Sola Wood Flowers Review — Create Flower Bouquets Meant To Last Forever

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Flower bouquets are essential accessories that symbolize love, affection, and aesthetics. If you’ll be walking down the aisle soon, then getting the best bridal flower bouquet is paramount. 

But here’s something I’ve observed: real flower bouquets, while stunning, can really stretch your budget, and their short-lived nature might not always align with your vision. In my experience with Sola Wood Flowers, hand-made flowers present a compelling alternative worth exploring.

What I Like

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Construction of Sola Wood Flowers

Constructing these isn’t stressful as many people imagine. It is like creating prints with Woodsnap great for artwork projects. The flowers are made from a marshy Aeschynomene Aspera plant. This plant proliferates, and because of that, it’s easily renewable.

The plant has a bark layer that covers the center of the plant, known as the cream. The bark is removed, exposing the cream, which is now processed into thin sheets[1]. These sheets are cut to make hand-made flowers. Easy-peasy!


Sola Wood Flowers come in different varieties and qualities. They are available in raw assortments, dyed assortments, bridal bouquets, craft kits, fillers, centerpieces, etc. There are also bouquets for bridal weddings.

Bouquet Sizing

These hand-made flowers come in different varieties, as mentioned in Sola Wood Flowers reviews. They also arrive in different bouquet sizes and textures. 

Raw assortments and fillers usually come in bigger sizes. However, you can still craft and reshape a flower according to your preferred size conveniently with the right tools.

Construction Time

Construction time depends on the size of the flower bouquet you are creating, the bouquet type, and the experience of the person constructing it. 

Typically, constructing a flower won’t exceed two to four days, provided the materials and tools are available. I have also taken into account the painting and dyeing the flowers in the timeframe.

Customer Support

Speaking from my extensive experience, I can attest that Sola Wood Flowers offers impressive customer support—responsive and thorough, committed to aiding clients without delay. I’ve noted that they are available from Monday through Friday, guaranteeing that customers have access to assistance when it’s required.

The response is relatively fast, depending on the volume of emails. It takes less than two days for the support team to reply to your email or inquiry.

Shipping Policy

When you place an order at Sola Wood Flowers, your order goes through production. Depending on how busy the season or period is, the order may take five to ten days to ship to your destination.

They use all major carriers and local courier partners to ship their products. During checkout, you can select your preferred delivery method.

Sola Wood Flowers ships globally, although shipping costs vary. Shipping cost is calculated based on the order’s weight, so the heavier the order, the higher the price. However, the store occasionally runs discounts and promotions, so you may get to pay less than required.

Returns and Refunds

I’ve observed that this product can be delicate and susceptible to damages. If you ever find your order arriving in a less-than-perfect state, rest assured that the support team is on hand with guidance on how to reshape the flower.

However, if you can reshape your order, the store will offer you a gift card and replace your order if you prove that your previous order was beyond reshaping.

Other than that, you can’t return an order once production has started. Your order is final, and you can’t reverse it once it’s completed. If you filled out the wrong address during checkout and the product has been shipped to that address, the package won’t be delivered to your correct location unless it is returned.


Is Sola wood flowers legit?

Yes, Sola Wood Flowers are legit. They are beautiful flowers that last longer and much sturdier than fresh or real flowers. They are easy to create and are easily customizable.

How long do Sola wood flowers last?

Sola Wood Flowers can last for a very long time, provided you take care of them as you should. They are made from superior, natural wood that’s 100% biodegradable.

What are sola wood flowers?

Sola Wood Flowers are eco-friendly flowers made from a renewable marshy plant wood called Aeschynomene Aspera. They have a striking resemblance with real flowers but are hand-made. This type of flower lasts forever because it’s biodegradable, and the material is sustainable.

Do sola wood flowers come with stems?

Most Sola Wood Flowers don’t come with stems. However, if you’d like to stem them for creating something like a bouquet, cut a piece of wire or bamboo stick and add some hot glue onto its back. Then poke a hole on the flower’s base and carefully stick the wire or bamboo stick into the hole.

How do you clean sola wood flowers?

You can clean Sola Wood Flowers by using a dry cloth to wipe the bloom’s surface gently. They can lose their shape if they come in contact with water, so it’s best to avoid using damp or wet fabric to clean them.

Can you paint sola wood flowers?

Yes, you can paint Sola Wood Flowers. They are porous, making them effortless to paint and dye. This means that you can customize the flower to match your bridal outfit.

Sola Wood Flowers Conclusion

These hand-made flowers are great alternatives to real flowers. They ensure that you don’t have to spend a fortune getting the best flower for bridal bouquets or corsages.

In my Sola Wood Flowers review, I clearly see that it’s possible to create a hand-made flower in simple steps. It also shows that you can create a flower bouquet that will not only last long but add value to wherever you decide to keep them.

Moreso, you can craft the perfect flower and effortlessly customize them to fit your style.

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