WoodSnap Review — Snippets of Memories Printed on Wood

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Canvas and paper printing are popular methods of imprinting images. However, little do people know that photos can also be printed on wood. WoodSnap is one of the companies that do  this unique way of printing, but do their products and services live up to the expectations?

In my review of WoodSnap, I’ll share my insights into their wood printing process and evaluate the quality of their products and services based on my experience and expertise.

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What I Like

What I Don't Like


Construction of WoodSnaps

Wood prints are done in-house to ensure that only the highest quality is made and delivered. WoodSnap prints images on premium baltic birch wood, a dense and robust material that’s super durable and less susceptible to warping.

From my expert observations, printing on Baltic birch wood truly elevates the imagery. It not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also enriches the color and tone, resulting in a vibrant, clear, and authentic appearance.

Wood Print Options

You can create your print on the website by choosing the shape and size of your choice from the wood print options. 

The wood prints vary in shapes, sizes, and color background. There are backgrounds, such as Let The Wood Grain Show, Photo Blocks, Original Cove Prints, Shaped Wood Prints, No Wood Grain Please, and more.

When creating your print, you’ll be asked to choose a size and upload your photo from a computer or phone in jpg, jpeg, png, or tiff format. You’ll also select your picture orientation, frame options and decide if you want a gift wrap for the wood print.

hanging Woodsnap wall tile photos

There are no rooms for making any error, so I always emphasize the importance of being precise with the design, particularly when it comes to the frame options. After finalizing the design, I simply add it to my cart and head to checkout.

Shapes and Sizes

The best thing about creating wood prints with WoodSnap is that they allow you to choose whatever shape you want. You can select the default rectangle or hexagon shape.

WoodSnap gives you lots of options and freedom to customize your artwork and the print shape yourself. It’s fantastic, and our team of experts cherishes the experience of printing images in a personalized manner.

As part of customizing your artwork, WoodSnap allows you to create a custom-sized wood print using custom width and height parameters if the website doesn’t have the exact size ratio you desire. This is to create the perfect size for your wood prints.  

To create your personalized print, you’ll provide the custom width and height dimension according to your preference. Then, you upload the image you want to be printed in the image formats.

hanging photo on the wall

Speaking from my experience, they’ll prompt you to decide on framing and select your preferred finish. I’ve also noticed an option for gift wrapping, though it does come with an additional charge. Once everything’s set, I usually click on “Add to Cart” to proceed to checkout.

Materials Used

WoodSnap uses baltic birch wood to print and display images. Compared to canvass and papers, baltic birch wood brings out the best of the image and improves its color and clarity. Baltic birch wood is also more sustainable and durable than canvas and paper.

Other WoodSnap Package Inclusions

When I placed an order on WoodSnap, they included a free keyhole for hanging the wood print. It felt like a thoughtful gesture to show appreciation for choosing their service.

WoodSnap Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for your order varies based on the season. During regular seasons, you can expect a processing time of three to five business days after placing your order. However, if you request a custom size print, the waiting time extends to approximately two to three weeks. Please note that if additional editing is required, the turnaround time may be longer.

Woodsnap wood prints on the wall

During holiday seasons, processing an order takes five to ten business days due to high order volumes. WoodSnap also offers rush orders, where you can select a two-day, three-day, or next day production. The timeframe for shipping remains the same.

WoodSnap Customer Support

As part of my tests for these WoodSnap reviews, I found that their customer support system is responsive in helping out customers and resolving any issues they might raise. Should your order be delayed or damaged, you can contact the customer support system, and they will solve your problem the best way they can.

You can contact the customer support service department via phone number and email. Do take note that sometimes, they may seem unresponsive due to the volume of calls and emails they receive each day concerning orders.

Shipping Policy

Purchasing a product on WoodSnap requires that you fill in the correct information to avoid shipping delays and other issues that may arise.

On the order form, you are requested to provide your name, email, shipping address, and some financial information that will be used to process and bill your order. If there’s any trouble with the billing information provided, the team will reach out to you with the already given contact details.

holding woodprint photos

Domestic orders are shipped via FedEx and USPS, while international orders ship via FedEx only. WoodSnap ships to countries like the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Germany, Australia, Monaco, Spain, etc.

WoodSnap accepts various payment modes, such as PayPal, Visa, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and Maestro[1].

WoodSnap Return Policy

WoodSnap return policy is uncomplicated. All orders processed have a 100% return guarantee stipulated on them. The team helps customers the best way they can in ensuring total satisfaction.

Should your wood print arrive damaged, smudged, or with an incorrect writeup erroneously added by the website, you can contact the support team, and they will make adequate corrections. However, you must file the complaint within ten days of receiving the product.

I’ve found that it’s essential to photograph the damaged order and forward it to the customer support team. Once they’ve thoroughly reviewed the situation, they’ve reached out to address the problem. On some occasions, they’ve even asked me to keep all the packaging materials on hand for a closer look when they arrive.

Woodsnap wall tile photos in a coffee shop

WoodSnap will not refund or reprint your order if you are the sole cause of the problem. For instance, if you supplied the wrong information, image errors, typos, or texts, you’ll be solely responsible. Therefore, a refund is not applicable in this case. 

Also, after ten days, you won’t be able to file any complaint regarding your order as it’s been assumed as final.

WoodSnap Review Conclusion

Wood prints are great alternatives to canvas and paper prints as they are more sustainable and durable. Overall, they improve the picture’s clarity and color.

Creating a wood print to preserve those fabulous memories of yours won’t be a problem. You can make the ideal wood print size and have it delivered to your doorstep in simple steps.

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