Ridgid R4512 Review

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The Ridgid R4512 is a cast iron woodworking table that is used for various woodworking projects. Many woodworkers regard this hybrid table saw for its versatility and affordability. But  does it perform well for the friendly price tag?

To answer that, our experts tested and analyzed the R4512 to see if this hybrid table saw is worth your investment.

Unfortunately, Ridgid R4512 can be hard to find in the market these days. To see similar options, you can check our top picks for a table saw below.

RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast IronTable Saw

What We Like

What We Don't Like

The Ridgid R4512 is a versatile machine with features that aren’t easy to find with some other models available on the market. However, there are still some similarities that you will find in this model that other models also have. It also fits into the hybrid model category along with other hybrid tables.

You will find that the price range for this model is considerably lower than that of many other table saws that are available on the market. (Check here: https://www.sawinery.net/best-table-saw/) You’re looking at a price range of between $780-$880, depending on where you purchase it from.

The 15 AMP motor runs smoothly, yet it is quite powerful. You should be able to cut through any wood without having any issues. The tabletop is spacious to suit projects that vary in different sizes.


The Ridgid stands out with its pumpkin orange color and gunmetal color, which is different and eye-catching than most woodwork machines.

Ridgid R4512

The orange color on the machine’s midsection allows for the different gadgets and features to stand out more, which makes it easier to locate as well. The handles and levers are very distinct as well, as you will notice that the grips are much more padded than some of the other models’ handle grips.

There’s no doubt that this model’s design stands out from many of the other “colorless” models that are available on the market today. With many of the other leading hybrid brand woodwork tables, the color is plain and white for the stand. 


Let’s talk about some of the useful features that are included in this woodwork table model.

Wheeled Base

One of the more notable features of the Ridgid R4512 is the fact that it has a wheeled base, which allows you to easily move the table where you want it in a room or transport it from one location to another. The majority of other hybrid tables that are available on the market are heavy and don’t have wheels on them for easy maneuvering.

Onboard Stage

The onboard stage is a feature that our experts liked because it gives them an area to hold a few of their accessory tools for projects.

Transparent Blade Guard

The transparent blade guard comes to good use because it allows you to see what’s going on while you are working on the project. The anti-kickback system is also an aid that helps during the blading process because it keeps the back end area of your project from getting cut when it is being slid back.

Ridgid R4512 cutting surface

Fencing System

Our team finds the fencing system quite impressive and well-designed. It will help with getting precise cuts on your wood pieces.

Lifetime Service Agreement

So as long as you own your Ridgid you have been awarded the promise from the company that a lifetime of service and free parts will be given to you when needed if you register within 90 days of owning the product.

13 Amp Enclosed Cooled Motor

This motor is powered to be able to cut through some of the densest materials.

(For brand comparison, know how Ridgid powertools compare to the DeWalt brand)


What is the coupling device that would be needed to connect the dust port to the collection system?

You will need a 4-inch diameter connector to connect the dust port to the collection system. A flexible hose can also be used if it is 4 inches in diameter.

Can a dado set be used on this table saw?

Yes, you can use a dado set on this table saw.

Is the table saw belt-driven, or direct drive?

This table saw is belt-driven.

Ridgid R4512 Review Conclusion

While this model is overall a great machine that will suit the majority of your requirements, it isn’t ideal for daily use. It is not as sturdy as some of the more expensive models. So with that being said, the Ridgid R4512 is more appropriate for occasional projects, but not for someone who is working professionally.

That’s not to say that it cannot meet the demands of stress and quick deadlines. If you still aren’t certain as to whether or not this model will meet your expectations, you can read online reviews from people who have purchased the table. If you’re interested we have another review about the best table saws under the 1000 dollars mark.

Ridgid R4512
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