in the long run. Given its extensive safety features and convenient systems, we don’t doubt that it’ll elevate your cutting experience to the next level.

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