Where to Take Old Lawn Mowers Near Me

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Like it or not, taking care of your lawn involves upgrading to a better machine over time. As you do this, it also means that you have to free up space in the storage. 

Getting rid of your old lawnmower may seem the easiest option, but is there a proper way to do it? Here are the steps you can take according to our experts.

How to Get Rid of an Old Lawnmower: 4 Options

#1: Recycle the Old Mower

We all know that most mower parts are made of metal and tough plastic material, so recycling an old machine can be trickier than you think. However, you can easily solve this dilemma if there’s a local recycling store nearby or a Home Depot. 

#2:Donate the Old Mower

Another viable option to consider is donating the mower to a local charity. However, our team only recommends this if the unit is still in good condition to be used by people who cannot afford to buy a new one. 

You may not know, but some charities and non-profit organizations are open to picking up donated items for free. This way, you wouldn’t need to spend a dime on transportation. 

Toro Lawn Mower

But if that’s not the case, you must find an economical way to transport the mower to the donation center. 

Nevertheless, this option is more environmentally-friendly than scrapping the mower altogether. 

#3: Sell the Old Mower

The most economical way to get rid of your old lawnmower is to sell it. You’ll have no problem in selling old mower, assuming that the unit is still fully functional and there are no obvious damages. 

(Speaking of damages, here’s how you can fix your zero-turn mower if one side isn’t working!)

If you’re well-versed in using the internet, you should know that there are many social networks you can try to sell old stuff [1]. Your options are limitless from eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, and even Craig’s List. 

#4: Sell the Parts to a Scrap Dealer

The first place that’ll come to anyone’s mind when thinking of where to take old lawn mowers near you is the scrap dealer. You can consider this option if the unit isn’t really working well, as it’s not possible to donate or sell it elsewhere. 

scrapping lawn mower parts to sell

Disposing Old Gas and Oil From the Machine

Before choosing any disposal method, removing old gas and oil from the lawnmower is crucial if you intend to donate or sell the unit. Keeping stale gas in the tank for a long time will prevent your mower from functioning properly and damage its parts. 

You can opt to take it to the repair shop and have someone drain it for you or handle it yourself by following the below instructions. 

How to Drain the Mower Fuel

First, you must have a siphon hose ready at your disposal. It may be better if the hose has an attached hand pump. And then, ensure that the mower’s spark plug is disconnected to avoid sudden ignition before tilting the unit down.

Once the screws are off, carefully remove the blade and set it aside. From there, you can insert the oil sump and remove the fuel cup to start the draining process. 

lawn mower fuel cap

Pickup and Disposal of an Old Lawn Mower

Free Lawn Mower Removal and Disposal Services

Rather than taking care of it single-handedly, entrusting it to companies that can help you recycle properly is the best way to save time and money. However, you can’t possibly leave your mower hanging on the sidewalk and wait for the local garbage disposal service to pick it up. For this, the best way to go is to contact professional garbage disposal companies. 


Are old lawn mowers worth anything?

Old lawn mowers are worth something if the unit still works properly and has no obvious damages that may cause problems in the long run. Many people are still interested in buying a used riding lawn mower below $500, for instance, as they are obviously cheaper that new ones. So while it can decrease in value, the owner of these mowers can still sell and profit from them. If you’re not interested in profiting over it, you can also donate it to charity.

Does Home Depot recycle old lawn mowers?

Yes, Home Depot recycles old lawn mowers. Along with the RAQC, they even offer $150 vouchers to users who will choose to recycle and replace their old units at any participating Home Depot outlet. The only condition is it has to be a gas-powered mower replaced with an electric unit


Figuring out where to take old mowers near you can be confusing, especially if you’ve never disposed of equipment as big as this before. However, doing it the right way is a piece of advice our mowing experts would like to highlight, as this could help the environment and other people who can still use your old mower. 

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