Stihl MS 362 C-M Review (2024)

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Coming from a reliable brand, you may expect the MS 362 C-M to deliver only the best performance. However, like most overhyped products nowadays, its capabilities can fall short, having insufficient power to cut through tougher wood.

If you want to know if this saw is versatile enough to handle different cutting conditions, I’ll be sharing my in-depth Stihl MS 362 C-M review in this article.

Stihl ms 362 c-m

What I Like

What I Don't Like


Among the chainsaws under the Stihl product line, MS 362 C-M has one of the most impressive power-to-weight ratios. Although gasoline-powered options are notorious for being heavier, this unit had a surprisingly lighter construction because of its magnesium tool body.

Thanks to this, its powerhead only weighs around 12.35 pounds. If you read my previous Stihl reviews, you can’t deny that it’s significantly lighter than its predecessors.

I liked that its plastic components are very subtle. You’ll only spot these materials on the chainsaw’s top cover and the gripping handles. While it’s true that it’s not as heavy as other models, its metal construction still holds excellent durability and strength.

stihl ms 362 c-m design

Stihl MS 362 C-M Features

Overview of Specs

Engine Power

When you first encounter this chainsaw, you might think it’s just a convenient tool, but I’ve found it’s much more than that—it has a powerful high-compression engine delivering 4.69 bhp. With a motor displacement of about 59.0 cubic centimeters, I can tell you this cutting tool provides an impressive 0.38HP per pound.

While some chainsaw users may argue that it’s not as powerful as other professional tools, options with higher specifications are significantly heavier than this. 

The advanced engine management system integrated within this chainsaw also helps it to perform better. It also allows the engine to adjust its temperature and optimize operations according to the cutting conditions.

Bar Length

When purchasing this Stihl chainsaw model, you can choose guide bars with lengths ranging from 16 to 25 inches. You’ll also see how tightly integrated the bar’s fasteners are within the cover. Thanks to this, you don’t need to worry about losing the nuts.

stihl ms 362 c-m bar length

You can choose the bar length best suited for your cutting needs. However, it’s not recommended to consider your strength and skills, as this component can add to the tool’s overall weight.

The thicker the materials and the more demanding the tasks are, the larger bar you should get for your chainsaw.

Air Filtration

From my experience with gas chainsaws, they usually come with an air filtration system. However the MS 362-C-M stands out; the tech within this model speeds up the cleaning process significantly. 

Here’s the kicker: the centrifugal force breaks down those massive dust particles before they even reach the air filters. And trust me, when less dirt gets through, it means less frequent cleaning and maintenance for us operators.

Anti-Vibration System

As a handheld outdoor cutting tool, it’s a no-brainer that too much motor vibration can hinder excellent cutting results. Lucky for you, this chainsaw has an anti-vibration design that minimizes these instances.

stihl ms 362 c-m vibration

The reduced vibration of this chainsaw not only enhances user comfort but also effectively minimizes muscle fatigue, which is often experienced during prolonged cutting tasks.

Additionally, the decreased vibration contributes to improved precision and control while operating the tool, ensuring safer and more accurate cuts.

Chain Tensioner

Having the guide bar adjustment screw on the side of the tool means I don’t have to go through the hassle of removing the chain cover to tweak the tension, a feature I find extremely convenient. 

And, from an expert’s perspective, it’s a thoughtful design—it lets the bar wrench move more freely, making fine-tuning the chain a smoother process.

Decompression Valve

This feature is solely responsible for compressing the cylinder vents. In return, it also minimizes the compression happening within the combusting chamber. Thanks to this valve, starting the engine won’t require multiple rope pulls.

Cutting Performance

Despite its small size and massive power range, this chainsaw is durable enough to withstand harsh cutting conditions. The engine also runs within one to two pulls, so newbie tool users won’t find it hard to handle this model.

The unit’s high compression and light construction allow it to manage an extensive workload without causing fatigue to the user.

stihl ms 362 c-m cutting performance

You’ll spot bumper spikes within the tool that helps avoid pull-ins and ensure the cuts are smoother and seamless. You can also rely on this feature to enhance the chainsaw’s user control.

Lastly, the auto oiler equipped with this model prevents any disruption during the cutting operations. Since it automatically lubricates the bar and chain, the operator doesn’t need to worry about working with dull components.

Safety Features

Any powerful tool needs an extra layer of protection, so it’s no surprise that Stihl MS 362 C-M includes a reliable chain brake system.

This function can halt the chain from moving within a millisecond once the tool detects kickback force. You can also activate this feature through inertia.


When looking at the pricing of this chainsaw model, I noticed it varied quite a bit depending on the authorized stores or dealers. But one thing is crystal clear; this isn’t your budget-friendly cutting tool. 

But that’s to be expected—it boasts a durable build with fewer plastic components, something that’s essential for professionals like me who need reliable equipment.

stihl ms 362 c-m overview

The cost can also fluctuate according to the inclusions of the purchase. For example, chainsaws with longer guide bars are significantly more expensive than models with shorter ones.


Most Stihl products nowadays have reduced emission engine technology. They only release equipment with zero to low toxic substances to promote environmentally-conscious campaigns.

About Stihl as a Manufacturer

Unlike new chainsaw brands, Stihl has been in the outdoor equipment industry since 1926. It’s the home of the first electric chainsaw, cementing its place as one of the best tool manufacturers worldwide.

stihl ms 362 c-m manufacturer

The company grew from the bulky model patented by Andreas Stihl to supplying 80 different handheld tool variations. Their product catalog also expanded from electric chainsaws to trimmers and blowers.

As of writing, the STIHL Group has manufacturing locations in the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China, Brazil, and the Philippines. They’re also one of the few manufacturers that offer a full spectrum of saws suitable for professionals and homeowners.

Review Conclusion: Stihl MS 362 C-M

Like most Stihl MS 362 C-M reviews, my tests on this saw ended on a good note. And while it’s not the most powerful chainsaw, the unit’s handy design and light construction are more than enough to make it stand out.

As long as you know the tasks it can effectively handle, I don’t doubt it can be an excellent lawn care tool.

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