Used Riding Lawn Mowers For Sale Near Me + Buying Guide

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Buying a used riding lawn mower has many benefits, but there is a scary risk of ending up with a lemon. There is no completely foolproof way of protecting your purchases online, but there are some things you can do to make sure you eliminate all the scammers out there. 

Benefits of Buying a Used Unit

One of the largest benefits of buying a used mower unit is the savings. You can get more bang for your buck such as purchasing a larger and more powerful machine for less. The seller can also answer all your questions about the particular mower to put your mind at ease before you buy.

A Guide in Buying a Used Riding Lawn Mower

The below few factors are what our landscapers feel are the most important questions to ask when buying a used yet affordable riding lawn mower.

Engine Condition

The engine like Kohler or Kawasaki is the heart of the machine, so if the engine is in poor condition, we highly suggest you move on. As the age of the machine and what the seller has done over the years to maintain its condition. While you’re at it, ask what you can do to make sure it runs optimally for years to come. 

Check these engines: 

Kawasaki versus Kohler

Reason For Selling

Why is the seller selling the mower? Make sure the reason seems legitimate, such as they are purchasing a unit more suited to their property size. If they don’t give a straightforward answer, then maybe avoid this purchase.


Our experts advise caution when solely considering the lowest price available. While there may be instances where sellers look to quickly sell their machines, it is important to note that lower-priced options often come with certain risks or compromises. Therefore, making your purchase decision based on factors beyond just the price tag is advisable.

EGO Power+ ZT4204L Riding Mower

Do your research on the market demand and prices before you commit to a purchase. If the price is too high or too low, then we suggest skipping over it. Or if you have a tight budget, you can look for used riding mowers under $500 near you

Warranty Coverage

Is the unit still within the warranty [1] period? If so, then it’s much less risky for you. If not, then that means anything that is or could potentially go wrong cannot be fixed without spending more money.

Maintenance and Repairs Done

What maintenance and repairs did the seller do? Has anything ever been replaced and how well has the seller kept up with maintenance? These are important questions to ask as well. Large machines such as a riding lawn mower require constant care to run properly.

Ariens IKON XD 915273 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

If the unit is relatively new and replacements have already been done, then that may indicate that the product isn’t of good quality. 

Transfer of Documents

Our team suggests asking for a written purchase agreement where it states the lawn mower’s condition to the letter. It should also include items such as a full refund if the machine does not operate as described.

If there is any paperwork such as the warranty and guarantee that come with the unit, make sure the name and rights have all been transferred to you.


Avoiding a lemon when purchasing a used riding lawn mower comes down to asking the right questions. Our lawn care experts have listed the basic items to address, but feel free to ask as many questions as needed to make you feel more comfortable with the transaction. A reliable seller will make sure to answer everything to put your mind at ease. 

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