Diablo Sandnet vs Sandpaper — Differences + Pros & Cons

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Sanding is tiring and time-consuming, especially when using a low-quality sandpaper that wears out quickly. This is where products like Diablo SandNet come into the spotlight, promising enhanced performance. But does it truly justify the investment?

Here’s a detailed comparison to help you decide which to use between Diablo SandNet vs. sandpaper.

About SandNet

“SandNet” is a type of sanding screen or mesh manufactured and sold by Diablo, a company that produces a variety of power tool accessories and abrasives.

Diablo offers SandNet in various grits and sizes to fit different sanding needs. It can be used with multiple sanders, including orbital and hand sanders.

SandNet is designed to be a longer-lasting and more efficient alternative to traditional sandpaper. A notable characteristic of Sandnet is its anti-clogging nylon mesh pattern that includes a lattice structure. 

This design enables sanding particles to move through the mesh, making it possible to use the product without interruptions.

Diablo Sandnet

One of the standout features of SandNet is its large holes, which significantly enhance dust collection during the sanding process. This design diminishes the need for constant use of dust collection systems. The accumulated dust can be easily removed by vacuuming, shaking, or watering. 

SandNet is also more durable than traditional sandpaper, with a longer lifespan and less tearing or fraying. Due to its aluminum oxide grit, Sandnet allows easy material removal, further extending its lifespan.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using SandNet Over Sandpaper



7 Key Differences Between SandNet and Sandpaper

1. Clogging

Sandpaper can clog up and become less effective when used at high temperatures, on smooth surfaces, or on wet surfaces. This happens due to the friction and heat buildup between the sandpaper and the sanded material. 

Diablo Sandnet anti-cloggin design

However, SandNet has anti-clogging technology and contains large hole particles allowing air circulation and preventing clogging. This makes SandNet more effective and efficient than traditional sandpaper, even on wet surfaces.

2. Affordability

Sandpaper is a more cost-effective option compared to Sandnet. However, despite being more expensive, Sandnet has a longer cutting life, making it a better investment for professional woodworking projects. 

For small projects with low returns, I’d lean towards using traditional sandpapers.

3. Cutting Life

SandNet has a longer cutting life than traditional sandpaper, with its durability being around 2 to 3 times better, depending on its use. Although the manufacturer claims it has a 10x cutting life compared to regular sandpapers, this may be an exaggeration. 

Despite this, SandNet is a good investment for professional woodworkers who require a durable sanding tool that lasts longer than traditional sandpapers. 

Diablo Sandnet drywall sanding sheets

While SandNet’s edges may start to shred after several uses, it is still effective in sanding smooth surfaces, unlike traditional sandpapers.

4. Reusability

Sandpaper is usually discarded after use since it is not reusable and will not provide optimal results if reused for other projects. In contrast, SandNet can be reused, a significant advantage over sandpaper. 

Because of SandNet’s large holes that collect dust particles during sanding can be easily cleaned by blowing away the dust. 

Personally, this easy-to-maintain attribute makes SandNet a cost-effective choice for woodworking projects. It consistently delivers performance comparable to its first use, providing value over time.

Diablo reusable sanding sheets

Additionally, Sandnet has aluminum oxide grit that is effective in sanding materials without causing wear and tear. The reusability of Sandnet makes it an easier and more efficient tool for woodworking.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Traditional sandpaper is difficult to clean as dust particles and other residue tend to stick to it, and even chemicals cannot restore it to its original state. However, Sandnet is much easier to clean as it can be shaken, vacuumed, and rinsed with fresh water. 

This makes Sandnet a more efficient option than sandpaper as it can be easily cleaned and provides better performance. 

Also, Sandnet does not produce much sand dust, making using a dust collection system while working with it unnecessary, unlike traditional sandpaper.

6. Inclusions

Unlike sandpaper, which is commonly available in the form of a sanding sheet or block and lacks specialization for specific jobs, Sandnet provides an array of options. 

Diablo sanding paper

These include sanding blocks, discs, and sheets in different shapes and grit sizes to suit various sanding needs.

These different types of Sandnet products can be used depending on the material being worked on and the shape of the material, such as edges and corners. This variety of Sandnet products makes sanding jobs easier and more efficient.

7. Dust Collection

When using the sandpaper for wood, dust particles do not collect on the surface, and a dust collection system is necessary to ensure a smooth finish. 

However, Sandnet is designed with large holes that collect dust particles during sanding, making it unnecessary to have a dust collection system. The dust particles move into the holes in the Sandnet fabric, making it easier to remove the dust after sanding. 


As a result, when using Sandnet, there is little or no dust left on top of the surface after sanding, eliminating the need for a dust collection system.

Is Using Diablo Sandpaper Worth It?

Diablo’s sandpaper is known for its durability, longevity, and excellent performance. 

If you are working on a project that requires a lot of sanding on large projects, or if you want to achieve a very smooth finish, using Diablo sandpaper may be worth it. It is designed to last longer than other types of sandpaper, so you won’t have to replace it as frequently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Diablo sandpaper is also designed to remove material quickly and efficiently, so you can get your sanding done faster. It also leaves a very smooth surface, which can be important if you are working on a project requiring high precision.

Diablo sanding sheet

If you are looking for high-quality sandpaper that will perform well and last a long time, Diablo sandpaper is worth considering. However, it may be more expensive than other types of sandpaper, so you should weigh the cost against the benefits before deciding.

Which is Better to Use, SandNet or a Sanding Disc?

Both SandNet and sanding discs have their advantages and disadvantages.

SandNet is a type of sanding mesh that is designed to be used with a random orbital sander. It has several advantages over traditional sanding discs. It lasts longer than traditional sanding discs because it doesn’t clog up with dust and debris as quickly. 

SandNet also produces less dust than traditional sanding discs, which can benefit your health and the cleanliness of your workspace. However, SandNet can be more expensive than traditional sanding discs, so it may not be the best choice if you are on a tight budget. 

Additionally, 60-grit and 80-grit SandNet may not be as aggressive as traditional sanding discs, which can be a disadvantage if you need to quickly remove a lot of material.

disc sandnet

Sanding discs are a more traditional type of sandpaper. They are typically more aggressive than SandNet. Additionally, sanding discs come in a wider range of grits than SandNet, which can be important if you need to achieve a specific level of smoothness.

However, sanding discs can clog up with dust and debris more quickly than SandNet, so you may need to change them more frequently. They can also produce a lot of dust.

What Kind of Sandpaper Is Best to Use on Wood?

When it comes to sanding wood, the choice of sandpaper [1] can make all the difference. Norton 3X is considered one of the best sandpapers for wood. It is highly effective when used on wood and is also available at a relatively affordable price. 

If you are looking for a more cost-effective option, I’d recommend trying Klingspor sandpaper. Its quality is top-notch, and it’s usually priced more reasonably than other brands I’ve come across.

sanding block

Mirka Abranet sandpaper is another excellent choice, although it is more expensive than other options. While it might be pricier than some alternatives, its performance is consistently impressive.

And for those tricky rounded surfaces, I always lean towards Festool fabric-backed pads. They’re specially crafted for curves and never fail to deliver that smooth, uniform finish.

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Diablo SandNet and traditional sandpaper have their benefits and drawbacks. Diablo SandNet is durable, reusable, and has better dust extraction capabilities, while sandpaper is cheaper and more suitable for one-time or budget projects.

As I elaborated in this sandpaper vs SandNet comparison, choosing between the two depends on your project’s needs. Evaluating the pros and cons of each option will help ensure an efficient sanding experience.

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